Jaimee Grubbs in a Bikini

December 11th, 2009 // 167 Comments

Dear Tiger Woods,

As you take a break from the links to pretend you love your family, I’d like to offer a sincere thanks for approaching the field of adultery with all the zeal and determination you give to the sport of golf. It takes a special kind of talent to sink your penis into 15 women who not one has met a camera she wouldn’t whore her shit for. There’s only one word for that, sir: “Wow.”

My apologies for not doing this sooner,

The Superficial Writer

Photos: Splash News

  1. kelly

    She does NOT know how to pose

  2. phil


  3. kelly

    I was first:]

  4. who dat

    Nothing special.

  5. Meh

    She has one of those pig noses….usually the result of a bad nose job.


  6. Turd da Third

    An I thought from all the other picts that Tiger was into white meat with big titties…. I am really disappointed that this chick can hardly fill a normal bra….

    She looks very skankable,, and totally uncomfortable in these picts… Next time buy your own bikini you dumb whore…

  7. sandy

    shit what an amature, i should whore my shit out. if i take some pics and suck some dicks i can start expecting men to buy me a house. i’ll be sure to aim higher and get a real athlete.

    i better to get my 15 mins of fame while they’re still giving them out.

  8. Deanna

    this chick is effin gross looking, you’d think Tiger would at least cheat on his wife with someone who was hot… GUESS NOT!

  9. Turd da Third

    sandy would you drop me an email at fred@fred.net I think I would like to meat you.. I got at least a half hour so this sounds like it would a good time… you can have my rented house when we are done…

  10. Ann O. Rexia


  11. eww

    Nice gut.

  12. Chuuuun

    She’s fine, I’d hit it. Maybe she’s a very very kinky girl who would go allllll they way.

  13. All You People

    are hilarious. i bet she would be the pinnacle of your sex lives, lol. stop tearing people down, lord!



  15. Fammi sapere come leggere questo articolo, un sacco di cose che prima non sapevo

  16. She’s fine,I got at least a half hour so this sounds like it would a good time… you can have my rented house when we are done…

  17. Taz

    phil mickelson is having the best two weeks of his life

  18. Ed Smarty Hardy

    Tiger’s whoring is one record not even the Golden Bear can break.

  19. SisterFromAnotherMister

    That bitch is FUG. For real, Tiger, for real??

  20. Danielle

    Her stomach is so odd looking.

  21. Wow Jaimee Grubbs, looks too hot in the bikini. Check the heart shaped design on her belly. ohhhh

  22. um


    E meglio di non leggere.

  23. bustergail

    Her mouth is jacked-up.

  24. Richard McBeef

    methinks something ain’t right with her titties.

    maybe she has rachel ray titties?

  25. Anon

    Even if she was hold a ice cold six pack, a large pizza and completely quiet while my team was playing on TV…this chick would still not be hot. Average at best.

  26. nadine

    Agree with Danielle # 20

  27. Megan Fox's stubby thumbs

    Her face is rotted and her body is average.

  28. Tasha


  29. sam L. white

    hooray for cheap women!

  30. bete noir

    I hope all these broads are enjoying their 15. Because after it’s over… it will be so O.VAH for these skanks. They won’t get a man, especially a rich one. They will be well passed their prime especially in the pedophile USA. Not too many men are going to want Tiger’s used goods openly. All that’s left are anti-depressants, tranquilizers or religion. They can’t even leave town, they’ve gone global with their ho’-in.

  31. nazi

    AGAIN, this site is about CELEBRITIES not whores
    if i wanted to see pictures of whores i could go to a porn site..

    CELEBRITIES superfish

    please dont make this homewrecking whores famous
    they dont deserve it.

  32. Champ

    nothing special.

  33. esco

    haha shes from escondido i know her brother. hahaha what a stupid bitch

  34. Believe

    Make a REAL wish! 8,888 wishes granted, after that, no more wishes will be granted..

    make a wish: http://www.real-wishes.com


  35. She’s grubby looking.

    If your going to flush HALF A BILLION down the toilet, destroy your family, your children and throw away all the respect you’ve earned, looks like you’d at least make sure it was for someone pretty. Geez, he didn’t even upgrade.

    Are her eyebrows real?

  36. Sal

    This is an average nasty slut but Elin’s snatch must be cold and locked up for Tiger to have to turn to this. Elin can’t be giving it up so what’s a man to do.

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  38. JanOLeary

    Why is her bikini bottom so wide over her crotchel-region? It’s like 8 times the size of a normal bikini bottom. Weird…

  39. i now feel like watching Jaws for some reason

  40. i slip for look this….modal i say for god why u make this i m god guys but this is spoil me….


  41. Forgetting the whole infidelity on Tiger Woods part I do think she is an attractive girl. However I do agree with Danielle that her stomach looks a little weird.

  42. saignement

    so tiger was bangin 1990 michael jackson?

  43. Nickki

    She ugly man sheman…..

  44. Nickki

    She ugly man sheman…..

  45. the only opinion that matters

    People, please don’t assume that Tiger was screwing around because Elin wasn’t giving it up. I KNOW that isn’t always the case. My ex was screwing around when our sex life was hot…but when I thought he might be screwing around (of course he denied it)….that is when I started pulling back. Some men are just dogs and are ruled by their penises. You only have to look at pictures of his wife, then they pictures of “this thing” to see that. I was way better looking then anyone my ex screwed around with. Hot, intelligent women don’t screw around with married men, skanky insecure whores do.
    #16 and #25, funny!

  46. lilu


    And stop blaming Elin, you fucking idiots. Powerful men think they can do whatever they want with no consequences. I think Elin could’ve been the ultimate saint/whore and Tiger STILL would’ve done it because getting away with it is intoxicating. Look at that dumbfuck Spitzer (pretty sure I met Ashley Dupree in Cancun in October – she was actually pretty sweet and looked killer in her bikini, but I digress).

  47. ??krazihottkelli??

    [[[[[[[[[[ her belly lookz like ]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]
    zzzzzzz Tara Reedzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    [[[[[[ grozzzzzzzzzz]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]
    zzzzTiger..hope all zzzzzzzz
    [[[ thoze millionz ]]]]]]]]]]]]
    zz were worth zzzzzzz
    [[ her ztank]]]]]]]]]]]
    [[ uzed UP ]]]
    zzz HOLEzz

  48. Rough 360

    If a young tramp have no shame in her game, I should be the elegant one?

  49. woah..

    woah… is she pregnant?! i mean… i’m not saying she’s fat.. she’s obviously not.. i just mean she has some serious pooch goin on.. typical of prego ladies just barely starting to show………………………. hmmm….

  50. Soopa

    I think she looks gross
    I hate that body type. She is out of shape pfft I have abs man I work out five days a week for 5 hours or gymnastics!!!

    Nasty ass mole on her chest pffft must have shit ugly parents.

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