Jaime Pressly Arrested For DUI

January 6th, 2011 // 25 Comments

Sorry, one more before the People’s Choice Awards – I know you guys are just chomping at the bit. – Jaime Pressly was picked up for DUI in Santa Monica last night, according to People. Fortunately for her, she’s hot and is married to a lawyer, so there’s absolutely no way she’ll be convicted in California. In fact, she doesn’t even need half that stuff. I hear if you tell a California judge you were on TV once, they let you shoot a hobo behind the courthouse. True story.

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  1. Sizzle

    Who the hell is that?

    • Cock Dr

      I dunno either. Maybe some washed up TV star from the 90′s?
      She’s got some badly sun damaged skin. Yikes.

  2. pop up ads

    You have to cut the shit with these pop up ads. Do I really need to be diverted to a trailer for the last excorcism (which looks like shit, btw) when I’m trying to get my morning fill of celebs in bikinis? Fuck!

    • Cock Dr

      I agree about that “Last Exorcism” pop up.
      I would like to perform an exorcism on my computer every time I see it.

    • S'up Bitches

      I tried to close that pop up and it just took me to the site. Of course, anything Eli Roth has anything to do with is going to be shit on shit toast, with a side of shit browns. That joker can’t even keep a common whore like Peaches Geldof. How in the hell is he going to make a good movie.

      • marlo brando

        DONT hate on Fish, He makes a little money with those pop ups, so even though that movie is SHIT i still don’t mind

  3. Mortimer Duke

    Oh so she didnt marry the Puerto Rican DJ. Only had the kid for him. I guess that makes the most sense.

  4. yeah right

    You really don’t know who she is? She is the chick on Joe Dirt that plays his “sister”. And she was on My Name Is Earl. Not a washed up actor from the 90s. lol

  5. chrlsbkwski

    define “hot”

  6. GravyLeg

    Wow. When did Jamie get freckled Skeletor chest and Madonna neck? I remember her being way better looking than that…

  7. FruitLoop

    Women take note. If you dont want your chest to look like sizzled chicken skin later in life, go easy on the tanning.

  8. Jethro

    It’s ‘champing at the bit.’ Not ‘chomping.’

  9. Jaime Pressly
    Commented on this photo:

    Her face looks 25 but her chest looks 50.

  10. Booty

    Champing not chomping
    Boobs not beebs

  11. Rough of virtue

    I hope the DUI was not a preferred choice between tap dancing for the paps on the beach.

  12. Jaime Pressly
    Commented on this photo:

    Nice job on the upper part.

  13. marlo brando

    she used to be So HOT, not anymore,
    I remember when Not another teen movie came out, I was totally on love with her, in My name is earl she was still good, I still wanted to bang her, now i don’t even want to bang her with a baseball bat, she s just Yuck

  14. dumbass

    idk when she did the ‘poison ivy’ movie, long time ago i’m sure, but hot damn, she was great in that. and by ‘great’, of course i mean naked, alot.

  15. GravyLeg

    Wow, if the gum line on that second tooth of hers recedes any more, we are gonna be able to see jawbone.

  16. Jillia

    “Fortunately for her, she’s hot and is married to a lawyer…”

    Don’t forget a rich celebrity at that.

  17. I’d still fuck the shit outta her. She’s the type of bad, dirty, pseudo Biker looking bitch I love. Yeah, her chest looks wrinkly but that add’s to the appeal … I am a sick bastard …

  18. mr ed

    how horsey!

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