Jaden Smith Just Ruined ‘Westworld’

Jaden Smith talks a big game about being a quantum physicist slash graffiti superhero who’s devoted his life to becoming Doctor Strange. Which in fairness, seems like the next logical step after controlling time and being a for real vampire once. Anyway, I figured the least I could do is watch one of his music videos and see what a being of pure art energy sent from the future can teach me about the universe. So here are the deep metaphysical truths I learned from his latest video “Fallen,” which was directed by Jaden himself, so it’s a miracle I still have a face after absorbing its atoms into my eye portals.

1. Jaden Smith has seen Westworld.

2. Jaden Smith wanted to puke all over Westworld?

3. Jaden Smith still wears light-up shoes.

Did I travel to an alternate universe yet? Because I’m gonna be honest, this feels an awful lot like my basement. – *looks around* – Yup, this is my basement. Kid’s an idiot.

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Photo: YouTube/Jaden Smith