Jaden Smith Told His 4 Million Twitter Followers To Drop Out of School

September 16th, 2013 // 95 Comments
'We Physicists, Y'All'
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While promoting After Earth, Will Smith sat down for an infamous interview with Vulture where he revealed he’s not only buying his son Jaden Smith movie roles but turning him into a fart-sniffing shithead who literally believes he’s a physicist. And now Dr. Jaden has taken to Twitter to tell the four million impressionable youths (and assorted priests) following him to drop out of school because it’s brainwashing them. Which I’m sure he’ll back up with vigorous scientific data and not just meaningless horseshit tweets about doing what you wanna do. Physicism is serious business.


Or the south. You’d have the south.


Compared to the pseudo-intellectual shit your parents have exposed you to – coughcoughscientology – I can see how a creature who communicates through a series of cries and poops might seem like Einstein. I’ll allow it.


Okay, that’s actually partially true, and it’s Texas’ fault. Your beef is with Texas.


But you just said drop out of school because people already know everything when they’re babies, so why would we need education? It doesn’t make any sense. Mind-meld me, Physicist Smith! Transcend these brainwashed shackles and show me the ways of poop-farts! *puts on Huggies* SCIENCE ME, BITCH.

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  1. Deacon Jones

    The 27% of black kids that are still in school entering their senior year in inner city Philadelphia just dropped out.

    • EricLR

      In West Philadelphia born and stayin’.

    • Stanley Burrell

      If they’re stupid enough to believe the rambleings of a 14 y/o cult-tool, than they ought to leave and make more room for the people who actually want to be there.

      • malaka

        they don’t want to be there.
        you cannot force an individual to learn.
        otherwise, it is indoctrination and brainwashing.
        the school systems that we have are beyond screwed up.
        there’s a big difference between school and education.

      • Well apparently some people want to be there otherwise the schools would be empty. And I gotta wonder, are you and Jaden Smith in the same second grade class? ‘Cuz you sound dumber than peach fuzz.

  2. Arzach

    So the reason he is always frowning is because his brain shrank to the size of a peanut causing his head to be empty and the remaining skin just wrinkled , right?

  3. Will Smith needs to send this shitstain to live with Uncle Phil and Aunt VIv.

  4. Kendall Jenner Kylie Jenner Bikini
    Mr. Sensitive
    Commented on this photo:

    That’s a well chosen wing-pig behind her.

  5. Jade

    If Jaden was smart, he wouldn’t have made After Earth. I think his logic is a little flawed.

    • I don’t know about that…I look into his eyes and see frothing intelligence just trying to escape, perhaps to create an idea or two and to solve all of the world’s ills. I bet he can do it!

  6. Colin

    Maybe if he paid attention in school, he’d know he only has to capitalize the first word in a sentence. I feel sorry for his Shift key.

  7. …than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

    What a fucktard.

  8. RandomUser

    What bothers me most is how he capitalizes every single first letter of every word.

  9. Kendall Jenner Kylie Jenner Bikini
    Hugh Jass
    Commented on this photo:

    She has 1% of her sister’s ass.

  10. Hobble

    School and Education are different things. He is right that the modern school system primarily brainwashes people, and teaches you what to think instead of how to think. But I don’t think everyone should drop out, as unfortunately a piece of paper is vital to get by in life.

    • Hugh Jass

      Quoting an idiot:
      “But I don’t think everyone should drop out, as unfortunately a piece of paper is vital to get by in life.”

      So is learning to read and do math.

      • Hobble

        I’m pretty sure that I didn’t imply that those weren’t important to learn. As I said, there is a difference between school, and education. School is not paramount to education. There is sufficient evidence to conclude that the methods of (primarily) North American school systems are not very successful at educating people. They use a focus on short term memory retention, over breeding wisdom, or teaching critical thinking skills. FWI, school is not the only resource for learning how to read, or to do math.

      • Hugh Jass

        You belittled a modern education as merely a piece of paper, implying that there was nothing of value behind it. School isn’t the only place to learn to read and do math (and all of the other things we learn). Wow. Home schooling and Sesame Street, I suppose. Anyway the biggest problem with the North American Education system is that teachers who teach badly can’t be fired. Thank you, teachers union.

      • Hugh Jass

        Before the argument goes to far, lets use our critical thinking skills and realize that this all in response to a privileged 14 year old who doesn’t feel like going to school.

      • Also, whatever the reason this conversation started, albeit a privileged 14 yr old’s silly comment, it is a worthy debate to have.

      • Hobble

        Indeed there is a lot of time and effort that goes into that piece of paper. However, there are other ways to gain the same (or superior) skills, and knowledge, but since they aren’t rewarded with a piece of paper they aren’t as practical. Yes, there is homeschooling, or how about the Internet? You know, the biggest wealth of human knowledge (and stupidity) to ever exist?

        Poor teachers are a big problem with the school system, but that’s not all. The main issues are that our school systems operate on a “one size fits all” basis. The different ways that people learn is as vast and varied as the amount of people that exist. However the school system really only caters to a select few styles of learning. So those people who learn well by that style, excell, while others are taught that they’re just not very smart. The fact is anybody can excell, you just need to figure out how it is that they soak up information. Finland’s education system has made great leaps in this area, and have proven that it is far more successful to allow kids to direct their own focus, driven by their own passions.

        There’s also the problems of putting kids on mind altering drugs, but that’s a whole other can of worms.

        Another problem with current methods is that it rewards short-term memory retention, instead of long-term accumulation of knowledge. Students are always studying and cramming for a test ,or an exam, just to forget most of what they learned so that they can prepare for the next test, or exam. Take a survey and see how much people remember of what they learned in school, you’ll find that most people don’t remember much of what they learned.

        I know that for myself, I learned near nothing in school. My learning style didn’t fit the mold. I did my learning on my own time, driven by my own passions. I dragged myself throug post-secondary, got my piece of paper, but the vast majority of what I know about my profession was learned outside of the school system. It was a failed system for my needs, and there’s a lot of other people that it doesn’t work for.

      • Ms. Crabtree

        The problem with US public schools is that most parents consider them day-care; education is secondary.

      • Looks like truth falls from crabtrees.

      • Do you really think that the cretins who make up today’s youth — who think school is just a bunch of bullshit — would really have the ambition, the gumption, to travel down other avenues of learning? Would you mind sharing the drugs you’re on?

      • My problem is that in the same breath that he’s advocating alternative means of learning such as the internet, he’s spelling excel with an extra ‘l’, repeatedly, without bothering to use the internet thing he’s already on to check for the correct spelling of the words he’s using. Clearly, the argument that people can get an adequate education teaching themselves on the internet fails. I don’t generally care about poor spelling on internet comment boards, but in this context it undercuts the comment being made.
        My point of view is that when so many inner city schools are populated primarily or at least significantly by people who really do not want to be there, but are forced to attend, that leaves the rest of the people attending, who would want to pursue an education, left to worry instead about protecting themselves from the others who fill their days causing trouble and violence. Institute a tiered public education system – basic skills for those who don’t want to and won’t attend past 16 years old when they’re allowed to drop out, trade schools for the less intellectually gifted (or equally as gifted but whose ambitions / interests are in trades not academics), and college prep for everyone else who is in school to learn and whose ambitions are in academic pursuits.

      • Hobble

        Yes, I caught that mistake immediately after posting. Unfornately there’s no edit feature so I was stuck with it. However it’s not in the same context as my point about the internet. If you read carefully, you’ll notice that they are two paragraphs, and different points.

        You are correct that the issue is that some kids want to be in school, and some don’t. However your conclusion is way off. You should be asking the question of why so many kids don’t want to be in school. It falls under my former point, that some people have a style of learning which does not fit the mold of our current school system. It isn’t that they’re bad, stupid, or lost causes. The problem is that they are not intellectually stimulated by the current methods of teaching. It is the educational method which is failing, not the students. The system works for a portion of students, while leaving most out in the cold. The only conclusion to come to is that this system is not fully functional, and needs to be revised.

        As I pointed out before, the proof is in the pudding. Finland revamped their school system, and adopted a system which allows students to direct their own focus based on their own passions. The results have been phenomenal, and Finland has since been turning out some of the most academically accomplished students.

      • Wrong. The problem with America’s public school system is that it is severely lacking in federal funding. On our government’s list of priorities, education is far down on the bottom. If you do not believe me, go to the government’s omb website. Also, scroll down and read cd’s comments on this matter. Union’s advocate on workers’ behalf. Union’s secure for workers outrageous things like; living wages, adequate healthcare coverage, and protection from abusive employers. Ever since the 80′s, when Reagan busted the PATCO union, there has been a steady decline in union membership. During this same 30 year period there has been a 300% income increase for the top 1% of households. The income for the rest of American households has remained stagnate, unable to keep up with rate of inflation.

      • My comment is in regard to Hugh’s teacher’s union bashing.

  11. Margaret

    Hollywood is full of the most amazing retarded bullshit you wouldn’t imagine. It is impossible for any kind of average everyday Joe to conceive of the self entitled delusional horseshit that Hollywood acting millionaires and their ungodly fucked up stupid kids can wallow in, completely detached from our reality. Let them say their shit, but please, PLEASE stop paying for their movies or whatever, and ignore them competely. No photos, not reporters, no nothing. In a year they will sound like they often do, like babbling psychopaths, and half of them will be wandering the streets with assault rifles, demanding attention. Please, let’s just cut them off and ignore them.

  12. anonymous

    Sure if every kid dropped out of school, they would be as intelligent as Jaden’s dumb ass.

    He’d be homeless and turning tricks on the street if it wasn’t for the gazillion dollars a year his parents earn.

  13. Slappy Magoo

    If Jayden’s so smart why is he wearing white after Labor Day?

    Yeah, not so smart now, are you, li’l bitch?

  14. Kate

    I think the real scandal here is that he has 4 million Twitter followers.

    • Ron K.

      Many D-listers and pseudo-celebrities will purchase twitter followers in an effort to ‘pump-up their stock’. Hilary Duff, Paris Hilton, and LeAnn Rimes alone can keep that industry afloat. My guess is that most of Jaden’s followers were bought [most likely with daddy's money].

  15. logan

    Aunt Viv needs to slap some sense into you. Not every young person is blessed to have access to an unlimited amount of money. Some, most, need that education to get a JOB. Some will have to work while they are getting that education. I think Daddy and Mommy need to send you to the nearest McDonalds to work. Can we say “spoiled”.

    • Inner Retard

      You mean “daddy and mommy will buy him the nearest McDonalds”. Beacuse something tells that’s how it would go down in the Smith family.

  16. so this is how democracy dies…
    and The Dark Age Of Jaden Smiff Rises.

    (starring benedict cumberbatch.)

  17. Kodos

    Boy looks like he just finished a Trayvon-sized glass of “lean”.

  18. Inner Retard

    Feel sorry for kids with giant egos for parents. No matter what you do it’s just never good enough to polish your parents’ need for self-gratification. Wow, this sounded like I just translated an incest manual using a euphemism dictionary. Ha-ha… dic…

    • Feel sorry for them??? I say FUCK the whole lot of ‘em. If they don’t want to go to school then put the little cocksuckers on a chain gang to earn their bread and water.

  19. malaka

    how come the damn page keeps skipping to the top while i’m trying to read the comments???

  20. What a Dick! Maybe he’ll stay 4’9″ and get the shit kicked out of him someday soon..

  21. Who gives a fuck what this asshole has to say? Anybody that stupid deserves every bad thing that happens to them.

  22. I saw Will and Jaden on the Ellen DeGeneres show promoting “After Earth”, and Jaden literally just sat with his mouth open for 20 minutes without saying a word. I think the kid is somewhere between autistic and full retard.

  23. I would love to hate on this kid but I can’t. With parents like this, he never stood a chance. He’s never had to work for a thing in his life… but that is 95% not his fault. No one who has had that much given to them at such an early age is likely to overcome it.

    • Agreed. It’s still fun to bash the self-important prick though. He’s rich and famous with an ego to match. We, less worthy peons, have every right, no… duty, to bash him. I think the old saying goes “the shit doesn’t fall far from the dog’s anus.”

  24. Jaden’s 3 R’s of Educatin’ – Readin’, Ritin’, and Random fingering of a Kardashian

  25. Slash

    I think we can all agree that the saddest part of that headline is “4 million Twitter followers.”

  26. Caroline

    This is one of the dorkiest looking human beings I’ve ever laid eyes on. He always looks like he’s dropping a load of drool.

  27. anonym

    This kid naturally looks stupid.
    Stupid looking face. and his sister has Will Smith’s face.

    I feel sorry for celebrity families. They’re all fucked up.

  28. peggy

    Why does he always look like hes taking a dump?

  29. Eejut

    Great advice from a coddled little twink.

  30. Bob

    Why does Jayden always have that same dumbfounded look on his face?

  31. Karitakon

    The Lucky Sperm Club always knows best.

  32. Kendall Jenner Kylie Jenner Bikini
    bruce wayne
    Commented on this photo:

    White female. Check.
    Slender not a chubby. Check.
    Cute little bottom. Check.
    Method of payment after servicing her her. Check.

  33. SxK

    Ah, the ignorance of youth! Easy enough to say for a boy who has had nothing but privilege on his side and will never have to worry about doing well in school in order to get a good enough career that will pay the bills and support a family.

  34. heey

    I always thought their son looks like an idiot. Now he proved it. Can’t you just see his stupid face ten years into the future, pulling Bierber-esque antics, and ten years after that mugshots and rehab for crack-addiction. They are doing their kids a disservice, selling them off as music and movie stars when they have no charisma or talent like their parents once did have. The demise of the child star will affect both of their kids. Future tabloid stuff. And they will be rich enough to waste their lives on nothing, just living it up. Will and Jada suck as parents.

  35. kery

    This kid doesn’t need to finish school `cause he is rich but people like all of us have to work hard ;)

  36. whatever

    4 million followers?
    Count the number of favs, does not reach over 3000, ever.
    So the real number of followers. less than 3000.
    Kid has a fanbase of 3000 people.
    OK, I’l give him 5000.
    Twitter and facebook sure has millions and millions of fake accounts, used as pretend followers for people who pay up.
    This is the entire stock value of the companies, people who pay for fakery, and ads.

  37. anonym

    It is amazing how today’s youths always find the dumbest role models to follow.
    Jaden, Justin….

    Do humans just have a natural attraction towards stupid?

    • bitplayer

      Of course! Stupid is beautiful. That’s the premise of this entire website. Oscar Wilde said it: Intellect destroys the beauty of any face.

  38. DumbAndDumber

    If Everybody In The World Capitalized Every Word In Their Sentences, Then Babies Would Rule The World Because They Don’t Need No Education.

  39. All this kid has to do is breath air until Xenu takes his parents away and then he gets more money then he could ever spend. That’s an easy place to be philosophical from.

  40. Jaydunce

    The fact he writes with every word capitalised should be enough for people to realise he is a retard…

  41. Mellllzy

    School Teaches You Appropriate Capitalisation

  42. Jason

    I’ve never hated anyone’s forehead until now.

  43. I have to look at the bright side here – if this dork forgoes an
    education, the chances he is cheated / swindled or is otherwise separated from his money, leaving him broke and dependent on his own wits to survive becomes hysterically more likely.

  44. What about that wonderful school Will put money into? how much was it 1 million 500 thousand, Oh the school closed because scientology dipped in to it so much. There goes scientology education. And Will’s deposit.

  45. babychunks

    I will buy this kid a hoodie if he will move to Florida

  46. BubbaCo

    Heavy stuff, from a kid whose dad wears earrings.

  47. Cat's Meow

    Jaden Smith always looks like he has just finished smoking some serious sh*t!

  48. They don’t call the Dumbo ears for nothing.

  49. Mel Gibson's Shrink

    God, what a black trash thing to say.

  50. cd

    “Federal education spending accounts for just 3 percent of the $3.5 trillion the government spent in fiscal year 2012″ -http://economix.blogs.nytimes.com/2013/02/27/putting-a-number-on-federal-education-spending/?_r=0.
    25 percent of that $3.5 trillion budget was appropriated for military spending. http://www.usgovernmentspending.com/federal_budget_detail_fy12bs12012n
    The priorities of The U.S. is to feed the military industrial complex. Which explains why so much of the federal budget is devoted to military spending. Furthermore, it explains why The U.S. acts as the police force for the world. The U.S. interjects itself into conflicts all over the world not for national interest or humanitarian reason, this is a smoke screen. The only interest that matters is the vast amounts tax dollars paid to private military contractors through obscenely massive cost-plus contracts.
    It does not serve the ruling class to have an educated populace. An educated society just might begin doing destructive things such as ask questions rather than gobble up the bs cover stories spoon fed to us by the corporate owned media conglomerations.

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