Jaden Smith Told His 4 Million Twitter Followers To Drop Out of School

While promoting After Earth, Will Smith sat down for an infamous interview with Vulture where he revealed he’s not only buying his son Jaden Smith movie roles but turning him into a fart-sniffing shithead who literally believes he’s a physicist. And now Dr. Jaden has taken to Twitter to tell the four million impressionable youths (and assorted priests) following him to drop out of school because it’s brainwashing them. Which I’m sure he’ll back up with vigorous scientific data and not just meaningless horseshit tweets about doing what you wanna do. Physicism is serious business.


Or the south. You’d have the south.


Compared to the pseudo-intellectual shit your parents have exposed you to – coughcoughscientology – I can see how a creature who communicates through a series of cries and poops might seem like Einstein. I’ll allow it.


Okay, that’s actually partially true, and it’s Texas’ fault. Your beef is with Texas.


But you just said drop out of school because people already know everything when they’re babies, so why would we need education? It doesn’t make any sense. Mind-meld me, Physicist Smith! Transcend these brainwashed shackles and show me the ways of poop-farts! *puts on Huggies* SCIENCE ME, BITCH.

h/t Jezebel

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