Jada Pinkett Smith lies to us


For some reason Jada Pinkett Smith is claiming Katie Holmes runs the household and that Tom Cruise has no control in the relationship. She says:

“It burns my soul – I see her in the house with Tom; he doesn’t have that on her! It kills me. ‘Tom’s this monster and he’s got her chained up in the basement and he’s forcing Scientology down her throat’ – it’s bullshit. Let me tell you: Kate ain’t no little wimpy kitty cat. It’s not that ballgame. For real. Tom don’t run nothin’ in that house! It is Katie’s house. It’s her world! The devotion that Tom has to his wife, and the places he’ll go to make her happy – spiritually, where he will go as a man for his woman.”

If she wanted us to believe her she should’ve stuck to something more realistic, like that Katie Holmes gets fed at least once a day. But to say she runs the house? She might as well have told us that Katie Holmes is actually a Power Ranger and spends her free time fighting crime and riding around in giant robots.

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