Jada Pinkett Smith lies to us

May 4th, 2007 // 79 Comments

For some reason Jada Pinkett Smith is claiming Katie Holmes runs the household and that Tom Cruise has no control in the relationship. She says:

“It burns my soul – I see her in the house with Tom; he doesn’t have that on her! It kills me. ‘Tom’s this monster and he’s got her chained up in the basement and he’s forcing Scientology down her throat’ – it’s bullshit. Let me tell you: Kate ain’t no little wimpy kitty cat. It’s not that ballgame. For real. Tom don’t run nothin’ in that house! It is Katie’s house. It’s her world! The devotion that Tom has to his wife, and the places he’ll go to make her happy – spiritually, where he will go as a man for his woman.”

If she wanted us to believe her she should’ve stuck to something more realistic, like that Katie Holmes gets fed at least once a day. But to say she runs the house? She might as well have told us that Katie Holmes is actually a Power Ranger and spends her free time fighting crime and riding around in giant robots.

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  1. TrippyGoogler

    love it!

  2. Ballpark nachos, you don’t buy ‘em, you only rent ‘em

  3. woodhorse

    Tom may be first in a category of “Celebrity Stalker Husband”

  4. TrippyGoogler

    last time I checked, people who run the house don’t constantly have a drugged and glassy-eyed look on their faces, but maybe that’s just where I come from.

    oh, and FRIST…

  5. rrd

    Why is Jada talking ghetto?
    Thas wha I’m talkin abou. for real.

  6. He needs to invest in lifts.


  7. Wow Just Wow

    Jada Pinkett sounds like a project bunny.

  8. Wow Just Wow

    In the name of every holy, please god NO!

  9. .
    It was so nice of the Church of Scientology to send out Jada to defend “Kate” I also seem to remember earlier back when she claimed that she had seen the baby (When nobody else had) and that Suri and Kate were at her childs birthday…only problem was, the press had photos of the Cruis family in another state on the day that Jada’s kid had their b-day party.

    Not the first time she’s lied for them.

  10. kellygirl57

    Katie should consider hiring someone more articulate to do her “I wear the pants” PR.

  11. KatieKates

    Jada needs to get an edu-ma-cation. Freakin’ moron.

  12. aliens, aliens, aliens.

  13. “For real.” The defense rests, your honor.

  14. Jimbo ?

    WTC is with all these stories about Tom and Katie. We all know this is a big joke. Tom is a great big MO and is doing the samething he did for Nicole and Penelope Making them famous and hiding the fact that he is a butt pirate!!!

  15. FRIST!!!

    #4 Yes?

  16. BarbadoSlim

    I know Jada has kids with the fresh prince and shit but she has distinct bulldykie vibe about her.

    Oh and anything said by Tom and/or his cronies translates roughly to: COCK IS COOL, in Xenuvian.

    true story

  17. Who cares about Tom Cruise!

  18. Tom(angrily): “Servant!!”

    Jada(cowering): “Yes suh, masta.”

    Tom: “Go tell the media, I don’t know, that I don’t keep bitch as a kidnapped slave, or something. Just tell it in your own words, something to that affect. Go, do it now!”

    Jada(still cowering): “Uh, yes suh, masta suh! Uh, Ss-suh, could I have my dumplings a little earlier than they rest of duh slaves? Oh pretty please, suh! I best yo best slave!”

    Tom(loudly): “Leave my sight! Go! Now! You’ll get your dumplings…”

  19. Jedi Kevin

    Those are some lame sunglasses that Tom is wearing.

  20. veggi

    She’s so pretty. I miss Joey Potter.

  21. doomhammer

    The only words that come to me regarding these two twits is WHO GIVES A FUCK?

  22. DancingQueen

    Come on people Jada ain’t talkin no ghetto shit, she just keepin it real yo!!! GAG.

  23. doomhammer

    Thinking of Jada actually helped me today. Must hire new housekeeper. Check.

  24. p0nk


  25. BarbadoSlim

    This is the complete quote on that sentence as reported by the A.P.:

    “For real. Tom don’t run nothin’ in that house! It is Katie’s house, now what I’m sayin’ ”

    *As she snapped her fingers and neck form side to side.

  26. whoneedsenemies

    Katie borrowing Kirsten’s shoes??

  27. bungoone

    why do these freak scientologists feel the need to defend each other?

    If Tom wasn’t trying so hard to make it seem like a legit relationship, maybe we’d believe it.

  28. bungoone

    actually, no. I take that back. even then i wouldn’t buy it. she’s drugged.


    Looks like we are going to be seeing a lot more of Jade on the big screen. I’m sure she got her pick of a few good films. Work it Tom

  30. Liverpool FC

    Who’s the beached whale and the midget???

  31. Yes, what’s with the ebonics here? I *thought* she was classier than that. Now I’m thinking she’s trash too.

  32. Alayney

    Tom’s obviously balding — he’s got the Donald Trump (combdown) going on. WHO would wear their hair like that other than a teenaged boy? HAHAHA God, he’s SOOOOOOOOOOOO ugly!

  33. Plastic Sturgeon

    If Jada is going to invent some fairy tale about Katie running the house, she might as well make it more imaginative.

    She should also say that Tom and Katie have loads of sex, and that his true hight is 6’2.

    I almost forgot….


  34. Plastic Sturgeon


  35. fergernauster

    WTF is TCLTC?

  36. Truthseeker013

    I had no idea that Katie was dating Frodo Baggins…oh, wait. Frodo’s *taller*. Sorry.

  37. chelleann66

    TCLTC = Tom Cruise Loves the Cock

  38. rmeno

    Jada is talking Ghetto because that’s what she is…and another thing..Is it me or do all scientology men seem to be gay..I mean if I heard Will Smith were Bi, I would NOT be shocked at all…

    aint no wimpy kitty cat..did she mean Tom Kat but due to her limited mental capacity just come up with something more familiar?

  39. californiadreamin'

    This is my frist post ever and all I want to say is,

  40. hoofhearted

    This just in… “famous” (using the term loosely here Jada fullof-shit) people lie…

    And famous scientoligists lie ALL THE FREAKING TIME!!!!

    just keeping it real, yo’

  41. lambman

    I though Jada was a good strong Christian woman….not some cheap cult spokesperson

  42. hoofhearted

    almost forgot…


  43. LL

    Help me, Jebus, are Will Smith and Jada Scientologists, too? Is that why he did “Men in Black” and “Independence Day,” because of all that goofy-ass alien shit? Is there anyone in Hollywood who isn’t a Scientologist? And since when did Jada and Katie become BFF? Or is Jada now Tom’s PR flack? And why do Scientologists not realize that no jacked-up stories we can come up with about them can be half as stupid as the goofy shit that is their religion? I could say Tom Cruise had mind control implants put into Katie’s brain and eats non-Scientologist babies to keep himself young and it’s still not as ridiculous as the crap those people believe. They crazy. For real.

  44. BarbyGurrl

    I’m usually not one to interject logic into a silly debate, but why in the world would someone want to sacrifice themselves and their child in order to be famous? Doesn’t look like any of these whackadoos are especially happy or content.

  45. DMM

    Jada pinkett smitth is a huge scientologist and doesn’t want anyone knowing what’s really going on. Plain and simple.

  46. BarbyGurrl

    Oh, and it’s RESPECT THE COCK, not LOVE the cock.

  47. BarbadoSlim


    Tom Cruise Loves The Cock, we should know, we started that shit here.

    You are quoting Magnolia, we are not.

  48. They got to Jada!!!

  49. PunjabPete

    TRANSLATION: There is a divorce coming and Tom wants to be seen as the victim so no one believes what an asshole he is. Jada is a secret scientologist…


  50. I don’t see shit wrong with that! That’s probably why he married her, because he couldn’t control her! It’s a big turn on to people, you know!

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