Will Smith Caught Jada and Marc Anthony ‘Watching a DVD’

August 24th, 2011 // 62 Comments

Yesterday, a report broke that Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith are separating which they eventually denied by cryptically stating their marriage is “intact” along with planning to sue InTouch Weekly. Except a good idea might be to make sure their people stop confirming details from said report by coming up with ridiculously guilty-looking excuses for why Marc Anthony was over at Jada’s house while Will wasn’t home. TMZ reports:

In Touch Weekly claims in early August Will had become increasingly suspicious that his wife was having an affair with her “HawthoRNe” co-star Marc Anthony and secretly flew home from a movie shoot. The mag claims Will walked in the house, found Marc Anthony and Jada together and left the house crying.
Reps for Will and Jada said Tuesday Jada had not been unfaithful to Will, specifically mentioning Marc Anthony in the denial. A source close to the couple tells TMZ … Marc was at Jada’s home, but in April not August, when he went over to look at a DVD.

If any of you have had sex with someone you shouldn’t, it’s pretty much understood that “going to watch a DVD” is universal code for “shady penis in vagina action” which is why I didn’t even bother typing Will Smith Caught Jada and Marc Anthony Fucking for a headline because everyone immediately picked up on what was happening. On top of that, do their reps honestly expect us to believe Marc Anthony would personally drive over to Jada’s house to pick up a DVD? Because, you’re never going to believe this, rich people have these things called assistants which they pay to perform menial tasks for them. Crazy, I know, but trust me, it really happens.

MARC: Julio!
JULIO: Si, Senor Anthony.
MARC: Drive over to Jada Pinkett Smith’s house and retrieve a DVD. Marc Anthony’s fingers must never touch physical data storage. It is beneath Marc Anthony.
JULIO: Si, Senor Anthony.
MARC: And Julio?
MARC: Get yourself a churro.
JULIO: Bless you, Senor Anthony.

(A more likely scenario.)

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  1. Travis Bickel

    Flat – chested ! Man , If I was Will and he was straight , I would either get :
    1. Her some implants
    2. a girl that has progressed beyond a training bra
    3. several girls with D cups

  2. Honest John

    I would think that Will would be better hung than the miniscule Mark Anthony

  3. If it was Matrix 3 he walked in on then I totally understand running out crying.

  4. Marley

    I thought that Will and Jada had done a joint interview a couple of years ago explaining that they have an open marriage. Doesn’t anyone remember this? So clearly, if anything was made up here, it was the fact that Will snuck home all secret like. Clearly, he was off getting jiggy with twenty year olds.

    • Marley

      Oh, and also…..just the fact that Marc Anthony is in this is a dead giveaway that this is some made up shit.

    • Clarence Beeks

      I was about to say they are swingers….maybe because Will wasn’t there to watch, he got upset?

  5. Todd Hockney

    With that much money I would buy her million – dollar tits

  6. roughtext

    Looks like Decante was laying more than bones in Pinkett.

    While teaching black man how to be family man, she unselfishly did not forget the other close minority. I see what you did there Jada.


  7. Tony D'Annunzio

    Mark Anthony is like 4’8″. His dick should be proportional , so logically Will should be a better ‘size’ , unless Jada Doesn’t like penetration by men

  8. smith left the house crying like a little bitch? lmfao dude she just gave you an excuse to cheat and not have to pay her dumb ass. you should be doing backflips. but disturbing to know there’s not just one person who’d do that nasty bitch, but two. gross! :P

  9. Hugh Marlboro

    Maybe she would cost too much to divorce , so he hangs with her . The talk on the street is that they swing and they might be bi or gay . If true , they both have a lot of options if they play on both teams

  10. BENWAW

    She looks like a dude

  11. Butch Coolidge

    And the DVD was ” Anal Angel , part 6″

    • That Bastard Tony

      Do you need to see the first five to understand the characters in 6 or do they do a “Previously on Anal Angel” trailer.

      • Carl Spackler

        I believe the theme in the “anal Angel ” series is consistent from the beginning , although the trailers are pretty fun to watch in any case.

  12. Coco

    This is all just a misunderstanding. Marc was just trying to settle their longstanding fued over who which of them has the facial structure most ravaged by time and starvation.

  13. If gay Scientologists can’t save the sacred institution of marriage, then what hope is there for the rest of us?

  14. Billy Barty , Jr

    No tits , so maybe she has oral or anal talents

    • Richard McBeef

      OK, is there really a “talent” to anal outside of how hard she can take it?

      • CranAppleSnapple

        She gives it.

      • gomble woks

        actually the fact that she would have anal and like it is the talent, most women dont let you do them in the anal, so if she takes it glad with a smile on her face and lets you finish inside her, thats enough to marry her, Tits be damned and all, I would prefer a wife with anal talents than really big boobs, i think in the long run the anal would be better than two inflated balloons on her chest

  15. seriously?

    Does anyone seriously believe that anyone doing Will Smith would downgrade to Marc Anthony? It’s like going from a Ferrari to a Pinto..

    • roughtext

      Well it’s more complex than that. Guys always think it’s about them but in reality it’s not. And it’s not about their bedroom prowess or their earning ability. Who has been named the most beautiful woman in the world recently? And who belongs in her inner circle? It’s your basic ‘I can get what you have’ the only difference is there’s millions involved and very well known individuals. One example is Arnie’s maid. Men are just there to financially facilitate and take advantage of the situation, when a circle of women are not in agreement with each other.

      Your human behaviorist and anal-yst, Rough.

    • Duke

      Well, you really haven’t learnt anything in life if you think it’s all about good looks. There’s so much more that can get a woman’s mind and clit on fuego. This Mark Antonio may not be the handsomest skeleton on earth but something tells me he’s a smooth fucking operator.

      • seriously?

        I don’t think it’s just about looks.. I’m talking looks, career, personality, talent, the whole package.. And he’d need more than smooth lines, he’d need a baseball bat and some roofies to get in most womens’ pants.

    • Venom

      Look, I despise Marc Anthony more than anyone on the planet, but have you heard that little fucker sing? Trust me, he has no problem getting women. Plus he has swag.

      Christ the little bastard pulled a Ms. Universe and Jennifer Lopez. You should not sleep on him.

    • Carl Spackler

      maybe they got bored and they both have lots of opportunity that most people don’t have because they’re Hollywood . They likely see many people that are trying to climb the Hollywood ladder and are willing to do anything to climb. Most Americans don’t have these opportunities thrown at them . If they want to cheat , they have to work at it

    • stratacat

      Downgrade??? Don’t you remember when she used to fuck Tupac??

  16. Deacon Jones

    What will they name their love child?

    “Boney McSkullface”?

  17. ZigZagZoey

    She needs to get the fuck over herself. My guess is that Marc wasn’t getting enough attention from his bitch wife JLo, so he started fawning all over Jada and kissing her ass, and she loved it. Really hate her. For someone who says she is so happy and in love, she pretty much NEVER looks happy. She always looks like she is completely obsessed with herself and how she looks.
    I’m sure Will is not an angel, but he has always seemed like a very nice cool guy.

  18. That Bastard Tony

    I question this story as well just based on the fact that they are confirmed swingers. Unless there were rules to their swinging that were broken (Jada could only have women and WIll could have Jada-approved women), I don’t see what the problem is. Now if he walked in on her and Jazzy Jeff doing it, then yeah that’d be fucked up. Way to violate the bro code bra.

  19. Jada Pinkett Smith Marc Anthony
    chris breezy boxing academy
    Commented on this photo:

    she’s like michael jackson only if mike didn’t become white but instead changed into an american indian

  20. Weirdo

    She’s so fucking ugly. She looks like more of a man than he does.

  21. The real tragedy is that the DVD was Men in Black II.

  22. Cunting Whoreface

    Does anyone else see the hilarity of all this? Will Smith is too good for Jada, Jlo is too good for Marc… the two shitty leaches seem to have leached onto one another. Will Smith and Jlo need to fuck already. Make some hot babies and whore those ones out too.

  23. Butch Coolidge

    A clam – jam with not Will I am ,but Marc I am

  24. Captain Obvious

    I can’t be the only one who read the part about Will crying then immediately heard how he cried in Fresh Prince…

  25. mina

    Marc is not the best looking guy in the world, but like Sinatra he can make grown women and men cry when he sings…just go on you tube and check any of his concerts or Vina del Mar concerts and you will see the craziness in his concerts…women go crazy!!!!

  26. stratacat

    Maybe all those rumors about Skeletor’s third leg are true after all.

  27. kimmykimkim

    I didn’t believe this at first but, then I got to the “left the house crying” bit. Sold! Totally happened.

  28. kimmykimkim

    So what you’re saying is he caught his wife cheating with his mistress.

  29. Rocky

    Wait a second, so even black people have mexicans as their hired help?

  30. Will Smyth

    Its about time someone stuck their cock in that man ive been married to all these years. BTW Im sorry for exposing the world to my asshole children. Also watch men in black 3, it goes well with my rap album.

  31. Arzach

    Jada: La puerta! Will regresó!
    Mark: Qué hago? Me escondo?
    Jada: Muy tarde, dile que viniste a ver un DVD.
    Mark: Qué?
    Will: What the f…!
    Mark: I came to watch a DVD!
    Will : Qué?

  32. terry

    I heard both Will and Jada are homos!!!!
    This is all media hype. This is the way Hollywood breaks up couples. Besides, Hollywood caters to good looking people and business is bangin!!!!
    Shit, why would a motherfucker get married in a town with so much dick and pussy anyway?

  33. Hi tide

    Yup- it sounds like she was indeed cheating on Will. It’s okay- Will can and will get SO much better!

  34. Jada Pinkett Smith Marc Anthony
    Commented on this photo:

    They don’t own a BluRay player? suspicious…

  35. Jada Pinkett Smith Marc Anthony
    Commented on this photo:

    this news is total bullshit, they´re living in a polyamorous relationship, hence there would be no such immature crap – that´s reserved for people who worship monogamy as the holy grail

  36. brains

    This would be a much more believable story if Jada walked in on WILL and March Anthony… or if Will walked in on Jada with Queen Latifah.

    The publicists made this BS up.

  37. alayhia

    If jada was going to have an affair I pretty sure she smart enough not to do it n their home!plus will is everything a girl can want I dout she throw him away for a one nightstand

  38. Sara

    They have an open marriage… they confirmed that back in like 2008. Do a google search.

  39. Open marriage, my a$$. Even if they were in one, the fact is that most men would only go along with that in theory! They really want to be the only one going outside. A man suspecting his wife is getting some on the outside versus actually being confronted with the reality are two different scenarios. Moral of the story – “What eyes don’t see, heart don’t grieve.”

  40. Jada Pinkett Smith Marc Anthony
    Commented on this photo:

    could she have had an affair with her new co-star Marc Anthony???? Afterall it was ruormed he had an affair recently and they are hot and heavy on HawthoRNe. I truly thought they would stay together. Will and Jada appeared to be a happy, loving, stable couple.

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