Happy Thanksgiving!

November 27th, 2013 // 19 Comments

Alright, folks, at least half of you are on the road and/or not trapped at work making you a captive audience, so Photo Boy and I are pulling the plug for the holiday. That said, we are canning a few little treats that will pop up on the site over the next four days until we return on Monday, so if you’re not in a complete Tryptophan coma we’ll quasi be here for you. Anyway, drive safe out there, Mother Nature is squeezing her icy teats all over the place, and it’d be a shame to die getting a six pack. And by shame I mean the one true death.

Happy Thanksgiving,

- The Superficial

Miley Cyrus Turkey Twerk

That’s with you forever now. Heart you!

GIF: LogoTV / Photos: Fame/Flynet


  1. Jaclyn Swedberg Bikini Raquel Rischard 138 Water Photoshoot
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    Happy Thanksgiving, guys. I hope you get a great deal on a TV!

  2. You sick fuck :)

  3. The back end of that turkey is exactly what I imagine a full on Miley burger shot looks like.

  4. Thanks for this post, Fish. I’ll need to look at them on my phone this weekend to distract me from my imaginary fly swatting grandmother and my drunk pervert of an uncle. (He never touched me, I swear.)

  5. Awesome graphic.

  6. It’s a twerkey. Let’s kill it.

  7. Jaclyn Swedberg Bikini Raquel Rischard 138 Water Photoshoot
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    I love turkey but I’d go hungry and eat Jaclyn Swedberg instead.

  8. I want to stuff that turkey.

  9. Scientists have discovered the real reason people get drowsy after eating turkey. Most turkeys are heroin addicts.

  10. Cock Dr

    It’s a holiday that truly celebrates big glistening breasts.

  11. Jaclyn Swedberg Bikini Raquel Rischard 138 Water Photoshoot
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    Water… it makes the boobs grow

  12. Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

  13. Dox


    I sit here with my 3 year old nephew, teaching him the ropes. (Yes, I am a horrible person. And yes, I find it highly amusing. He has already had the wit to say loudly enough that he would “Motorboat those…” that he caused my sister to have an apoplectic fit. It was, one of the greatest moments of my life. I still have the bruises from it.)

    Often times life is so very unfair. We are surrounded, bombarded, and force fed its horridness on a daily basis. As finances grow tighter, and the divide between the haves and have nots grows larger, it leaves a bitter aftertaste in our mouth.

    Such places as this provide a respite in the storm. A place where we can, for a moment, mock the absolute insanity of life, celebrity, and fame. Where we can hone our caustic wit, and amuse each other with our acerbic tongues.

    I am thankful for this. A small port to listen to Don gush about how beautiful every woman with a pulse is, to the whole host of people from Cock Dr, to McBeef, to dude, and others, that take a moment from their day to swap barbs over breasts, butts, and buffoons.

    Happy Thanksgiving Fish.
    May your spam and rice be as tasty as mine.

  14. I’d like to second Dox’s statements and say thank you for this site. It’s where I go to be an asshole to people I don’t know. It’s certainly a high point of my days to come here.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Don’t get too drunk and try not to kill anybody on Black Friday morning.

    • i drink way too much on thanksgiving to be part of black friday. it’s my way of protesting consumerism. Man the harpoons! Thar be whales ahead! (see? I’m drunk already.)

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