Jack Nicholson asked to autograph Joker photo

January 23rd, 2008 // 115 Comments

Jack Nicholson walked out of the Wolseley Restaurant in London last night when paparazzi informed him of the death of Heath Ledger. They told him it was a drug overdose which prompted Jack to say “That’s awful. I warned him.” Then somebody shoved a Joker photo in his face for him to sign. Who could pull off such incredible levels of douche-ness? I mean besides Ashton Kutcher, Criss Angel (Were necklaces found at the scene?), Carson Daly, Adnan Ghalib, Andy Dick, my ex-girlfriend (She thought Clooney was a good Batman. How could we stay together after that?), Sam Lufti, Dick Cheney, Ryan Seacrest, the real Joker (I know you’re out there!), Billy Bush from Access Hollywood, Jimmy Fallon…. Anyone I’m leaving out?

Photos: Bauer-Griffin, Pacific Coast News

  1. Blondamnation

    #56-’Keith Richards warned him too”…that made me laugh out loud-hilarious.

    Arizona cowgirl do you by any chance have a mullet? Let me guess, it’s been a year since you’ve seen JR, father of baby#2, but your new husband/boyfriend is a real good daddy to little Tulsa, so it’s ok. You drive a truck (for sure) and you’ve Never Been ANYWHERE. ANYWHERE. (Except your shitty little town with trailer parks scattered all lover, Walmart as the Hot place to be and no culture, art or diversity.)
    Hell I grew up in Southern California and I’m blonde (Butofcourse :) and I knew more than you do right now when I was 5. Wait, make that 4.

  2. Vulgar Display of Power

    Oh wow a bunch of morons can sit in a forum and talk about how they are glad Heath Ledger is dead because he played a fictional character. I hope your church burns down just like those other religious dipshits who won’t leave Heath’s family alone. Stupid people everywhere it never ends.

    Jack Nicholson was probably drunk or something. I wouldn’t take anything he said to heart. Oh yeah and the asshole who gave Nicholsan that picture to sign right after giving Jack the bad news should just go jump off a bridge now. This site is home to the scum of the earth.

  3. MJ

    Method acting? does the mean he took it up the bud for bareback mountain?
    I’m just saying..
    it’s really sad but he was an addict and looked depressed lately. I don’t think he “died for his art”.

  4. Bob Smith

    Wow! I guess England is a small island. After centuries of inbreeding those two freaks in the background are the direct result. I wonder what bridge in London those two trolls are in charge of.

  5. Anonymous

    Hey Jennifer:

    Are you a lesbian?

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  6. Dr. Fill

    Damn, English people are UGLY!!!!!!!!! Is that Smeegle on the left? Seriously, what bridge did these people come out from under… London Bridge, duh!

  7. Fredsilia

    106- Hate to tell you this, but London Bridge can now be found in Arizona.

  8. KingSnake


    Don’t go knocking on Arizona just because cowgirl is from here dick-bag. Otherwise, you’re know better than her. Fucking hypocrites.

    I would assume that a blonde from SoCAL would know that AZ has some of the wealthiest zip codes in America and not everyone drives a truck. That is if you get ANYWHERE yourself you’d see that. Sedona is an Art capital of the west and being next to Mexico creates much diversity and culture. Get your facts right before you post your nonsense, otherwise you bring nothing to the comments section except lame jibberish fueled by a passion to be a wannabe.

    Yet if I was to start assuming about your lifestyle based on your posts the same way you do about others, I’ve got to assume this lifestyle you speak of is very specific and full of imagery. It sounds like you know this lifestyle all too well.

  9. jack nicholson's best chum

    Jack Nicholson is a big dummy head NERD!

  10. Erin

    Holy shit. Jack Nicholson is actually the most attractive person in this picture. How insanely wrong.

    Also, I can tell you all right now the exact cause of Heath Ledger’s death. Too much sand in his vagina. He was SOOO disturbed by playing the Joker because he was such a mean nasty man that he got all depressed and couldn’t sleep at night so he indiscriminately took a shitload of various pills (in the middle of the day, I might add) and died ass naked at the foot of his bed. What a man. If he couldn’t handle fiction, how the hell was he supposed to cope with real life?

  11. @110 – Yeah. What an unfortunate looking group of bystanders. Photogenically challenged, every one.

    @102, 111 – I sometimes wonder why gluttonous, boasting turds like John Hagee like to rail on homosexuals so much, but I never hear them discuss verses like these:

    (Allegedly said by Jesus, who never seems to personally mention homos in the canonized bible)
    Mark 10:11
    He answered, “Anyone who divorces his wife and marries another woman commits adultery against her.
    Mark 10:12
    And if she divorces her husband and marries another man, she commits adultery.”
    Luke 16:18
    “Anyone who divorces his wife and marries another woman commits adultery, and the man who marries a divorced woman commits adultery.

    John Hagee is on his second wife {WTF!? How’d he get one to start with!?} Maybe he only likes the parts of the Bible that serve his personal interests.

    “these two people who loved each other couldn’t be together!” I doubted the Gyllenhall characters sincerity. He seemed too oppurtunistic.

    “then why don’t you wait for your maker to deal with them?” cuz nothing would ever happen, hah! Wait for a deity to act, wait forever…they don’t exist.

  12. Oh, ADULTERY is actually in the Ten Commandments (specifically mentioned in the ten commandments, unlike homosexuality), in case none of the holier-than-thou parrots actually read the Bible before.

    Ugh. I just come here to goof off.

  13. For that ASSHAT COWGIRL

    It’s not necessary to hate gays, AZcow – they suck dick just like you, only much better…and take it up the ass, just like you, only much farther…and without all the tears and cussin’.—so don’t be jealous…and BTW – you should move that gun rack up a little higher in the pickup so you don’t keep banging yr stupid fuckin’ head on it when you give yr brother head in the front seat.

  14. Dungus

    There are some people in life you really want to meet, and that guy on the left is one of them. When I see him in this photo I crack up instantly… Not to be mean it’s just hilarious.

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