Jack Nicholson asked to autograph Joker photo

January 23rd, 2008 // 115 Comments

Jack Nicholson walked out of the Wolseley Restaurant in London last night when paparazzi informed him of the death of Heath Ledger. They told him it was a drug overdose which prompted Jack to say “That’s awful. I warned him.” Then somebody shoved a Joker photo in his face for him to sign. Who could pull off such incredible levels of douche-ness? I mean besides Ashton Kutcher, Criss Angel (Were necklaces found at the scene?), Carson Daly, Adnan Ghalib, Andy Dick, my ex-girlfriend (She thought Clooney was a good Batman. How could we stay together after that?), Sam Lufti, Dick Cheney, Ryan Seacrest, the real Joker (I know you’re out there!), Billy Bush from Access Hollywood, Jimmy Fallon…. Anyone I’m leaving out?

Photos: Bauer-Griffin, Pacific Coast News

  1. pete

    The writer of this blog reems out other celebrity junkies relentlessly, then tries to be some kind of moral compass regarding the supposed douchebaggery of jack nicholson making an off-the-cuff remark to some pap about another stupid spent-out junkie?

    You undermine any microscopic thread of any editorial credibility.

    Heath was just another white trash asshole who wanted to die. You only write about him because he won lotto. There’s tons of actors much more creatively productive that Heath, but aren’t famous. You don’t give a shit about any of them. Just the sad famous faces that help feed your face.

    Quit being the manifest of the shallow stupid whores you claim to despise by venerating some white trash asshole, at the expense of nicholson no less.

    Heath was a white trash asshole WAY before he ever stuck a needle in his veins or a coke straw up his nose.

    Posts like this is why Perez Hilton owns you every single day.

    While your at it, why not sit down in a corner for a few weeks and re-examine who/what you’ve turned into yourself since you started this pathetic blog.

  2. woodhorse

    Fish left off douches who wearing large black button earrings and have a unibrow like the douche in the back of the photo.

  3. jrz

    Arizona Cowgirl,

    Fuck off you ignorant twat.

  4. The Ex

    Looks like the Devil and 2 little demons behind him!
    one in the blue hat – sign the picture, you are still the Joker!
    the retard on the left – mmm… humanssss….mmmmm.

  5. G

    I love cowgirls!!! Especially from Arizona!

  6. Superbad

    Keith Richards warned him too

  7. AZ Cowgirl

    # 53 -


    I bet you are one of those gay guys that bought a straw cowboy hat and wore it around after watching Brockbeck Mountain (whatever). Gee, that movie didn’t do really well, did it, and I don’t even think it played in Arizona.

    Just so you know, most people and species are not gay! This means that if you want to be gay, go ahead and do it, but leave the rest of us alone that don’t want to watch you try to make us think that gay behavior is normal and heterosexual sex is not. You sick little Mother.

  8. keith

    wow, you people read about this shit and actually care?
    this is whats wrong with america today . you mother fuckers wouldn’t be able to read past page 80 in a book about your own life.

  9. Karen

    @57- http://www.livescience.com/animals/061116_homosexual_animals.html

    Apparently, you are not well read. Not that that was a hard conclusion to come to.

    Way to spread hate while making yourself look absolutely retarded.

  10. Alex H

    #5- i am STILL laughing. amazing, amazing comment. so true. hahahahaha.

  11. Tim Rogers

    53 and 59. Good job. Shut this ignorant idiot the hell up!!

  12. G

    Go COWGIRL!!!!!!

  13. HollyJ

    @50 and @57

    Are you serious? Please tell me they don’t actually come like you anymore. I hope you realize how stupid you sound. But you probably don’t. Sad that there are people like you.

  14. AZ Cowgirl

    # 59 -

    You really are a sick troll, not only will I not go to that stupid site, but why do you know about this kind of stuff? Think about it?

  15. gc

    #38- I forget where I read it, but I heard that Ledger’s Joker is going to have that dark, twisted humor like the Joker in Arkham Asylum (if you’ve read it). I’m not even sure Nicholson and Ledger’s Jokers are really comparable because the styles of the films seem fairly different (granted, all of this is speculation). While I really liked Nicholson’s portrayal, I’m hoping Ledger’s won’t be as… not exactly campy, but along those lines. I’ll probably end up loving both of them, I don’t know why it has to be one or the other.

    AZ Cowgirl- the point of Brokeback Mt. was more to encourage acceptance, which you obviously lack. The movie didn’t make any statements about how “heterosexual sex is not [normal]” and no one forced you to watch the movie, so you can’t really complain about wanting to be left alone if you’re subjecting yourself to material you personally find offensive.

  16. Karen

    64- because I read you fucking bigot.

  17. HollyJ

    AZ Cowgirl is a bigot
    AZ Cowgirl is a bigot
    AZ Cowgirl is a bigot
    AZ Cowgirl is a bigot
    AZ Cowgirl is a bigot
    AZ Cowgirl is a bigot
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    AZ Cowgirl is a bigot
    AZ Cowgirl is a bigot
    AZ Cowgirl is a bigot
    AZ Cowgirl is a bigot
    AZ Cowgirl is a bigot
    AZ Cowgirl is a bigot
    AZ Cowgirl is a bigot
    AZ Cowgirl is a bigot
    AZ Cowgirl is a bigot
    AZ Cowgirl is a bigot
    AZ Cowgirl is a bigot
    AZ Cowgirl is a bigot
    AZ Cowgirl is a bigot
    AZ Cowgirl is a bigot
    AZ Cowgirl is a bigot
    AZ Cowgirl is a bigot

    Look out folks, cross burning and gay bashing is alive in this one!

  18. commish

    Whatcha wanna bet AZ Cowpoke has a set of rubber testicles dangling from the bumper of her big ass pickup? Maybe a window sticker with a kid pissing on a Chevy emblem or a Dale Earnhardt vanity plate?

  19. jrz

    jesus, people still troll around here under other people’s names? How fucking retarded is that? All you have to do is make up a name, you don’t have to steal someone elses.

  20. #69 amen (see #4)

  21. G

    The point of ButtfuckMountain is to shove this faggot-loving liberal tolerance up our ASSESS. Its bullshit!! Make a documentary!
    No one wants to see a bunch of fags jerking each other off, its called porn! But because its gay its accepted? Even mainstream.
    Next you fags will be molesting little kids and calling it art. Like the queer theorists the california professors who teach that bizarre sex is normal and heterosexuals are abnormal.

  22. Karen

    71. I hope you don’t reproduce. Spreading this hate and intolerance is completely unexceptable.

    “Next you fags will be molesting little kids and calling it art”

    Really? I almost didn’t even respond because it’s obvious in your post how pathetically stupid you are.

  23. #71 what’s wrong with gay porn?

  24. gc

    #71- I realize arguing with you is pointless, but I have to ask why you make a distinction between “bizarre sex” and “heterosexuals”? One is an act and the other is a sexual orientation. Are you saying that heterosexuals can’t engage in “bizarre sex”, whatever that may be (unless you mean to say that bizarre sex is actually homosexual sex).

    Also, Brokeback Mt. never showed anything explicitly homosexual, unless you include kisses (most of their actions were obscured and implied). You don’t seem to be picketing mainstream movies with heterosexual sex scenes as pornographic, even though much more is shown.

  25. Jack's Doctor

    I warned you about the cigarettes Jack. You look awful.

  26. Metric Giraffe

    57 – actually, tons of species do engage in homosexual activities. Hell, even crawfish like a little mollusk dick-on-dick action.

  27. tigger

    #9 You are an idiot. There have been NO reports saying he was a deadbeat dad, so don’t go spreading lies and slander.

  28. Uncle Eccoli

    The guy in the background at left looks very familiar.

  29. Shallow Val

    22 thanks hash. Nicholson is BOOOORING!!!!!!!!

  30. Shallow Val

    66 – nice comeback (seriously).

  31. Auntie Kryst

    Finally photo proof of why Jack is a badass. He doesn’t have an angel and demon on his shoulders like the rest of us fucks. Nope, he’s got two demons. Rock on old man.

    Demon 1: Beat the shit out of that autograph seeking asshole
    Demon 2: Fuck yeah, what he said!

  32. Ript1&0

    This is hands down. The greatest photo. Ever taken. EVER.

    That shit is priceless. The look of his face. Oh my god. I don’t even need to see anything else the rest of the day.

  33. kathy

    ok….i must comment to #32. i read this site daily and your comments always crack me up, seriously. i just want to say that not ALL Baptists are bad. for example, i am a Baptist in a very liberal way in Virginia (i think we are still considered the south, but i could care less). my two best friends are lesbians and i pretty much got to the gay bars with them every weekend. i am very open minded and love everyone. just the way God intended it. it’s not my place to judge what anyone does with his or her own life. the crazy Baptists are the Independents and the Southerns. they think gays are going to hell and all that jazz, women can’t wear pants – only skirts – and they shouldn’t work, etc. i just don’t want to be lumped in a category with judgemental hypocrites and the like.

    so everyone, please remember – not all Baptists are nut jobs :)

  34. Ript1&0

    I still can’t get over this one. This is so fucking awesome and I want this picture really bad!!! Why can’t I copy it?? I want to blow it up and put it on the wall.

  35. Meg Perk

    Is the dude behind Jack in the first picture like the ugliest human alive? Or is it just me…. no… pretty sure I’m right on this one. Ugliest.

  36. Amy

    (jrz # 5) That comment was HILARIOUS! Thank you for the laugh.

  37. Iowa Girl


    what is up with that walking unibrow behind him? yikes

  38. Jennifer

    BTW, did you ever posted your profile to a celebrity and millioniare dating site called BillionaireCupid.com? I just saw your profile yesterday on that site.

  39. Ted from LA

    Hey Iowa Girl,
    Where you been?
    You other people write too much. It’s getting to the point that I can’t even keep up with these hundreds of posts. As Jack would say, “It’s starting to piss Uncle Jack Off.” Maybe I should quit waiting for Fish to hire me as a smart ass wise ass and get a real job.

  40. mamadough

    fuck off #88

  41. eim

    #5′s comment=HA-lirious (deliberately misspelled) I agree with #14, 42, 60, 82 & 86 …. a goat… hahahahaHAHA LOL

  42. Fredsilia

    #82- Totally agree…the dude who asked for that autograrph made himself an instant legend. Jack looks like he wants to rip the guy’s throat out!

    #45- I think apples are WAY nicer than oranges. So there.

  43. Teo

    Holy crap, your ex really WAS douche! Clooney FFS?!?!

    And yes, that guy really in the background really looks like a goat.

    Too bad for Heath Ledger, he didn’t even make the premier :(

  44. Kerbear

    The guy in the back with the headphones in has a serious uni-brow. sick.

  45. eagle eyes

    the guy to the back & left is Any Winehouse’s older brother.

    surely his genetics tip off that fact.

  46. eagle eyes

    the guy to the back & left is Amy Winehouse’s older brother.

    surely his genetics tip off that fact.

  47. Nathan

    Best. Picture. Ever.

  48. makemepuke

    The strange fuckers behind Jack are his entourage, they’re zombies ..dead heroin addicts resurrected to protect Jack from the Paps. If the Paps get out of hand the zombies just waltz up and bite a chunk out of them…works good…proof? ever heard Jack complain about the Paps…nope.

  49. Frank Lucas' Bitch

    Jack Nicholson is soo bad ass but his entourage, especially that goat guy, are the funniest things I’ve ever seen. Hahaha

  50. The Beer Baron

    65- GC, Heath’s joker is going to be a very dark crazy-ass Joker, much like from the comics. However, a buddy of mine who’s doing post on the film told me that the Joker isn’t the main focus of the film. He said he comes and goes throughout the entire film, but the main focus is on Harvey Dent.

    But yeah this Joker and Jack’s are like night and day.

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