Jack Nicholson asked to autograph Joker photo

January 23rd, 2008 // 115 Comments

Jack Nicholson walked out of the Wolseley Restaurant in London last night when paparazzi informed him of the death of Heath Ledger. They told him it was a drug overdose which prompted Jack to say “That’s awful. I warned him.” Then somebody shoved a Joker photo in his face for him to sign. Who could pull off such incredible levels of douche-ness? I mean besides Ashton Kutcher, Criss Angel (Were necklaces found at the scene?), Carson Daly, Adnan Ghalib, Andy Dick, my ex-girlfriend (She thought Clooney was a good Batman. How could we stay together after that?), Sam Lufti, Dick Cheney, Ryan Seacrest, the real Joker (I know you’re out there!), Billy Bush from Access Hollywood, Jimmy Fallon…. Anyone I’m leaving out?

Photos: Bauer-Griffin, Pacific Coast News

  1. km

    Jack warned him?

  2. That was completely tactless! Everybody knows that the worst part of Heath’s death is that his last performance will fall way short of Nicholson’s.

  3. jrz

    What the fuck is that………thing…………..behind him….on the left? It looks like a goat and Dave Foley had a baby.

  4. jenkins

    yeah, I am pretty sure that he damn near went insane playing the joker….well, I suppose more insane than what he already was. Method actors are like that. They seriously become what it is they are playing. Pretty sure that’s what that was, just a warning that if he was going to play the part, he was gonna go nuts, and it was damn near gonna tear him apart. It’s sad though. Heath Ledger was damn awesome, and so far looks to be an amazing joker…

  5. commish

    Well? Did he sign it? Did he roll it up and shove it up someone’s ass? Did he flail his arms about and stomp his feet?

  6. D. Richards (Lord.)

    I don’t understand this post. Maybe the guy handing Nicholson the photo was a fan of the way Jack portrayed the joker.

    I mean if it had been a picture of Heath Ledger as the joker, it would have been in poor taste. What-the fuck is the big deal?

    Dick has no taste and he wouldn’t be offended by anything.

  7. duh

    Jack warned Heath about his heroin addiction. It’s not what he died from, obviously, but it’s what made Michelle Williams give him the boot, to protect their daughter. In all the frantic Heath-corpse fellatio following his “tragic” death, his well-known problems and weaknesses are being white-washed to create a nice neat Hollywood tearjerker (vs. real world: he was already a deadbeat dad, what exactly was the loss for the daughter?).

  8. Retards in site

    Who are those retards in the background they are terrifying

  9. commish


    That’s security. He says, “Stay baaaaaaa-ck!”

  10. Nana

    old fart I hate you

  11. hash

    Jack RoX. Also, behold Britney’s next boyfriend, in the back.

  12. fergernauster

    #5… OMFG! YES! Bang-on, bud. Exactly what I was thinking, but you put it so much more… succinctly.

  13. Puck

    Nicholson’s portrayal of the Joker was good, but I wouldn’t say Ledger’s will fall way short. Even though they’re the same character, they’re completely different visions, and Leger’s looks to be amazingly psychotic thus far, while Nicholson’s was just campy… and Nicholson-y.

  14. Gits

    One of those people in the background is Amy Winehouse, sent from 2 years in the future.

  15. The Office Whore

    9 = idiot.

    @8 dick does too have taste.. Oh, that’s not what you meant..

    speaking of dick, can we have some pictures of Harrison Ford?

  16. siphon

    retards in the background – this is my brother Daryl, and this is my other brother Daryl.

  17. Just a retard

    Freaky people in the background? Nope, they’re just britts.

  18. jrz

    Hahaha commish..

  19. Cynthia

    Heath Ledger = 1/1000000000000th of Jack, as an actor.

  20. hash

    Jack = 1/0 * any other actor : >

  21. Histrionic Star Worshiper @ Superfish for some reason



    Why? WHY? Why did you leave us? WHY?

  22. Heath Ledger


    Because, you suck.

  23. The Beer Baron

    Who ARE those trolls behind him in the first pic?!? Jack’s hanging out with the cast of The Hills Have Eyes.

    Gotta admit, even though it’s shitty what happened to Heath, it’s pretty damn funny that someone’s handing him a Joker pic to sign. That’s like handing Nicole Brown-Simpson’s parent’s a box of Ginsu knives to sign.

  24. tylerdurden

    Jared Leto.

    That’s who could pull of the douche-ness. I don’t care if he has nothing to do with anything, if there’s a douche list, he goes on it.

  25. AZ Cowgirl

    I hate both of these fag-it cowboys.

  26. jt

    forget that. who are those two hobbits behind him?

  27. duh

    #17 – read the new story, retard.

  28. Puck

    #27 – I guess they don’t teach spelling in bigot schools in Ariona.

  29. M

    Poor kid – had everything and blew it away… so much more tragic than those stupid Afghan orphans….. Awwwwww! I think I need to do something profound… like take a piss.

  30. The Office Whore

    @29- I’m calling you an idiot because of this: what exactly was the loss for the daughter?).

    I read the story…. and your comment is tasteless and fucking stupid..

    @27- hmmm, let me guess… you’re baptist.

  31. S

    Orlando Bloom

  32. duh

    #32 – keep your finger in that dike, as the sordid details of his life continue to emerge. And what the hell, keep your finger in that dyke also, your preference is none of my business.

  33. non

    Never mind all whats going on. Look at those two creeps in the background!

  34. Kara

    Who the f*ck carries that around?

  35. Mugato

    Actually, I think Ledger’s Joker will be much better than Jack’s. And of course I don’t mean that he’s a better actor but the direction in this film looks so much better.

    It’s like with the much maligned George Clooney. Could he have made a good Batman? Of course. Look at Dusk till Dawn, he was a bad ass. But fucking Joel Shumacker and the script made it impossible to salvage that piece of shit. \

    But Ledger’s Joker looks like someone who if you saw in a dark alley, you’d shit yourself, unlike Jack’s, who was just being Jack. Which is cool, because that’s what they were going for.

  36. Ebert's cancer

    I don’t know if “Dark Knight” will be good or not. It all depends on how dark and method-y the movie is, overall. I mean, it’s a fucking cartoon. If they really geeked out and lost their heads and any sense of perspective while filming, it’ll turn out to be interesting only to hardcore fans. To everybody else it’ll seem over-acted and at times unintentionally humorous. Watching somebody portray a nervous breakdown can be compelling, like in A Beautiful Mind, but watching somebody in clown makeup portraying a nervous breakdown – in a cartoon movie – would be awkward to watch. I hope they kept some humor in it, but at this point, you really have to wonder.

  37. Matt

    Are those Jack’s kids? They are mutants.

  38. Rudy

    Who gives a fuck? This story doesn’t have anything to do with Heath Ledger.

    The photo is of Jack playing The Joker…so sign it, already.

  39. Shallow Val

    Know what I hate about JN? Aside from everything, it’s the fact that he just had to toss in “I warned him,” showing to whoever’ll listen that he’s still being the “I know everything, no one can do more drugs than me” and “I’m fucking jack nicholson.” Screw that one song having, one character being motherfucker.

  40. fo'sXgirl

    #5…I don’t think i’ve laughed that hard in a fucking long time.

  41. HollyJ

    10, 25, 28, and 35 need to read the previous comments before they post. #5 already pointed that out, and 16, 18, and 19 already replied to it. I hate when people post shit like it’s novel when it’s already been discussed ad nauseum.

    In other news, some dude got stuck in his car for 96hrs and survived by eating rotting beaver meat. NOTHING beats that headline. “Man Eats Rotting Beaver”

  42. Steve

    So did he sign the Joker photo? Pure brilliance!

  43. BunnyButt

    21, Jack always plays Jack. That’s what he’s hired to do. Heath played different characters, that’s what he was hired to do. Apples and oranges. You can’t really compare the two. Doesn’t mean one was better than the other, just that they were different.

  44. G

    Who’s Killing the Fag-Actors.

    Heath Ledger is found dead of an apparent drug overdose in the bedroom of an apartment in New York City, a week after Brad Renfro is found dead of an apparent drug overdose in the bedroom of his apartment in Los Angeles. Both young actors gained acclaim for roles in controversial gay-themed films– Ledger in the Academy Award-nominated Brokeback Mountain, and Renfro in Apt Pupil, Bryan Singer’s Nazi movie that led to lawsuits by underage male extras who claimed they were forced into nudity. Sadly, They Die in Threes, so we await the next Marilyn Monroe-Anna Nicole style death of a young, talented male actor.

  45. Hecubus

    Isn’t Jack Nicholson warning you off drugs a bit like Michael Jackson warning you off skin bleach and child molestation ?

  46. AZ Cowgirl

    # 30 -

    Yes, they do teach spelling here in ARIZONA – you jerk – you’re the one that can’t spell the State, and I bet you can’t find us on the map, either. Go throw up on yourself – PUCK HEAD.

  47. critic

    Everybody always says “Jack just plays Jack.” Watch his early movies or some of the ones that weren’t big budget or big box office. He’s given plenty of performances that aren’t “Jack” but audiences turn out in the greatest numbers for his “Jack” performances, so that’s what directors and producers want and what audiences remember. Before he was 30 he gave more great performances – with plenty of variety – than most actors give in a career. Then he settled into his mealticket performances, but once in awhile (example: “About Schmidt”) he really tries. You can throw out all the “Jack” performances and still have stuff that beats anything Ledger did, hands down.

  48. AZ Cowgirl

    # 46 -

    G, I couldn’t agree more with you. I think all Fag Actors and Actors that portray Fags should DIE!!!!

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