Ivanka Trump looks sharp

April 23rd, 2007 // 65 Comments

Ivanka Trump showed up to Good Morning with Mike and Juliette at Fox New York City wearing a gigantic wrinkled suit. I don’t know which thought horrifies me more, that she’s actually wearing her dad’s suit or that this thing actually fits her. If she showed up to a meeting dressed like this everybody would think she was representing some sort of clown college.

ivanka-trump-fox-new-york-02-thumb.jpg ivanka-trump-fox-new-york-03-thumb.jpg ivanka-trump-fox-new-york-05-thumb.jpg ivanka-trump-fox-new-york-01-thumb.jpg


  1. yertle

    “Paging Hillary Clinton to the white
    courtesy phone, Hillary Clinton to the white courtesy phone please!”

  2. knowah

    It’s Lisa Kudrow!!!

  3. dumbphuck

    mc hammer, we hardly knew ye

  4. David Byrne called. He wants his BIG SUIT back.

  5. She looks like Phoebe from friends is wearing her dead grandfathers suit.

  6. DrPhowstus

    One word: hideousity

  7. Captain Walleye

    Who is Schack?

  8. Tetsuo

    Damn, MC Hammer went so broke they actually repossessed his BLACK?

  9. kacsing

    Awe come on guys, leave this one alone.
    This girl has the whole deal and it’s real.
    She has the brains, looks and money. She also doesn’t slut herself around to get what she wants. Her dad might be a little strange, but he has taught her well! She knows how to get what she wants the right way. DO NOT even think about categorizing her with the OTHER slut rich bitches we have to suffer with on a daily basis. This one might actually make a difference some day!

  10. DrPhowstus

    @59 — I have to disagree. Blurring the lines of androgony wouldn’t make me any difference.

  11. This is a Rock 'n Roll Takeover

    As someone who can be honest and not cut people down in an effort to make others think I’m a badass, I think she’s really pretty. I’ve seen her in interviews and she seems smart, too. Sure, the outfit is a bad choice, but I’m sure everyone who comments here wears worse clothes than she does.

  12. Dumb white bitch pretends to be smart with rich daddy…which also pretends to be smart…boring,,,,,

  13. WTFiswrongwithUppl

    She has no chin-o

  14. Jack B. Nimble

    Who the fuck cares. Another spoiled brat that has never done, and never will do, an honest days work in her life. Go away and spend daddies money somewere you skinny little witch.

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