Ivanka Trump looks sharp

April 23rd, 2007 // 65 Comments

Ivanka Trump showed up to Good Morning with Mike and Juliette at Fox New York City wearing a gigantic wrinkled suit. I don’t know which thought horrifies me more, that she’s actually wearing her dad’s suit or that this thing actually fits her. If she showed up to a meeting dressed like this everybody would think she was representing some sort of clown college.

ivanka-trump-fox-new-york-02-thumb.jpg ivanka-trump-fox-new-york-03-thumb.jpg ivanka-trump-fox-new-york-05-thumb.jpg ivanka-trump-fox-new-york-01-thumb.jpg


  1. veggi

    do we care?

  2. Fishstick

    ew…she looks like daddy….

  3. anothershityear

    remember how Donald hyped her as so drop-dead gorgeous, the next Helen Of Troy?

    kind-of makes me wonder again, if he’s over-hyping his actual net-worth just as much…..

  4. ph7

    I’d like to show her my Trump tower!

  5. C Everett Koop

    Sick. She’s going to do the morning telecast to hype her dad’s reality show, and he kicks her out of bed wearing his pants from yesterday. Not only is she intensely chafed (he insists on Viagra and no lube), but she has to wear pants with yellow and brown crusts and old-man-stink. No wonder her neck is getting so elongated – her head is trying to make a run for it.

  6. It’s one of those ‘suit in a pouch’ type deals.

  7. Robyn

    Enough with all the fashion. Let’s get some classic superficial going.

  8. Good God, what is it with people not knowing how to dress lately??? They have all the money, and I have negative balance of money, and I dress way better than them!!!

  9. I effed her anally one time. Sorry Don.

  10. BigJim

    She is trying to make herself appear more intelligent, but in reality, she is smart like tractor.

  11. M'ayl Rheedur

    She’s too young and skinny. I likes my wimmins big and fat and old.

  12. mulva

    There’s plenty to make fun of – she has odd angular features that look ugly sometimes, her dad’s handing her everything while pretending she’s “self-made” (he wasn’t either), etc. – but somebody always decides to call her dumb. She graduated magna from the Wharton school at Penn. You have to be smart to do that (and no, you can’t “buy” it, although you can probably buy admission – and then get flunked out).

  13. chaunceygardner

    Lousy suit or not, I still want to latch onto her head like an alien face-hugger, shove it down her throat, and pump away until my issuance explodes out of her chest.

  14. aydien

    Question… do any high ranking CEO or VP women actually dress like metallic garbage bags? She’s busy thinking to herself “It’s got a pin strip, makes me look longer… makes me look POWERFUL!”

    And why has no one mentioned the purse. Her dad sent her out to go kill the competition and bring their head back in that bag while passing through security.

    And I’ll be the one to say it, MC Hammer pants are coming back.

  15. It’s getting hot outside so she has to wear that sack. Anyway, come on, we all know what’s UNDER the sack. That’s correct, big boobies.

  16. yolatengo

    i just want to run up to her and slap that ugly growth off her lapel.

  17. HoboChic

    The suit’s not wrinkled. It’s an optical illusion created by all the shimmering, which in turn is caused by the fact that the fabric is woven of pure gold.

  18. Jimbo

    Why are we interupting Jaimie Presley booby talk with some chics wrinkled cloths?

  19. Sheva

    One can criticize the suit. And one can criticize the fake breasts. But Ivanka hit it till the cry for mercy comes.

    She’s smart and hot. And I dig that about you Ivanka.

  20. NicotineEyePatch

    We have this thing here called Dress For Success. It’s a charity organization that takes donated business attire and gives it to welfare recipients so that they can go to job interviews and not feel so fucking bad about themselves. I figure this is what most of them probably end up looking like.

  21. bungoone

    13, sure you can buy it. maybe not with money, but with sexual favors.

  22. Captain Walleye

    She looks like she belongs to that race of shape shifter thingies on Deep Space Nine.

  23. suzy

    she does look like her dad… and she has his comeover too

  24. mulva

    #22 no you can’t. Wharton’s faculty is huge, and they’re young and old, male and female, straight and gay. It’s not the 1950s anymore. But, whatever. If you’ve got to call every woman a “dumb whore” then so be it.

  25. Not too bad………I’d let her “fire” me.

  26. Jimbo

    @23 – I think she has a Deep Space Nine docking station and it is time for me to dock!!!!

  27. Jimbo

    It is nice to see Schack is back with a new name. I was hoping you would come back

  28. IFuckingHateYou

    Ivanka kick this cunt in the snatch, but I’m afraid I would lose my shoe.

  29. FRIST!!!

    Schack is back?

  30. Charm

    ok, she’s clearly riding in on her daddy’s good money (he’s annoying by the way), but hey at least she’s doing something functional, not partying and flashing people like the f-ing hiltons.

  31. Jimbo

    Yes she is. Can’t you tell which one is her?

    How are you feeling?

  32. bungoone

    did i say that 25? didn’t think so. i’m sure one can sleep their way through your precious wharton, but surely not with Ivanka’s looks.

  33. Blog Lurker Guy Man Dude

    She reminds me of pheobe buffet. “Smelly cat, sme–lly cat, what are they feeding you. Smelly cat, sme–lly cat, its not your fau-au-ault!”

  34. anothershityear

    #29 ivanka kick, lol

    knock knock
    who’s there
    rita who
    rita book and you might learn something you bum

  35. FRIST!!!

    Oh, I’ll live…unfortunately
    Um…..I think so.

  36. dafeedil

    #14….hahahaha, that was funny. Would you really do that?

  37. FRIST!!!

    #34, I ALMOST SAID THAT!!! hehehe

    Oh hey I just found some cookies in my desk drawer I left here on Friday!! SCORE!!!

  38. mulva

    #33 – Yes, well, if you’re sure of it then how could I argue? “Don’t try to confuse me with facts, my mind’s made up.”

  39. FRIST!!!

    Crap, stale
    Much like thesuperficial lately

  40. Conky

    Look at the transvestite.

  41. tits_on_snack

    She’s a smart cookie who knows how to pour concrete and operate cranes. Respect.

  42. MrSemprini

    Just how many clowns can you fit in that suit?

  43. iamsosmrt

    How many clowns does it take to screw Donald Trump?
    Who cares, this girl is FAT.

    Let me explain, fat people wear giant clothes to try to cover how fat they are. Now she’s not Rosie O’donelle fat but she IS built like a linebacker with fake boobies. If she wanted to model they would say, “hmmmmm your face is okay and you have that good manly height we like models to have but you are going to have to barf up about 40 pounds, go read NicoleRichie or Paris Hitlon’s “books” and you should be on your way.”

    Now if you think I’m being mean remember two things #1. I am the slimest most toned person ever and #2. This is Donald Trumps filthy offspring so why would I be nice to a silver spoon fed trust fund whore child.

  44. chaunceygardner


    I’ve already JO’d to the idea three times today, so, I think I probably would.

  45. no1justminda

    Looks like she borrowed daddy’s pants.

  46. stinkerpoo

    Does anybody else think she looks like Phoebe Buffet??

  47. She’s gonna have a hard time keeping a guy, I’ll that bitch is one real bitch, since she grew up with that asshole for a father.He sure didn’t teach her how to stay married..What a loser….

  48. derekd

    Ivanka. Ivanka Humpalot. Behave!!

  49. It would be funny having sex with her, when she was done with u ,she would say..your fired…..

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