Ivanka Trump knows how to sell a book and other news

October 14th, 2009 // 57 Comments

- Tracy Morgan shits on his old SNL castmates in his new book. [PopEater]

- George Clooney’s new girlfriend will fucking cut you. [Lainey Gossip]

- Khloe Kardashian hasn’t figured out she’s not the hot sister yet. [Drunken Stepfather: Site is NSFW]

- Maria Shriver is from a political dynasty. Go ahead and try to give her a ticket. I dare you. [Celebslam]

- Marc Anthony brought Jennifer Lopez to the White House last night to discuss outlawing the power of Greyskull and shirtless dudes with swords. [PopSugar]

- Megan Fox will be the new face of Armani because her career has imploded to Victoria Beckham-status. That was quick. [Wonderwall]

- Leona Lewis was randomly punched in the face during a book signing. Did she not follow the Ivanka Trump method? Because an occasional grope is always better than a fist in the mouth. That’s just smart business. [ICYDK]

Photos: Splash News

  1. raynig

    FIRST!! and also ew

  2. FUBU


  3. woah

    damn, that bitch got big titties

  4. Taz

    Ivana suck those big ol tits

  5. Clem

    I gotta say that she looks big and beeeeyooottiiifulll!!!!

    I love that figure on a woman – that’s a real woman.

  6. ppl

    pretentious greedy bitch….write a fiction novel and then I’ll judge how smart you are…anybody can write a biography…. hell I would write a biography, but nobody know who the hell I am… you just using your name to make money.


    She would look SO much better with a nice comb over!!! Just like ol’ Pa

  8. Sport


  9. chick

    You’d think she could afford a better looking dress!

  10. …and Ivanka knows how to get a bad boob job, wear colored contact lenses, get a bad nose job and obvious cheek implants.

  11. That bra is questionable.

  12. Nameless

    Looks like a before/after comparison. She’s definitely sporting some new and much bigger bolt on accessories than she is on the cover of her book.

  13. MK

    A. I love the 20% off sticker.

    B. What the fuck does she know about anything. Anyone that buys this book is a moron.

  14. She finally got her dilapidated boob job fixed?

  15. Heck yeah! 20% off right on the cover… oh wait, she’s fully clothed and the book is full of ….. words….

    swing and a miss.

  16. Liz

    I was waiting to hate what Tracy Morgan had to say and be disappointed because I kind of think he was an unsung genius until ’30 Rock’ but everything he says about his castmates is true.

    Except it reminds me of that episode where Tracy Jordan had to write his memoir in, like, 12 hours. Rad.

  17. Wow, she is really looking an awesome.. Wat a sexy pic, i really like her tees without inner..

  18. Wow, she is really looking an awesome.. Wat a sexy pic, i really like her tees without inner..

  19. Is she trying promoting Ivanka trump on the market flow.
    Its great kind of stuffs and really hard work.She’s looking so hot in red.

  20. is it true that shes a lesbian? id like to scissor her timbers.

  21. Parker

    Like I always say, women have niplles so men will want to have anal sex with them. I would bury my bone in her backyard any day,

  22. The indoctrination of Rough

    Attractive, smart business woman, grounded, speaks the King’s English. This may not necessarily be suitable for one’s unit…

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  24. AmericanWhiteTrash

    #14 didn’t you know? Everything she has is because of grit , hard work and fighting her way to the top. If it was not for her old man’s fortune and social circles she probably would have had a lot more opportunities growing up. It’s a miracle how she has turned out. I can smell the wisdom of hard knocks she went through. That book only needs one page that says “be born rich”. BAM! Success story.

  25. NG

    Looks like her dad. Good for her she’s got money.

  26. havoc

    I would hit that until Daddy files for bankruptcy……again.


  27. pp

    I always liked Howard Stern’s impromptu basic math and intelligence quiz of Ivanka when she came to his studio to hawk something. Ms blue blood/Ivy League failed, with many excuses, miserably.

  28. She has a very fat face.

    But I won’t kid you, I still flogged it pretty good to those fake tits…

  29. Oliver Chester The Molester Lester

    The headlights are on and ready.

  30. Sober Stepmom

    Why are you still linking to Drunken Stepfather? Whoever writes it isn’t funny, can’t spell, and is simply obscene for no reason other than to hide his lack of talent. Garbage. Stop linking.

  31. The Listener

    A pretty sensible blonde with large perky breasts who DOESN”T dress like she’s going to a nightclub all the time. I’m impressed.

  32. Narcissist

    Those implants look absolutely ridiculous. I want to have sex with her.

  33. Sheena

    I’m with #32, that Drunken Stepfather guy is an idiot and the site is disgustingly awful.

  34. Lydiaa

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  35. Funk Doc

    Wow, a woman with class? On the Superficial? Clearly she’s new here. Allow me to show her around. At the conclusion of the tour she will have the oportunity to sit on my CAAAAAACCCCKKKK.

  36. what??

    22, hate to break it to you, but women have nipples so they can breast feed.

  37. mano rmens

    I wank a trump…I like it, got a certain ring to it.

  38. Darth

    20% off?! That sounds like a bargain! *Runs to the store*

  39. Darth

    Maybe one day i’m going to get my book ‘Memoires of a well groomed man’ published as well.

  40. Next

    Platinum spooned, plastic bimbo. With all the hundreds of thousands of dollars she has spent to look good, she still looks like a dog. Who really gives a fuck what she has to say. Her book will end up in the .99 cent bin. That is if her daddy & his friends don’t buy all the copies.

  41. I have to admit, I love her look..
    Gorgeous face, great body. Nice smile.
    Fuck the fame, I would take care of her.

  42. Her face used to be even fatter when she was a teenager. She had puffy chipmunk cheeks. I think she had some work done.

  43. Dr.

    Love those pics. Love that you can see nips wanting to rage through that bra.

  44. Parker

    38, hate to break it to you women but who use their nipples to get men to give them anal sex don’t need to breastfeed anything.

  45. raynigsucks

    1 – you’re a huge faggot

  46. Bosco

    Baby got front…………..

  47. Duke Steele

    You’d think with all of DADDY”S money, she would have had that upper/ hairlip fixed along with the tip of her nose. And isn’t it great that she has WORKED(??????) so hard to get where she is? Except I’m not sure where that is.

  48. what??

    Parker, 22, 46

    “women but who use their nipples to get men to give them anal sex don’t need to breastfeed anything”

    This is by far the dumbest, most illogically written sentence I’ve ever encountered on the Fish and that is saying a lot. Congratulations! I’m not even going to continue arguing with you because that would be like arguing with a 5 year old….

    who’s retarded…

    ….and is blind and deaf.

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