Ivanka Trump and Topher Grace get it on

October 31st, 2006 // 185 Comments

  1. jrzmommy

    Trick or Treat time! Happy Halloween everyfuckingbody!!!!!!!!

  2. Pagan Queen

    PrettyBaby – I dont swing that way, but I will glady give the sexual favor token to the highest bidder – Tranny, BigJim, Pony, Papa, Stallion, Brain, Ferret – any takers :)

    Her website still goes to that Cyberstalking place. Think she is still pouting.

    If you cant run with the big dogs…stay on the porch! Dang poodle!

  3. Ferrit…how come you never brought it to my ‘tention that I dind’t have your link on the Grannys? Ima do it now.

    Gumby Brainboots: Once the “Gossip Girls” see that thread they are going to be brushing the FUCK out of their my little ponies while rocking back and forth like rainman.

  4. PrettyBaby

    Well, Pagan Lady, you sound like your an alright chic and if it will make you happy on your holiday, I did watch the Discovery Channel’s Story of Halloween a few nights ago and it was very cool.

    Have Fun Tonight!

    But I am still sad to have missed Sarah Jean’s site. I WANTED to see that damn favorites list.

  5. PrettyBaby – There is some archival footage here:


  6. Hey Topher – Good for you, man. Really smoke that ass.

    I don’t know how the boys from That 70′s Show do it, but they get more ass than a toilet seat.

  7. Jacquelantern

    #85 I know what gilded means… and yes I may have spelled it incorrectly but you still know what the fuck I’m talking about. And yes… it does include overlaying or highlighting with gold… what did you learn that from hgtv or something?

  8. pinky_nip

    @107: I learned all about gilded when I bought my last dildo. I only deserve the best.


    OK, it is Haloween, so lets dig up some old graves.

    You want some Lilac Queen footage, you evil bastards? Here it comes!

  10. PrettyBaby

    oh my Lord…..

    WTF?! Those pics of her are hilarious!! The poses….. The ugly red hair…..The goofy/molester looking boyfriend……And her description of how they met?????????????

    I am speechless.

    Oh and yeah Ferret, get ready….

  11. Ferret:

    Hate to be picky, but “smote” is past tense. i.e. “Edna smote her crusty vagina with a cucumber, and it was good.”

    Present and future tense would be to “smite”: “Edna decided to smite her crab-infested crevice with a cucumber.”

    Oh, and I bid one adopted, religiously brainwashed, wigaboo baby for a chance to ravage PrettyBaby.

  12. Someone take one for the team and buy these books. BigJim, you are are a rich, well hung guy. Pony up $3 !


  13. mrs.t

    My husband likes me to “Gild the Lily” after swallowing.

    What’s all this nonsense about ‘gold leaf overlay’?

  14. mrs.t

    And Ferret, SarahJean just gets better and better. Almost too good. Almost like someone is fucking with us.

    Next you’ll supply us a link to her “Dress Ups for Big Girls!” page.

  15. PrettyBaby

    My dance school?? Not currently giving lessons…. Blogaholic…..?!

    NO WONDER you all had to fucking jump her. PrettyBaby’s Soapbox of the Day- If you write that sort of SHIT and put your web address on here for people to see AND you act like a wimp you will be bulldozed over. I may be new, a little stupid and possibly a little bored, but even I can see that.

    Big Jim- (I like that name!) Just for you I will be like Sarah Jean and get a pic of my Naughty cat Halloween costume posted.

  16. YOU: “Goddamn it Ferret, you aren’t so angry that you would post her fucking e-bay ID, ARE YOU???”

    ME: “I didn’t get enough hugs from my dad.”


  17. Skip Smith

    >>”Which reminds me of a terrific thing to do…..go to a grocery store at about 6:00 tonight and get in the longest line with nothing but a bag of apples and a pack of razors and keep looking at your watch and acting INCREDIBLY inpatient and say, Hurry up hurryuphurryuphurryup….gonnamissthemgonnamissthemgonnaMISS THEM. Watch the reaction to the people around you.”

    That’s a good idea! I was thinking of something along the same lines — try to hand an apple with obvious gashes and slits in it to a kid in front of his/her parents to see the reaction.

  18. PrettyBaby

    Medical Musings, Common Sense??? I am just shocked. And disturbed and super amused.

  19. BigJim

    Sorry, Ferret, but I’ve got a few good reasons why I can’t buy that book:

    -the money goes to SJ
    -I’m fully stocked on toilet paper
    -my wife looks after the Visa bill, and I’d have a hard time explaining why I spent $3 on a Christian love story written by some crazed, carpet munching cumbucket.

  20. Whew…. OK, I need to take a minute and wipe down my screen.

  21. PrettyBaby

    Hey mrs.t or anyone who knows…What is the lily reference?

  22. BigJim

    Jesus suffering fuck. Sara J is even more arrogant than me:

    “In 2000, a desire to use her God-given talent of dance to share
    her faith in Jesus Christ led Ms. Vitelli to found her own dance

  23. I remember as a young lad when my desire to use my God-given talent of dance to share
    my faith in Jesus Christ led me to getting a hand-job in the rectory.

  24. mrs.t

    Happy Haunting everyone! Time to get my kids into costumes, and myself. I’m going as Little Bit Drunk Mom, which naturally means Naughty Nurse meets Sexy Kitty/Prostitute/French Maid.

  25. PrettyBaby

    #115 The mom sounds a little too excited about the “love” between Sarah and whoever that joker is. She sounds WET over it.

  26. mrs.t

    The priests at school use to use their God-given talent trying to slip a thumb up the old pooper whilst ‘massaging that sore hamstring for ya’ (soccer-coach priests).

  27. mrs.t

    PrettyBaby, in the scenario I’m describing, the ‘Lily’ is a penis that has been very recently relieved of it’s prior tension. To ‘gild’ one gently squeezes the balls while removing the last few drops orally.

    But that could just be some shit we made up. We’ve been together forEVER.

  28. PrettyBaby

    Bye and Happy Halloween! Gotta go take my Boys out for treats (my KIDS mind you) but first, possbily a cocktail or two…

  29. PrettyBaby

    #130 WOW- I like it!! mr.t must be a happy man………..

  30. ApacheRose

    Ferret needs to get laid, and NOT by a redhead. Maybe a blonde would do…

  31. Ferret my man, you have done your homework. I AM impressed!

    Sarah-Jean the Lilac Queen has WAY to much time on her hands.

  32. BigJim


    A hand up your rectory? Didn’t that hurt?

  33. DJSS00

    She looks like she would give great head!!

  34. xx.deathcab.xx

    Never date a woman who outweighs you by 30 fucking pounds, Topher.

  35. Topher is the man. He’s about to blow up next summer anyway when Spiderman III comes out.

  36. Regnig

    Anyone else think of the chicks from Austin Powers that have the guns for boobs??

  37. Binky

    Well I’m thrilled she had her roots done. (But I’ll get over it)
    - ‘Pure’ at Caesar’s Palace ? Don’t remember that one. The last time I was at Caesar’s – the only names that come to mind in that casino are ‘Skank’, ‘Trailer’, and ‘stench’ of over 30 years of Malboro smoke.
    - I’ve heard she did well on the Apprentice. Not that I’ve ever seen the show – but I understand she won the ‘my dad’s the owner’ competition and sent the blonde woman packing. (My sources tell me ‘George’ was actually getting all the action on the show and ‘The Donald’ will fire him as soon as he picks up Melana.)

  38. #137

    Yeah, she’s – so – going to rape his asshole.

    Tho, I’m sure he’d appreciate it. :-?

  39. Oh, and she’d be a lot hotter if she didn’t so closely resemble her old man.


  40. piestuff

    Can someone tell me why people like getting “first posts”?

    Only thing that comes into mind is that they are sad individuals with no lives? Grats Pagan Queen.

  41. #147 piecrust… You are #147 and you have the nerve to ask that ridiculous question?

    Somebody needs a nap.

  42. no.name

    The Superficial should be called “The Boring”.


  43. J&M

    #126: Ferret, someone “bashed your bishop” in the rectory?

    I suppose that is better than some bishop bashing you in the rectum…

  44. Terry

    Ivanka and Jennifer LOpez are wearing the same thing:


    scroll down a couple posts.

  45. Ambassador of Sexy

    And I still have doubts about Topher as (Ultimate) Venom…


  46. tweetyeyes

    You guys are all so funny! I will be laughing all day long now after reading the “Id like to kick her in the _____”. I scroll down and see the #27 post and just started crying. There are so many funny comments on this one. Thank You all for such a wonderful laugh this morning. These comments are what this site is all about.

  47. jrzmommy

    “My fashion blog is specifically geared towards housewives and stay-at-home mom’s who care what they look like but don’t want to spend a small fortune doing so. ”

    Yeah, thanks but no. I’d rather get Helen Keller’s opinion on my outfit, SJTLQ.

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