Ivanka Trump and Topher Grace get it on

October 31st, 2006 // 185 Comments

  1. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    She makes Sarah Jessica Parker look like a Gentile.

    Speaking of ugly women, I was thinking of dressing up my dog as Katherine Harris for Halloween. Spoooooooooky.

  2. jrzmommy

    I don’t understand why some people when they get in the vicinity of a casino feel compelled to dress like this.

  3. Italian Stallion

    It’s a shame no one can dress up like Michael Jackson anymore. Not a good idea to look like him and be around a bunch of children you don’t know, fool might get shot or something……

    I’m going as Michael J Fox. All I’m going to do is drink a gallon of coffee before I go out. But I’m gonna be tired in the morning, all that shaking and walking around has got to put a nigga out……

  4. oh!assley!

    She’s Ginger from Casino (as alluded to by
    thesuperficial.com)! Which if you are intelligent enough to know (which most of you apparently are not), you could honestly say she wore the costume well.

  5. Yeah, she appears to be dressing as a big shiny Justice League villain for Halloween.

    Oh, please let it be for Halloween.


  6. commissioner


    Let me be the first to say, on behalf of almost everyone here, “Wow, you’re a real Dick Tracy, huh?”.

    Now, bite me real hard, Ivanka.

  7. biatcho

    #55 We’re not intelligent enough to watch a movie enough times to actually remember the outfits that people wear in them. Yes, we’re dumb and you are smart. And a cunting whore.

    I make no apologies for my behavior as I am coming down from a severe sugar rush. And I hate sluts.

  8. jrzmommy

    55–Your writing skills suck. What did you say…if we are intelligent enough to know you could honesl…what? I hope you get a razorblade in your candy apple tonight.

    Which reminds me of a terrific thing to do…..go to a grocery store at about 6:00 tonight and get in the longest line with nothing but a bag of apples and a pack of razors and keep looking at your watch and acting INCREDIBLY inpatient and say, Hurry up hurryuphurryuphurryup….gonnamissthemgonnamissthemgonnaMISS THEM. Watch the reaction to the people around you.

  9. IFuckingHateYou

    #55 – smart enough to know, didn’t really think it would be that much of a brain-teaser that your stupid ass would have to Google it & clarify it you stupid fucking cunt.

    Happy Halloween.

  10. jrzmommy

    Who am I? You dumb fucks….She’s Ginger from Gilligan’s Island and you’re not intelligent to know (although this is a random parenthesis) which means I’m not sure what I’m typing.

    If you said #55–you win a bag of Hershey’s Miniatures!!

  11. commissioner

    jrz- last year the husband gave three little girls an opened bag of unpopped popcorn, a protein bar and tried to stick a can of tomato paste in the third’s bag. The little girl looked at him and said, “you suck. you are the worst neighbor in the whole world” and stomped off. He was offended, then dumbfounded when I told him the bowl of candy was on the entry way table, no need to raid the kitchen. And you had to ask how the mailbox got knocked over?

  12. @50 Jade & Kayla – Since you’re sharing one brain, I’ll include both of you in this comment.
    You’re too nice.
    This is not the site for you. These people are mean, I’m talking Pit-Bull mean. They’ll tear you apart just for leaving out a period at the end of a sentence.
    If you’re trying to drum up business for your site, I applaud you… just don’t do it here.
    Take heed to this advice.

  13. RichPort

    She looks like she’s wearing one of those collapsable cups I used to take camping. She is one ugly bitch. I mean UUUUUUUUGGGLLLEEEEEEEE. She looks like lady who comes in at nigt and changes all the liners in the trash cans… only not as classy.

  14. jrzmommy

    Commish: Is your husband from East Jabip? Hee hee….but I like his style of fucking with the kids. We had these douchebags that had this incredible amazing house and they passed out ONE — and they emphasized ONE – Mallocup to each kid. We egged the fucking bejesus out of that house.

  15. RichPort

    #62 – LOL!!! You could well be my wife, though I don’t remembering killing anything postal… at least not lately.

  16. PapaHotNuts

    @ 50 Jade and Kayla
    Take Brain Embolism’s advice. People on here are very mean. I’m not one of them though. I just think you are probably a couple of whores trying to drum up visitors to your horrific website, in hopes you get enough traffic so some desperate company will pay to advertise on that piece of shit you call a blog. Guess what? Ain’t gonna happen. I hate both of you for no reason, just because it’s Tuesday.

    Unless you are both hot. If that’s the case then I love your blog. And your vaginas.

  17. LilRach

    This chick is full of shit. I read in an article not even a week ago where she said she would never be seen dead wearing outfits to the like of Paris Hilton and that what she wore defined the person she was, blah blah blah. Liar!

    That dress makes her look fat.

  18. jrzmommy

    Jade and Kayla–and Papa is the friendliest one of the whole goddammed, fucked-up, psychotic Mongolian cluster fuck we like to call the Superficial Comments Section. Especially to the ladies.

    Someone refer Jade and Kayla to SJTLQ.

  19. PrettyBaby

    #63 Hey, nothing wrong with some niceness!! Let it flowww- -

    You’d think it was nice if them gossip gals rubbed your “brain” for inspiration. Hmmmmm?

  20. PrettyBaby

    jrzmommy- Have you ever had a Take 5 candy bar? Let me put it to you this way- Um, it’s fucking phenomenal.

  21. PrettyBaby

    But #50 Topher Grace is not hot. You gotta watch that. That is too bubblegum even for me :(

  22. jrzmommy

    Mother of the Year strikes again…

    Take 5 candybars rock. I haven’t had one in a long time.

  23. LilRach

    I had no idea who Topher Grace was (it sounded like a woman’s name) so i googled it and fuck me it’s Eric from that 70′s show! he sure grew up. I used to always tell my bf that he was cute in a nerdy sort of way and he used to laugh at me!

  24. #67- Papa, I don’t think they’re hot, I think they’re young… too young!

    @69- jrzmommy, your wish is my command;

    @ – Isabella, Kayla, Jade and Nadia – “The Gossip Girls” – May I divert you attention to a time not so long ago. To a thread where a sweet, innocent young lady, not unlike yourselves, got the ASS-REAMING of her life.

    Click this link:


    Start with post #15 and read all about the Sarah-Jean saga.
    Hopefully it will help you see the light.

  25. oh!assley!

    I am sorry that my writing skills aren’t limited to the overuse of exclamation points and contrived vulgar language. I hope you all have a happy halloween.

  26. jrzmommy

    76–THANKS!!!! Thanks a fucking lot! Happy Hallowfuckingween to you too!!!!!!!!

  27. jrzmommy

    PS–watch them candy apples now, darling douchebag!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. commissioner

    Rich – Got off phone with husband. Still apologizing for killing mailbox. You know, that “going postal” phrase was coined right here, where I live.

    He’ll have the nerve to ask me to suck his dick tonight, hide and watch. Then I’ll go postal and hit him in the head with a brick.

  29. commissioner


    Hey, missy smartypants! My language is not contrived. I always use vulgar language. When you grow up and deal with moronic fuckups day in and day out, you too, will use vulgar language in every sentence.

    I’m a role model. A motherfucking super role model.

  30. RichPort

    Commish – I’ll take a budgeoned head if I get a blow job first. Fair trade if you ask me. Fuck personal safety.

    Oh yeah, nice people don’t belong here. Get mean or get out.

  31. biatcho

    #76 cock shit fuck balls hairy pussy vagina
    clitlicker monkeyrapist donutbumping- dykewhore fart limbaugh


  32. commissioner

    Oh, check this shit out.

    Smartass ten year-old son just called and said, “You’ve got no mail!”

  33. #55 – You are an ignorant whore who needs to go drink a nice cool glass of bleach and chill the fuck out.

    This board is a massive collection of intellectuals and parolee’s, and each of us wouldn’t even bother to wipe our sweaty taints with the likes of you. We come here to vent and rant and rage. We don’t come here to be judged by some second rate street-walking slut who hides behind the web.

    The use of contrived vulgarity and excessive punctuation is simply because current day society still frowns upon people like us killing people like you.

    So, rather than explode, we throw out a couple of fuck’s, a few shit’s and the occasional cunt.

    So take your ‘holier-than-thou” attitude back to whatever private school you came from, and feel free to cram it up your Martha Stewart-watching ass.

    Now go away. The big kids are playing here.

  34. chelleann66

    Hey Jacquelantern,
    Re: #35. If you are an interior designer, you would know that GILDED, not guilded means covered or highlighted with gold.
    Some interior designer.

  35. PS – I have a new URL because I missed Wally. So please stop by.

    PPS – Oh!Assly!, please stop by and I will taunt you a second time.

    PPPS – I would fuck the contrived shit out of Donald’s little girl.

    Fuck, fuckity fuck fuck.

  36. PrettyBaby

    You too Sweetie and try to get laid tonight! It is the perfect way to celebrate any holiday and sooo good for you. And plus possibly good for working off any candy that was gluttonously consumed.

  37. jrzmommy

    oh!assley! — did you HAVE to get Ferret pissed?

  38. James

    Just another dumb rich bitch that in the real world without her wealth would be shit out of luck survival wise.

  39. jrzmommy

    speaking of dumb uses of exclamation points, oh!assley! — explain your name to us. In 20 words or less with 76% of those words being vulgar.

  40. PrettyBaby

    #90 Oh the aching sides…

  41. Pagan Queen

    Brain – thank you so much for that link. It was so beautiful! I cant believe I missed such a group grope.

    I think I dribbled in my Tony Lamas!!!

  42. Pagan Queen

    Ferret, you elderberry scented rodent, love your new home one web.

  43. Pagan Queen

    “on the web” holy cow, now I am typing like “The Gossip Girls”.

    Shoot me now!

  44. jrzmommy

    No Pagan. We will not shoot you on what is the eve of your new year. We will just kindly ask you to eat a few Sour Patch kids and learn from your typo.

  45. Pagan Queen

    jrz- you are the Queen of Tough Love. I HATE those things. bleh

  46. #92 – Let’s hope the “Gossip Sluts” see it?

  47. Pagan Queen

    Brain – they will see it, but will they understand the peril? the horror?

    Oh I so hope they start – that was some awesome threading!

    They will learn, they will learn **cackle cackle cackle**

  48. PrettyBaby

    Can someone please give me a link to this Sarah Jean’s website?? I tried once before to check her out but was unable.

    One Free Sexual Favor to Whomever Provides the Desired Link

  49. Pagan Queen

    ALL – I wish you a Blessed Samhain. It is time for me to head home, get into costume and freak out the Fundies!

    If anyone is interested in what this Holiday REALLY is – free your mind, feed it with the food of knowledge by going here

    Oh yes, my friends, it is The Witches’ Voice.

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