You Guys, I Think Justin Trudeau Likes Ivanka Trump, Too!

“Justin, my dad’s in the room…”
“He is? I thought that was a baby. *looks* Nope, that’s a man’s body from the wrist up. Jesus Christ.”

Last month, the internet had the distinct pleasure of watching Ivanka Trump eye-bang the fucking shit out of Justin Trudeau, which is literally the most romantic and accurate way I could put that. Miraculously, Canada isn’t a pool of radioactive maple syrup right now, but give it a second because the prime minister to our north just took Ivanka Trump to a Broadway show. The shit? It is on. Us Weekly reports:

International friendship! Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau brought Ivanka Trump as his guest to a special showing of Broadway’s Come From Away at New York City’s Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre on Wednesday, March 15.
The new musical, which opened on March 12, celebrates Canada’s compassion for international travelers stranded in the country after the September 11, 2001, terror attacks, when all U.S. flights were grounded. It tells the story of how people in the small Newfoundland town Gander opened their hearts and homes to 7,000 people from around the world.

Oh snap! It was a musical about welcoming refugees? Daaammnnn. I bet she hated it and didn’t clap though. This is Daddy’s girl we’re talking about.

President Donald Trump’s eldest daughter, 35, took in the show sitting between Trudeau and Nikki Haley, the U.S. ambassador to the U.N. Afterwards, the actors received a standing ovation, and Ivanka was seen smiling and clapping during the curtain call, NBC reports.

Dude, Canada just moved on your woman like a bitch. Canada. The softest beta country of them all. You should probably kill yourself. Steve Bannon’s already waiting outside with a sword.

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