Rihanna isn’t taking any chances

February 1st, 2010 // 31 Comments

Here’s Rihanna at the Pre-Grammy Gala Saturday night which is the same event she attended last year right before Chris Brown beat the ever-living fuck out of her for peeping his texts from another woman. It’s also why I’m 98% positive her outfit acts as a defensive shield thus providing Rihanna a much-needed sense of security. Otherwise, there’s no other explanation here besides the 80s showing up to finish the job Chris Brown started. Holy shit, they’ve got Aqua Net! Shields. Activate.

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  1. DuskTilDawn

    Lol first

  2. Melissa

    Mmm… cotton candy, my favorite.

  3. god

    Good lord Rihanna your hair looks like shit.

  4. who dat

    She looks like a fuckin nightmare.

  5. Richard McBeef

    I think that is the traditional clothing worn on whatever planet that bulbous headed alien bitch immigrated from.

  6. kaylia

    that hair makes her look like a dude, she should stick with the mohawk, at least that a little bit androgynous. that dress wouldn’t be as bad if that fluff in front of her face was trimmed and stuck to 2 colors, red and black would have worked the best.

  7. Rough uncut--well actually...

    I wouldnt mind plucking this wild dodo bird.

  8. I come from the state of Denial

    I wouldn’t fuck this pig with Parker’s shit crusted penis.

  9. Stephanie

    She’s so desperate to be ‘different’. It’s pathetic.

  10. Valerie

    It’s called haute couture, or “high fashion” and cretins wouldn’t understand.

  11. Lux

    Look, the ambassador from Planet “Look at me! Look at me!” is here.

  12. Flower

    Great God, that is a hideous costume. And what is with that mask? Oh, wait……

  13. That dress is almost as shitty looking as her hair.

    @ 10 – Forget explaining it to Rhianna then.

  14. Dan Fouts

    You can’t wash the black or the nasty off that bitch. Shes a close relative to the gorilla. Like all nigs.

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  16. meh

    She *always* looks like shit, the woman is flat out ugly. Seems people are finally realizing it.

  17. ug

    Rihanna is not attractive. I never understood why people think she is hot. She has a weird shaped face – her chin is too pointy. Her hair is just plain awful. It’s like ugly nappy on the sides, and then an unnatural straight orange/blond do on top. The dress is laughable. What the fuck is with her knees in those pics?

  18. Rihanna is not a role model for teenage girls or young women for that matter and should not represent a classy product such as CoverGirl. Because of her decision teens are now thinking it’s okay to be abused, as long as their boyfriends simply apologize.

  19. Cretin

    @10 – it’s called fuck the fuck off

  20. i know Rihanna is a good model……and i like her all song.


  21. Awful. Just awful.

  22. spicy


    fucking moron. i dont give a fuck what kind of fashion that fucking is, it looks atrocious.

  23. Wow Fish, you’re so clever. I like how every time you post something about Rihanna, you bring up the Chris Brown situation. FFS, move on. SHE HAS. ( I am in no way excusing Brown’s behavior. He’s a loser. But making a joke out of it with every Rihanna post is quite fucking monotonous). Get new material. K thanks.

  24. Oh….
    I only love White!

  25. looking hot!

    that dress, not so much.

  26. jill

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  27. Man, she ain’t even havin it!

  28. anonymoose


  29. Hoax & Chan$e

    Chris hit her over the head with something – really hard.
    This is the proof of one to many concussions.

  30. I can’t believe this is the look she came out with.

  31. Rihanna is not a role model for teenage girls or young women for that matter and should not represent a classy product such as CoverGirl..

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