It’s not topless if there’s a truck in the way.

January 12th, 2010 // 53 Comments

The Internet has been pissing itself over Eva Mendes being “topless” in the new ads for Calvin Klein jeans except there’s one small problem. She’s not really topless as much as say completely obscured by a goddamn truck. Seriously, this is like going to the strip club only to have someone park a Greyhound on your kneecaps.

NOTE: The Superficial would like to thank all the female commenters for pointing out this is a wooden beam and not a truck.

Photos: Calvin Klein

  1. no loss

    It’s fine. I mean I think there are other topless photos of her from some other ad. Disappointing though :(

  2. I Hate Robots

    Stupid trucks…

  3. keijo


  4. I Hate Robots

    Stupid trucks…

  5. I Hate Robots

    Stupid trucks…

  6. killerabbit

    Stupid trucks…

  7. Richard McBeef

    How is that a truck? Looks like wood beams to me.

    Speaking of wood beams, Mendes is hot.

  8. Deacon Jones

    zzzzzz……jeep jeep jeep………zzzzzzz…… jeep jeep……..zzzzzzzz

  9. Deacon Jones


    Hahaha, good point Rich.

  10. le

    HAHAHAH RICHARD straight onnn

  11. heathergreen

    Whos the smoking hot guy?

  12. hotlover

    Whos the smoking hot guy?

  13. Martin Seringetti

    A wooden truck? You stupid cocksucker.

    Besides, BUY AMERICAN. Fuck that spic. She is nasty wit her cholos. LOL

  14. Joe Jonas

    @14 – She is ‘merican. You stupid cocksucker.

  15. cbuzz

    #14 BUY AMERICAN – you mean Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Kate Grosslin, or Spooki

    No Thank You Martin

  16. gemma

    @14 She’s Cuban American.
    Does anyone else think her nipple looks concave?

  17. jtg

    Is it still topless if the girl has no boobs?

  18. Yeah #14 your such a cocksucker “vete al diablo” or in your cool language go to hell.!!

  19. LikeItThatWay

    By “no boobs” do you mean lacking massive artificial waterbags? She is near perfection and natural — a real woman with real curves.

  20. Vinnie the Chin

    Natural and nice.

    If the Times Square advertisement were a bit lower, I’d get spunky all over it.

  21. Vinnie the Chin

    Natural and nice.

    If the Times Square advertisement were a bit lower, I’d get spunky all over it.

  22. Vinnie the Chin

    Natural and nice.

    If the Times Square advertisement were a bit lower, I’d get spunky all over it.

  23. Jen

    mmmmmmale mmmmodel mmmmm

  24. Stephanie

    @14 She’s Cuban American.
    Does anyone else think her nipple looks concave?

    Her nipple totally caves in!!!!

  25. relianne

    omg you people. she’s obviously wearing those nipple covers so that her nipples don’t show. either that or they photoshopped it out. god.

  26. hijab

    the guy is male model jamie dornan.

  27. motoXgirl

    wow! her nipple looks deformed… freakin mexican.

  28. dontlooknow

    Yeah, it looks like she’s got an inverted nipple. Chicks like that don’t usually go topless.

  29. Andy B.

    It’s understandable that ppl don’t even see what is blocking the veiw with such a background.

  30. gen


    She’s of Cuban descent. Being racist is not funny. Some racial jokes are, but that only applies to talented or smart comedians. All of you out there with the mexican jokes should keep your day jobs.

  31. Jim

    Check out “Training Day” for Eva Mendes topless!!

  32. RATA


    I know… it isn’t hanging out of her stomach in sets of four like yours are, you fucking cow. Grow some pubic hair and piss off, you banjo playing imbecile.

    The girl’s hot… she’s more than most guys nagging about her boobs and odd nipple could ever get.

  33. Donk Donkerson

    Truck (noun)

    Nautical: a circular or square piece of wood fixed on the head of a mast or the top of a flagstaff, usually containing small holes for signal halyards.

  34. not better than before CK ads

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  37. kingofbeer

    I hate you trucks!

  38. Homohammed

    Homohammed says flog her for even thinking of going topless!

  39. Awesome pics, she really is very sensuous.

  40. There is no emotion ! Eva’s eyes and shape are fake, no depth..
    She’s beautiful but these pics are not the best could be taken…
    Too much Photoshop iznogood !

  41. AnonymousError

    Seriously ads like that do not make me want to buy a product. They make me wana take a shower asap. I feel grimy just looking @ it.

  42. Mick Jagger

    where did the rest of her boob go? i remember them being bigger…

  43. jon

    Eva Mendes looks like a man. Why on earth CK would choose her to model is beyond me.

  44. She is looking hot..

  45. Sauce

    lol Americans with too much time on there hands. Good ad for selling Lumber *wooden beams* ;-)

  46. Becca

    @ 44

    lol. Women’s boobs don’t look too big in that position. I think hers are still there though… unless she lost more weight..????

    btw, didn’t she just get out of rehab?

  47. :)

    jamie dornan = hotness !

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