It’s Coco Time.

March 10th, 2010 // 173 Comments

As a gift to her fans for reaching 60,000 Twitter followers, Coco posted a picture of herself standing naked in a tanning bed which is exactly why I take time out each month to recognize her fine service to the Internet. When anthropologists in the future look back at our civilization I imagine Coco will be revered as almost a real-life Wonder Woman. Or Marilyn Monroe with gigantic tits.

NOTE: Full size version contains a grainy, quasi-NSFW allusion to vagina.

Photos: Cocosworld

  1. ice

    whore! i mean first!

  2. Dez of the North

    The large photo is VERY SAFE FOR WORK….

    I don’t like big pink stars…

  3. y3n0


  4. Dutch

    I wonder if KK can transform her ass into something of this magnitude?
    Her ass is almost as big as her upper torso, how is this possible?

  5. Deacon Jones

    I fucking love this woman! This is how they should look/dress in society. When they interview for secretaries this is how they should pose in the lobby waiting to be interviewed.

    Now can she cook? That’s the biggest question.

    Parker, I think you just ruined your monitor on this post, didn’t you?

  6. jg mcoy

    wtf… this old broad makes Paris Hilton look young and fresh

  7. jlylec

    fucking disgusting…nothing sexy about this. i’d run her down with a truck.

  8. Who DAT?

    The shit is big….those negros do like their white women blonde and fat…sorry, Phat! Thanks Ice-Tea, for taking her off the market, any one of us could have fell for that cow…I mean woman.

    East Coast v. West Coast…YO white is right!

  9. The Laughing G-d


  10. who dat

    Yuk…she is not hot in the least

  11. Jade

    Wow …… I mean a family of 4 could live on that ass and still have room for a hamster…………..just sayin

  12. Deacon Jones

    You guys are nuts if you’re saying if you walked into a room and saw her (pic 2) standing there like that you wouldnt start going to town…and I dont even like “thick” chicks

  13. Max Planck


    …or is it Moo?

  14. IKE

    I hear that if “Barbie” (the doll) were enlarged to the size of a real woman, she would be anatomically incorrect……Freakish, even; Super big boobs, incredibly small waist, and hippy. Coco must have played with barbies…..LOVED them, actually.

  15. McFeely Smackup

    jesus christ that’s a big ass.

    the weird things is she doesn’t seem fat overall, her ass is just freakshow huge, like she’s got some genetic disease. and sure I’d hit it, but I have very very low standards, so that’s not much to go on.

  16. Not mother

    That’s a very, very big, very, very nice ass.

  17. AnnaDraconida


  18. Sheena

    That ass should have its own gravitational pull! 8-O

  19. Laureen Harper

    My God that’s a large behind. Not sure how that’s even possible. Can you imagine her trying to buy a pair of pants :)

    I do feel rather sorry for her because all this public T&A flaunting probably means she’s not getting any at home if you know what I mean… and I think you do.

    A bit of the old ‘methinks she doth protest too much” sort of deal. Ice-T totally looks down low to me, why else would he parade this float on his arm if not to try and fool everyone into thinking he’s into chicks?


  20. dude

    why is God punishing me?
    I”D HIT IT…..

  21. oooaaahhh

    @19 It does. It’s the same as Uranus.

  22. WhyteGyrl

    Her ass is just obnoxious! Like… it’s huuuuuge… i just… i …. i mean… i’m a white girl… is MY ass supposed to be that big?

  23. misterfister

    I bet Ice T drops his black baby batter all over that shit.

  24. IKE

    Anyone remember Druuna from Heavy Metal? Her ass reminds me of Druuna’s.
    Mmmmm. Yep.

  25. Richard McBeef

    @24 – Black people, from the light skinned Ice T to the the dark skinned Manute Bol all have white baby batter. It’s science.

  26. Rex

    The perfect fuck toy

  27. Tr8cthis

    Yumm Yummm I want me summ!!!

  28. TonyFoxtrot

    That is one of the most unattractive, FAT women I have ever laid eyes on.,


  29. mic d

    i like how it says “Back to Entry” right below her butt.

  30. mer

    When did this become a fatporn site?

  31. stupidass

    lol they don’t make stars big enough

  32. Boxy Brown

    This woman is a caricature.

  33. havoc

    What Deacon Jones said.

    Just oh hell yes…..


  34. Jon

    This website has become a joke. What credability does it have left, when it resorts to such blatant shit as that? Huge stars that hide NOTHING. This site has gone so downhill it’s not funny. I know alot of the celebs these days are shithouse and must be hard to find decent stuff to post about compared to a few years ago, but other sites out there have a better shit/good stuff ratio. This site has become a joke.

  35. Sure, her ass is big, but can some of you fucktards not understand that the angle makes it look larger?
    LOL@ people calling her fat. Nothing about this woman is “fat” except for her fake tits. I’m sure most of her ass is muscle. How do you think she got it that big in the first place? Look at her damned diesel legs. She obviously spends a lot of time in the gym, and I guarantee that 99% of it is weight training, focusing on her lower body. The woman lifts weights in stilettos for fuck’s sake. She may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but she’s not fat whatsoever. I’d rather see posts of women built like this all day long, than the anorexic coke whores usually posted on this site.

  36. Disappointing. I thought this was going to be nude shots of Conan O’brien. Then again, O’brien would probably burst into flames if he got anywhere near a tanning bed. Oh well. One can dream.

  37. Where the fuck do you work?

    @36: How fucking retarded are you? 90% of the people looking at this site work in offices and would get their asses fired if the unedited version popped up on their screen. Nipples or no nipples.

    Take your whiny ass over to Playboy.

  38. #37, it’s called butt implants. So common, like cheek implants and this broad needs the latter so she’ll have all three. At least she didn’t get her lips done, she uses lipliner and makeup to pull that off, albeit poorly. I love this butterface.

  39. T. IGER W. OODS

    I would sooooo fucking nail that ass like a three foot putt!
    Then again my standards have been called into question recently.
    But ass is free ass!

  40. Mr. Nice Guy

    She is Soooooooooo Fuckable! I would love to do her. Ice T is a lucky man!

  41. sandra

    if i had an ass like that, i’d find some way to get that thing removed. i’d be the first person to ask to get my ass amputated because there is no way in ell I’d live with that. that’s disgusting. her face is pretty.

  42. whoa

    HOLY SHIT I don’t know if there’s much else to say…..oh wait….that’s just crAAzy

  43. COCK! COCK!! COCK!!! COCK!!!!

    COCK! COCK!! COCK!!! COCK!!!!

    COCK! COCK!! COCK!!! COCK!!!!

    COCK!!!! COCK!!! COCK!! COCK!

    COCK!!!! COCK!!! COCK!! COCK!

  44. COCK! COCK!! COCK!!! COCK!!!!

    #38 FOR THE WIN!

  45. That’s a big bitch!

  46. netstarman

    damn that ass is bigger than the super bowl.

  47. lol

    thaat looks strange to me…
    lumpy… like silicon ass implants…

  48. HackSaw

    I’d hit it.

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