It’s Not Lindsay Lohan’s Fault She Owes Money To The IRS, You Guys

December 4th, 2012 // 47 Comments
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Lindsay Lohan‘s bank accounts were seized yesterday by the IRS, so naturally here comes the part where she blames everyone else despite constantly floating Dina‘s mortgage and demanding to be paid in cash for her endorsement deals and, uh, other “side jobs” so she can hide the money from her management team who will probably just use it to pay the IRS like a bunch of assholes. So, again, completely not her fault. Page Six reports:

A source close to Lohan tells us, “Lindsay is freaking out. And she’s doing what she always does, which is to say it’s not her fault and point the finger at someone else in her team. She says she didn’t know anything about it . . . she’s broke and it’s not her fault.”

Michael says, “I have people who will help her with her IRS problems.’’ Naturally, he blames his ex Dina for their daughter’s financial woes, in part because LiLo gave Dina $40,000 to keep her Long Island home from foreclosure.
Lohan’s on course to earn $2 million this year, including a delayed $1 million for a Playboy shoot plus $300,000 from “Liz and Dick” and a reported $200,000 for a cameo in “Scary Movie 5.”

All jokes aside, I actually don’t blame this one completely on Lindsay considering she’s spent her entire life surrounded by leeches who suck pennies off of her faster than she can suck the penises that provide those pennies. It’s a vicious circle. That said, I like how Michael Lohan tries to pretend he wouldn’t be suckling off that freckled ATM teat the minute he was granted access to it. “If I know my little girl, she’d want me to have a new pair of vagina-kicking shoes,” he’ll probably say.

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  1. This here is proof she is still an addict. Addicts blame everyone else for their problems. Whoever had her picked in the celebrity death pool, start scouting your flat screens now!

    • Arlene

      Please let it happen before the new year. Please please please! Oh, and don’t get on me about wishing death upon someone else. That vapid whore outlived her usefullness over seven years ago.

    • Archie Leach

      I’ve had crackhan in my death pool for a while now and if the bitch ain’t dead between July 2, 2013 and July 2, 2014 I’m out 20 fucking bucks! So the bitch better makes sure she offs herself between those dates!

  2. She lives in a world where people occasionally tell her to sign things, IF THAT. Something she signed long ago probably gave accountants or a hanger-on with a flair for math free reign over this aspect of her finances. That is likely the extent of her involvement in her own taxation scenario. So mark the calendar: she’s almost certainly telling the truth about this.

    You’d might as well blame my dog for me not paying my mortgage.

    • Burt

      As if she didn’t ignore the notice she received the first time she owed…or the second…or the third.

      • Kind of my point. I don’t think she goes through her mail. Somebody is just supposed to do these things, and I doubt she knows their name.

      • I suspect therein lie most of Lindsay’s problems. I believe she THINKS someone else is supposed to do these things and that she has no responsibility whatsoever besides making sure Lindsay feels good.

      • True. But this circus started when she was what, nine? Every “adult” in her orbit is a parasite, so from whom was she supposed to learn how to function as an adult? McB is right: the responsibility is ultimately still hers, but Christ — it is one thing to never pick up a book, but quite another if no one ever taught you how to read.

        That said, some people can pull it off, and more power to them. LL clearly is not among them, and 27 tends to be a hard age for such people.

  3. The bottom line is she hasn’t legit worked in years (up until now) and coke, cigarettes, valtrex, and Dina are expensive.

    I blame the drug dealers and the pharmaceutical industry. Linds is the real victim in all of this.

    • karlito

      there is a time where you have to grow up. she blames others because that what narcissists do. they never take responsibity for their actions when their world starts to crumble…everyone is conspiring against them. when YOU and others keep calling her a “victim” this just adds to this dillusion that she is not responsible for herself and her actions.

  4. karlito

    well Lindsay there is only one way you can reduce your tax bill. you’re going to have to set up a meeting with these IRS agents in their “gangbang” room. so drop your drawers and unclench your jaw and have at it.

    • I know you’re probably not going to believe this, but the IRS is probably the easiest branch of the government to work with IF..and I stress IF…you promptly respond to their information requests in a timely matter and stay in touch with them as they process your case. For middle income earners they’re willing to give you all sorts of breaks and credits (on stuff you or your accountant may not have noticed) to your benefit to lower the amount you owe. They actually really do understand pretty keenly that times are tight and doing stuff like putting liens and garnishing wages can hurt people.

      But…If you jerk them around and get on their radar for being a fuckhead..especially a fuckhead that’s pulling in 7 digits of income or above a year they will make your life a living hell. And part of it really is justified because if you’re making that kind of cash you really should have an accountant on retainer to take care of crap like this.

      Food for thought.

      • Schmidtler

        idk about any of that, other than the IRS is the most blodthirsty unresponsive unforgiving bunch of bastards on the planet. It’s the only system of courts in the USA where you go in as a defendant presumed guilty, unless and until you can prove your innocence.

      • Archie Leach

        “in the USA where you go in as a defendant presumed guilty, unless and until you can prove your innocence.”

        Why don’t ask the “Central Park Five” how this didn’t apply to them.

    • Dino Ciampa

      If they videotaped it , they could sell it and Lindsay’s income problems would also vanish

  5. Strike 17, Lindsay.

  6. USDA Prime McBeef

    If they would legalize prostitution, earnings could be taxed like any other provider of services.

    • Frank Burns

      And thanks to my premature ejaculation, it would be yet another tax code I could circumvent. Its win-win!

  7. Lindsay Lohan And Mom Dina Hug After Drunken Possibly Cocaine Fueled Brawl
    Commented on this photo:

    “Oh, sweetie, I know it’s hard. Write mommy a check, and then we’ll get coked up to our eyeballs and fist-fight a random in some club. You know that makes you feel better.”

  8. The awesome thing is, it doesn’t matter whose fault it is! :D
    Finally Lindsay is the one getting fucked over! (In a style she doesn’t appreciate.)
    *Streamers* *Curly horns* *Booboozelas*

  9. Lindsay Lohan And Mom Dina Hug After Drunken Possibly Cocaine Fueled Brawl
    Commented on this photo:

    “Ssshh, don’t worry, everything is going to work out… Look, I’ve still got 42 bucks and I’m pretty sure that Tanqueray is on sale at Rite Aid this week.”

  10. Lindsay Lohan And Mom Dina Hug After Drunken Possibly Cocaine Fueled Brawl
    Commented on this photo:

    Time to make that porno movie Lindsay.

  11. The person I really feel bad for is Charlie Sheen…you know his phone is just blowing up today.

  12. Lindsay Lohan And Mom Dina Hug After Drunken Possibly Cocaine Fueled Brawl
    Commented on this photo:

    You had to know this would bring Dina out from under her rock.

  13. Randal

    That little raggah-muffin needs to be put into police custody immediately! Crime? Sexy in the first degree! A mistah meaner charge of sassy with a pinch of sweetness, thank you very much.


  14. Lindsay Lohan And Mom Dina Hug After Drunken Possibly Cocaine Fueled Brawl
    Toe Jam
    Commented on this photo:

    I’m actually starting to feel a little sorry for Lindsay.

  15. What an idiot

    So sick of this stupid cunt & her whole fucking family; I wish they’d all just die already…

  16. Surely the royalties from the magnificent “Liz & Dick” will shortly set her finances aright.

  17. Jade

    How could she not know anything about it, if Charlie Sheen gave her $100k for her taxes? Is he a mind reader? Where did the money go, since we all know it didn’t touch her tax bill.


    Charlie, do you feel your charitable donation of $100,00 was well spent? I think the ASPCA would have been a better choice.

  18. Carl Spackler

    “there , there honey bear , The mean old government just doesn’t appreciate your talents ….
    Say , you know who called … That guy from Vivid Entertainment , um and he said he could make things A- Ok after only a few days of your time. He wants to talk over some movie titles with you he said .Oh I dunno , “Freckel – face Bukake , “Firecrotch Anal Sunrise were some of the movies he think he could make with you , you know , out in Inland Empire , you know , he’s got a nice studio out there .. close to a Denny’s and a Subway he said …
    This IRS thingy could be all over Linds darling … Practice you kegels and see about using some vegetables in your special places , Mommy thinks this could be your new break”

  19. anonym

    She is surrounded by leeches, but she is a leech herself.
    She also thinks credit cards are free money, and money grows on trees.

    Everyone 10 years and up knows you have to pay taxes.

    Not her fault? she didn’t know? What kind of dumbfuck is she ?

    Burn the Lohans already

  20. Mama Pinkus

    She might be a washed up, drugged out alcoholic skank but I have to work four years to make as much money as she pulls doing a cameo for a shit movie franchise so who am I to talk?

  21. kery

    ah she should pay her taxes and keep working ;P

  22. Lindsay Lohan And Mom Dina Hug After Drunken Possibly Cocaine Fueled Brawl
    Commented on this photo:

    Oh No! What will Lindsay do? Drug dealers don’t work on credit.

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