It’s Jason Statham’s Turn To Insult Kim Kardashian

March 21st, 2012 // 33 Comments
No Quarter For Ass-Whores
Jon Hamm
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After the sauve, handsomely dapper one-two punch of both Daniel Craig and Jon Hamm referring to the Kardashians as “fucking idiots” in the British press, here’s bestubbled baldaccio Jason Statham shitting on Kim Kardashian in an interview with Details therefore redeeming himself for every single movie he’s made after Snatch with the exception of Crank provided you forget that a Crank 2 happened:

“Do you think of yourself as a brand?” I ask.
“Fahk no,” he smirks. “Why should I?”
“People see a guaranteed $30 million a film as a brand in need of management.”
“Fahk ‘em. Kim Kardashian’s a brand.”

You know how men can just use a urinal at their convenience to relieve something that’s frustrating them internally? Tell me how I didn’t just exactly describe Kim Kardashian’s sole reason for being. (Show your work.)

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  1. Apparently, all a man needs to do to make me want to have sex with him is not be fooled by the scripted lives of the Kardashians. Fellas?

  2. bassackward

    Yup! Next Kim K. item for sale…..

    Kim Kardashian Douche….. because you wanna keep your money-maker fresh!

  3. tits mcgee

    Why aim insults at world leaders and financial slave-masters when you can pick at some low-hanging fruit instead?

    The Kardashians are a joke? You don’t say.

  4. Anonymous

    Looks like the white guys are finally lashing out at Kim K for her never dating them.

  5. AAPL made me rich!

    Good one, Fish.

  6. Next Transporter Movie consists of Jason here being asked to move some cargo across the country. He opens the trunk to find an entire clan of Kuntrashians and Kuntrashiclones. He immediately drops it off into the San Andreas Fault which totally screws with the eco-system. However, due to the extreme heat in the fault, the Wookie hair burned and sealed the entire fault saving the West Coast from impending doom.

  7. just say'n

    “…Jason Statham shitting on Kim Kardashian…”

    Considering the way Brandi Norwood’s brother ‘RayJ’ got her all hot and bothered in the amateur porno she made with him; she would probably get really, really turned on by that.

  8. Hand Solo

    we’re taking turns now? where do i get my ticket?

  9. Realistic Dude

    I miss the days when short, bald guys were ridiculed as they should be and not turned into sex symbols by the brainwashing machine called Hollywood.

  10. Shasta

    Maybe I’m stupid, but I don’t see the insult. He called her a brand…she is. So is Oprah. If he wanted to insult her, why not say she’s a cum guzzling gutter slut who gets peed on for money?

  11. Who’s next to hop on this slam train, is it boys only or can girls play too?

  12. Cpm

    This was an insult? From a guy that seeks the company of women that do nothing but model clothes.

  13. west

    The whole family got their start exploiting the murders of two nice people. The porn movie gave them something to hang their hat on-”She’s famous for a porn movie”. The dumb slutty females of America swallowed it up. If I was Kim I would resent my family for riding on the coat tails of her humiliation. Robbie didn’t get assfucked and pissed on and he got on DWTS.Kris didn’t get filmed eating her own shit off a dong. Life is not fair.

  14. FUCK Kim Kardashian! That is all.

  15. 89-Tyler Bright

    I bet fans really want to let go and retired K.K fans out there, it’s just too ridiculously stupid to stick with K.K fan organization.

  16. Joe Melnick

    You buried the lede – Jason Statham gets $30M a movie? That’s crazy talk – who does he think he is, Chris Tucker?

    • Pretty sure the movies just gross that much, there’s no way he earns that

      • food for thought

        Say what you want about his choice of roles or acting ability, but the guy is generally bankable.

        [sources: IMdb]
        Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (1998)
        budget: $1.5M
        gross: $3.6M (USA)

        Snatch (2000)
        b: $9.5M
        g: $30M

        The Transporter (2002)
        b: $21M
        g: $25M

        Transporter 2 (2005)
        b: $32M
        g: $43M

        The Bank Job (2008)
        b: $20M
        g: $30M

        Transporter 3 (2008)
        b: $47.8M
        g: $31M

        Crank: High Voltage (2009)
        b: $20M
        g: $30M

        The Expendables (2010)
        b: $80M
        g: $266M (worldwide)

        The Mechanic (2011)
        b: $40M
        g: $51M (worldwide)

        Killer Elite (2011)
        b: $70M
        g: $25M

      • I don’t know if you’re aware, but a) those budget figures don’t include advertising and promotion, which often runs up to 50% of a film’s production budget; and b) the studio only gets about half of the gross, with the other half going to the theaters exhibiting the film (remember them?). The upshot is that a film has to gross at least 2.5 times what it costs to make before the studio that bankrolled the picture sees a profit.

        That being said, the figures you list are incomplete, since they largely are North America-only, and they don’t take video and cable into account—which is where most movies turn a profit these days (if they turn a profit). Snatch grossed $85 million worldwide, Transporter 3 $109 mill. Still, not counting The Expendables (which was an ensemble cast, not Statham as lead), all the films he’s made after Transporter 3 have been money-losers.

      • Oh, God. 2:04 am? I have no excuse for still being here.

  17. I liked him before. Now he’s just awesome.

  18. Jason Statham Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
    Commented on this photo:

    This is the year they break up, by fall it’s done with.

  19. Well done gentlemen. This is a much more interesting/exciting/hilarious celebrity trend than the great pregnancy swabble of 2010/11. Take note ladies.

  20. Jason Statham Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
    Commented on this photo:

    He looks like God’s gift to assholes

  21. Rus-T

    “Right” of passage? Is that supposed to be a pun?

  22. Mike

    Seems like the chains are coming unshackled and now alot of unpretentious celebrities are waking up to the joke the Kardashians are. Megan Fox, Jon Hamm, and the Transporter. SWEET!

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