1. bi-gurl

    Hey, Superficial guy. I thought you said women over 30 were disgusting.

  2. Gigs

    I’d eat her asshole until I passed out.

  3. cc

    Ow, I sprained my penis.

  4. DrDoug

    OH MY GOD! Between Playboy, “Survival Island” and now this I dedicate the rest of my life doing good deeds to KELLY!

  5. BiGGjiz-el

    KELLY BROOK – shes americas poster girl

  6. JonP17

    God why? Now I have to cancel all my weekend plans. Jizz

  7. yowillie

    I’d bang that ass.

  8. missywissy

    Finally, a TRUE beauty. Thanks Superficial guy for making her your poster girl. She’s a rare find.

  9. Muffy the Lesbian

    Way better than her Playboy layout. What a yawn… she was only topless which we’ve all seen before.

  10. Obvious

    Why put this pic up, only to ruin it with the stars?

  11. Ned

    It’s hard to believe that poop actually comes out of that. Seems so wrong.

  12. Ned

    Can you believe foul, smelly things come out of that beautiful behind? It’s just not right.

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