Isaiah Washington fired for hating gay people

June 8th, 2007 // 218 Comments

A rep for Isaiah Washington has confirmed that Isaiah has officially been fired from Grey’s Anatomy and won’t be returning next season. This all comes after Washington called castmate T.R. Knight a faggot. He later apologized, checked into rehab, met with gay leaders, and released a PSA condemning the use of hate speech, but I guess his overpowering hate of gay people won out. There’s an important lesson to be learned from all this, and it’s to always look both ways before crossing the street. No wait, I mean drink your milk. Keep your hands at ten and two? What the hell were we talking about again?


  1. Emily

    First off, anyone who thinks of the Bible as anything but a bunch of bedtime stories is a moron.

    Second, I don’t think he should’ve called T.R. Knight a faggot, because I think it’s wrong and generally the mark of someone who isn’t very smart (ditto for retard). But I really don’t give a fuck when I’m watching the show, because if I did then I wouldn’t watch tv at all because celebrities are self-absorbed assholes.

  2. SinkingSoon

    It’s funny that you refer to a specific group of people as “morons,” however in your next sentence you explain that calling names is the mark of someone with low intelligence.

    Gold star for Emily!

  3. ClosetHomosHateHomos


    Was it your father’s belief in evolution that led him to fuck his own sister and spawn the fag that you are?

    You know what a faggot is, right? A punk ass sissy who only has balls online. I’m gonna burst in another white chick’s face today just to piss you off

  4. Stephani

    shanipie you are crrrazy.

    Here’s the thing about living in a free society – people can choose the religion which suits them best, so how you think that quoting scripture to anyone who thinks the Bible is nothing more than fiction is beyond my comprehension. If you’re going to site something as being morally wrong, you shouldn’t use YOUR religious choice to back it up.

    Dee to the three, shanipie!

  5. Emily is the Real Moron

    Emily: “First off, anyone who thinks of the Bible as anything but a bunch of bedtime stories is a moron.”

    Emily, didn’t you know that only morons make conclusions without justification because their brains are incapable of reasoning them?

    When I see little kids make a silly comment, I go “Awwww… that is so cute.” But when an adult like you says an idiotic comment, it is just fucking annoying. Borrowing Superfish’ editor style – I could be listening to a damaged recording of a monkey’s sound and it would sound more intelligent.

  6. Don't Hate Shanipie Because of Her Dumbness


    Of course it is beyond your comprehension because you and the rest of us have the ability to comprehend like a normal human being.

    Shanipie, on the other hand, was blessed with the ability to listen to her priests, but was unfortunately deprived from the ability to comprehend the bible herself to realize that one of the main lessons of Jesus is not to judge others.

    Growing up, my parents taught me to be kind to others who are not as fortunate as I am, so I think we should all feel sorry for shanipie that she was not blessed with the level of intelligence that the rest of us have.

  7. shanipie

    sissy put a hot dog in my bum

  8. IC

    he wasn’t fired for using that word once or even twice. he was fired because he was volitile and caused tension on the set and people didn’t want to work with him. in case you live under a rock and are not aware, half of the entertainment industry working on these shows is gay.

  9. IC

    198, are you related to Hitler? you’re living in the wrong country; and you are way to brave online. try saying any of that to someone in person and you’ll probably be shot the next day. actually, go run out and do that, would you?

    and what are all the bible-quoting bigots doing on this site? go watch Fox.

  10. why do people pray to Mother Mary?
    she is not Jesus or God, and before
    you start hating on me..I love her..
    just wondered..

  11. bobot


  12. bobot

    85 i thought you were joking, i got curious and looked it up. what do you know its real.

    God, i love cock!!!

  13. Tara_Reid_Loves_You

    I know it’s like black people are so the least politically correct.

  14. nicole

    I wonder what the response would have neen if T.R. Knight had called Washington a n*gger? Really, it’s the same thing, calling someone a faggot and a n*gger only addressing different groups. My guess is that T.R. would have been written off of the show within a matter of episodes considering there is a larger black cast than openly gay cast and because Shonda Rhimes would have never allowed that. The only reason she wrote Isaiah off of the show was because of the pressure from the entertainment community. So many stupid, hypocritical people.

  15. redsoxblondie13

    This is totally stupid. They fire him b/c he “offended” gay people? I don’t recall very many times someone has been fired for “offending” someone. Hell, Hollywood seems to enjoy stirring up trouble last I checked. He went above and beyond what he should have done to win these people’s trust back. And I can understand what he said was hurtful, etc, etc. But he apologized! Its not like it was a death threat. It was a matter of his opinion and then he choose not to speak out. Big. Freaking. Deal.

  16. Jer

    Faggot is just a derogatory term for homosexual. Whatever. TR is a homosexual and where it’s not a nice word somebody needs to tell him that sticks and stones are to break your bones

    Not to put up your ass.

  17. Brodie

    What a scum bag.. and to all you gay haters check this out!

    * []

  18. What a scum bag.. and to all you gay haters check this out!!

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