Isaiah Washington fired for hating gay people

June 8th, 2007 // 218 Comments

A rep for Isaiah Washington has confirmed that Isaiah has officially been fired from Grey’s Anatomy and won’t be returning next season. This all comes after Washington called castmate T.R. Knight a faggot. He later apologized, checked into rehab, met with gay leaders, and released a PSA condemning the use of hate speech, but I guess his overpowering hate of gay people won out. There’s an important lesson to be learned from all this, and it’s to always look both ways before crossing the street. No wait, I mean drink your milk. Keep your hands at ten and two? What the hell were we talking about again?


  1. Chauncey Gardner

    And, why isn’t T.R. Knight being fired for hating vaginas?

  2. lawpunk

    Gay’s Anatomy just fired its best character. That show, which already sucked dick, is going into the pooper now. HAHAHAHA

  3. .
    What I find Amazing is that all of the newspapers seem to forget that when he screamed the word “Faggot” he was busy committing assault and Battery on a different Castmate and Chocking Patrick Dempsey who is arguably the star of the show.

    In ANY other workplace, somebody who did that to a co-worker would have been fired and arrested, he’s lucky they let him play out his contract. You don’t attack the star of your show physically and expect to stay around.

  4. Assbestos

    In his defense TR Knight is totally gay, and as we all know gay people can be absolute faggots.

  5. woodhorse

    44: I’m not the same race as you. It’s my perogative and I refuse.

  6. thisisstupid

    Um, he CHOKED Patrick Dempsey. Maybe he got fired for that.

  7. nagger please

    Now he can go back to beating up old ladies like the rest.

  8. chokedup

    #53: Totally agree. He was fired because he’s violent and a danger to others. Better steer clear of him the next few weeks while he calms the fuck down.

  9. shanipie

    WHAT THE HELL? So now its wrong to not like people being GAY?

    Okay now before you twist this and get all pissed off, I’m not saying its okay to hurt them or stone them or not hire them.

    But since when is it not okay to not have an opinion on someone being gay? It is not OKAY to be Gay. It is not natural it is a problem. You are not meant to being with the same sex that is perverse. Its nto a Race, its a way of living. You can dislike or disagree someone’s life style. They don’t derserve a fucking parade or a day and DisneyWorld.

    I’m not about to go up to a gay couple and yell at them, but I’m not about to send them a fucking wedding gift or tell my kid that being gay is just as correct as being straight because its not. if your gay there is something wrong with you and you need some therapy. Yes I think a lot of people may be born leaning more one way than the other but they need to be taught to fight those unnatural urges and do the right thing.

    God is not okay with you being gay.

    oh and BTW I take t back, you can get pissed off if you want because I know I’m right about this.

  10. CompleteBreakfast

    I’m uncertain that Fish is correct about Isaiah being fired for the whole gay controversy. I can’t imagine that after the 1001 apologies he’s made they would still be holding it against him.

    As for the whole “if he was white, he wouldn’t have been fired” bit that #44 seems to think is the case, I’m in total disagreement. If, indeed, he was fired for his discrimination, this would be an illogical paradox. Aside from that, Isaiah wins the show brownie points simply for being black, so I doubt they’d fire him unless they absolutely had to. One of the previous posters even said themselves that they watch Grey’s because it shows minorities in high power positions.

  11. Dissenter

    You guys are gorgetting that he also attacked one of his castmates. That alone should have been enough to get him fired. Hurling epithets at another castmate is just icing on the cake. They should have booted his ass on the spot and written an “Oh my God, Burke died in a car crash on the way to work this morning” scene into the next episode.

    Fuck him.

  12. Dissenter

    And by the way, this is not a free speech issue.

    Free speech deals with the way the government reacts (or rather, is prevented from reacting) to the speech of the citizenry. There is nothing wrong or unconstitutional with private individuals or private businesses choosing not to support certain types of speech.

  13. Greatestntheworld

    Wow, next thing you know, calling someone “inept” or “uneduated” will result in firing because so many in Hollywood will be offended. I wonder when it will be illegal to discriminate based on intellectual aptitude or merit. I am waiting for the day when a high school dropout on welfare with six kids brings a lawsuit against a financial services firm for not hiring her to be a CEO.

  14. shanipie

    I retract my previous comment. I just had a gay experience and.. da-da-da-da-daaa I’m Lovin’ It!

  15. Noelle

    You know what, as much as I liked him on the show, it’s probably a good thing that he is gone. Not only because he called a gay person a faggot, but because for some nutty reason he is known by alot of people he has worked with in the past as basically a conplete douche. I have a feeling it wasn’t only this one incident that got him fired… he probably was acting like a dick most of the time on the set.


    And remember boys and girls, there is no such thing as the Gay Mafia. Nope, doesn’t exist…nope, nope, nope…

  17. #59 shanipie….

    Again, he physically attacked and choked Patrick Dempsey during this whole argument. In ANY workplace he would have been fired and arrested for assault and battery. Screaming Faggot about T.R. night was only part of the deal, the physical attack on a fellow castmate was what got him booted. The papers are just playing up the faggot part of the story.

  18. shanipie

    Fuck whoever is jacking my fucking name.

    #59 is my real post

  19. iamsosmart

    #59. Shanipie I am straight and married and I DISAGREE COMPLETELY. HATE IS HATE. PREJUDICE IS PREJUDICE.

    Women weren’t aloud to vote
    Blacks werent aloud to live free lives
    Jews well… Hitler wanted to kill and torture them

    It’s been the same story throughout the history of time. Use whatever excuse you want the bottom line is that what you are saying is; THEY ARE DIFFERENT, THEY ARE INFERIOR, AND THUS SHOULD NOT HAVE THE SAME RIGHTS AS THE REST OF US. That’s the same thing that was said about blacks, women, jews AND COUNTLESS OTHER MINORITIES.

    How has a gay person ever hurt you or made your life difficult?
    Yet your beliefs and what you have written that hurts SO many gay people.

    LIVE AND LET LIVE. Life is too short for PREJUDICE. What would happen if you just let gay people live their lives? How would that be bad or dangerous? The world would actually be a better more peaceful place with less hate.

    This world is full of endless differences from the tiny ant to the giant white whale we are all different, difference is what gives our world color and life. Some men like women, some men like men, and some like both. WHAT THE HELL difference does it make to your life? But if you are gay and people punish you and hate just because you are different well that makes a HELL of a difficult life.

    You have a right to and opinon (ie: I don’t like cheese)but you have NO RIGHT TO BE PREJUDICE, no one does.

    I can guarantee you that whatever god you believe in; NO GOD, no higher power(that is so good and pure and far above our petty human strife) no almighty being has anything to do with PREJUDICE and HATE.

    GOD is NOT about Bigotry or Anger or Hate Cruelty or Judgement or Prejudice or Inequality or Strife.

    Your words go completely against all of God’s teachings and all that God is about.

    And If you can’t see that, then you can’t see GOD.

  20. Skip Smith


    “You have a right to and opinon (ie: I don’t like cheese)but you have NO RIGHT TO BE PREJUDICE, no one does.”

    I’m prejudiced against self-righteous twats. Like you.

  21. shanipie

    HAHA #69…are you a friggin idiot? Have you even read the Bible?

    Ever read about Sodom and Gomorrah?

    I never said Gay people were bad…what they are doing is bad. Oh and being gay is not the same as being a woman or black..there is a big difference so please get it right.

    Also they do have equal rights. Ummm I don’t recall there being a war to demolish them, I don’t remember them not being able to vote do you? Oh and I don’t see them being stopped at straight person water fountains. So they are called out for being immoral…cry me a fucking river.

    Being gay is like sleeping with your sister, its not illegal but it certainly is wrong and disgusting.

    Although It’s a sin to live the Gay lifestyle. Gays can be saved however, you just have to renounce the Gay lifestyle.

    I guess there is nothing saying dumb people can’t go to heaven…so i guess its your lucky day.

  22. I like Washington’s response comments. Realllllll mature. Nice to see we are back in 4th grade recess. IDIOT.

  23. ShanipieNeedsToReadMoreJesus'Quotes

    shanipie – First of all, it is sad when one has to always refer to God for morality because that means s/he can’t even think on his own what is right or wrong. People with at least an average IQ knows what is right or wrong without having to be told. However, since you’re not one of those people, can you just cite me from your bible where Jesus says explicitly that being gay is sinful? Don’t use old testament since a lot of it got overridden by the new testament: after people started thinking that it was no longer OK to fuck your own daughters, to have multiple wives, etc. If it were so horrible to be gay, I’m sure Jesus would have emphasized it a lot, just like how he emphasized how wrong it was to judge others, like you did. So just cite me your bible where Jesus says he hates gays.

  24. Skip Smith


    >>”Ever read about Sodom and Gomorrah?”

    Ever read about Clifford the Big Red Dog? That’s another story someone of your intelligence might like.

  25. Gizzmer

    oh my gizzmers.chill.!##!


  27. bungoone

    68/59, i wouldn’t admit that. and your “God” sounds like a giant dick.

    so you’re one of those people who think gay & lesbians can be cured by therapy? that is really sad & i feel very sorry for you. i thought people like you didn’t really exist, they just pretend to feel that way to get on Jerry Springer.

  28. Beth

    #76-Good thing I’m a lesbian.

  29. shanipie

    First of all…Jesus has not said that he hated homosexuals.

    The most famous of them is probably from Leviticus: “You shall not lie with a man as with a woman; that is an abomination.”

    The letters of St Paul provide the other traditional support for the position that homosexuality is sinful. He writes: “God has given [people who worship false gods] up to shameful passions. Their women have exchanged natural intercourse for unnatural, and their men in turn, giving up natural relations with women burn with lust for one another; males behave indecently with males and paid in their own persons the fitting wage of such perversion.”

    Paul later writes: “Make no mistake: no fornicator or idolator, none who are guilty either of adultery or of homosexual perversion, no thieves or grabbers of drunkards of slanderers or swindlers, will possess the kingdom of God.”

    And I think Paul Knew Jesus and his teachings a little better than you.

  30. bungoone

    71, they do not have equal rights. in 35 states, it’s legal to fire someone based upon their sexual orientation. sorry, but that’s is fucked up. but i’m sure you’re okay with those laws.

  31. Skip Smith


    >>”can you just cite me from your bible where Jesus says explicitly that being gay is sinful?”

    Chet 3:16 says “And accursed be the faggot, for he hath rended my bumhole without even the courtesy of a reach-around.”

  32. shanipie

    He does not mention anything of the kind. However he did not over turn or write a new law for everything in the bible. And the bible does not change with the daily whims of society.

    And acceptance of homosexuality is a societal whim

  33. iamsosmart

    #70. Oh my god that was so mean you hurt my feelings so much, I am going to cry for days.

    But fucking seriously now did somebody have a gay experience that they are ashamed of?

    I bet you got a lot of boners in the boys locker room growing up, or was it wet panties in the girls locker room? It’s always easy to spot a closet dweller just look for the raging homophobia. In your case look in a MIRROR.

    I’m not even religious, in the mindless listen to other people’s bullshit kind of way, but how else could I relate?

    Anyway I win because 69 is my lucky number and I’m gona bet it’s your unlucky number.

    Now Skip along and go back to looking at GAY porn because we both know that’s all you really use the internet for anyway. Sorry for not being a Bigot, I guess we can’t be friends… oh shit I’m gonna start crying again…

  34. one

    Everything is a societal whim.

  35. Skip Smith

    Hey everyone, I just went and looked up Leviticus, and it has some really cool stuff that speaks to me. My favorite part:

    “You may have male and female slaves, but buy them from the nations around you.”

    Awesome! So, I need your opinion. What kind of slave should I buy — Canadian or Mexican?

  36. shanipie


    No I’m sorry i do not agree…there are many universal truths that have always been and always will be…could you be more vague btw?

  37. bungoone

    i hate when people quote the bible like it’s fact. jesus didn’t write that shit, some other people did! and then they only know certain parts to defend arguments. how about you live your live based upon ALL of his teachings…then maybe you wouldn’t be on here judging people, fucking hypocrite. leave this sinful stuff to us other folks.

  38. geewiz

    wait, so what the bible says is universal truth?

  39. Skip Smith


    Maybe you should read more of my posts. I’m not homophobic. I just hate self-righteous twats like you.

  40. shanipie

    whether there is or isnt, its not what i said. I said there are many things that are not whims of society…which had nothing to do with the bible, even if there are

  41. ReadWhatJesusSaidShanipie

    My simple request, sweetheart shanipie, is to give me quotes in which Jesus explicitly says it is wrong to be gay. And I never said Jesus hated gays, because, unlike you, he probably didn’t because he practiced what he preached. Do not tell me what his disciples think because as you know, when one person says one thing to different people, different opinions can emerge. So, I have enough respect for your Paul and all, but I can only accept it if Jesus says it explicitly, just like he was being explicit about casting the first stone to a prostitute. We all knew that even the best student can misunderstanding something or has his own opinion on something that his teacher never explicitly mentioned. What happened, did you fail your bible class when learning about Jesus?

  42. Skip Smith

    Will you faggots please shitcan the Bible study conversation?

  43. one


    “could you be more vague btw?”
    i could try. hahah i just thought i’d throw that out there. i agree there are universal truths, e.g. 2+2=4 or a circle is never-ending. but excluding things of that nature, do you have an example of a universal truth that “have always been and always will be” that hasn’t changed through time, culture, society, etc?

  44. geewiz

    yeah the bible is all heresay, speculation & open to interpretation. basically it’s like Star or In Touch magazine.

  45. SorrySkipSmith

    I am so sorry Skip Smith, but since shanipie can only moralize with his bible and not his own brain, we had to do it that way. Otherwise it would be impossible for him to derive any conclusion.

  46. iamsosmart

    #71. They don’t have equal rights they aren’t aloud to get married.

    Wow you took my examples so literally, you’re not very smart but that’s okay I don’t hate you, I just pity you. Preventing women from voting and gays from marrying is VERY MUCH the same thing, but I don’t think you are bright enough to understand that.

    Try defending your point without using the Bible. You clearly can’t think for yourself.

    Funny thing that you mentioned sleeping with your sister because the bible is full of incest. It’s interesting how you can CHOOSE which parts of the bible you accept and which parts you don’t and still use the “It says so in the bible” defense. Explain Polygamy to me then would you?

    You’ve contradicted yourself A LOT … incest is sick and hurts other people and should be treated with therapy so what the HELL is it doing in the almighty BIBLE?
    By the way you have still yet to explain how being gay hurts people.

    Anyway I knew there was no chance in hell of you understanding what I wrote. But that’s not my problem. You are BEGGING fate to give you a GAY child. For your childrens sake I hope they are straight.

  47. geewiz

    sure. here’s my observation -

    i’m afraid that Jay Leno & this guy share a great great grandpappy. look at the chin on this fuckface!

  48. shanipie


    Sorry you could not come u with anything better to combat my point.

    Should I judge you for how you dress? Does it make you a whore? Should I say a man is evil when he has confessed his sins and asked for forgiveness? In both cases no. But if someone commits sins and does so knowingly, openly and continuely then I am not being judgemental, I am simply applying gods word (law)

  49. JFP

    Ya know, there are a lot of morons who comment on here. I feel like I am in a class of 5th graders. #’s 37-39 proved that right there. Grow the fuck up and say something intelligent.

  50. naynayfazz

    #96…. I want to marry you. What you said is so true. I want to cheer! Bible thumpers, gotta love them

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