Isaiah Washington fired for hating gay people

June 8th, 2007 // 218 Comments

A rep for Isaiah Washington has confirmed that Isaiah has officially been fired from Grey’s Anatomy and won’t be returning next season. This all comes after Washington called castmate T.R. Knight a faggot. He later apologized, checked into rehab, met with gay leaders, and released a PSA condemning the use of hate speech, but I guess his overpowering hate of gay people won out. There’s an important lesson to be learned from all this, and it’s to always look both ways before crossing the street. No wait, I mean drink your milk. Keep your hands at ten and two? What the hell were we talking about again?


  1. Don Mega


  2. JoBOO


  3. ella

    First, huh!

  4. Don Mega


  5. JoBOO


  6. JaeMae

    How boring is this post that the first 5 people are more concerned with their order???

  7. adonistic

    don’t cross me!

  8. Whew, good thing we don’t have any free speech to worry about.

    And how come he isn’t naked?

  9. frank_the_dolphin

    I think he will look back in years to come and realize it was a great career move. By the way when will it become legal to force morons that post ‘First’ to mate with Britney’s flabby ass.

  10. hendero67

    What was he doing on a show called Gay’s Anatomy in the first place?

  11. alicia

    Bet he wishes he could take it all back now…idiot!

  12. El Rafa

    So…You get fired for offending gays, and it’s still hard to find work when you are outed as gay. Way to send a clear message hollywood!

  13. gerard Vandenberg

    Now we’re talking, MAN!

  14. First off, that guy IS a total faggot and second, that guy IS a total faggot.

  15. The_Squizz

    What did he call that faggot? Oh yeah, he called him a FAGGOT. Big freakin’ deal. It’ll be the best thing that could happen to him as this show really sucks.

  16. hmmmm...

    that’s too bad, i like that show especially because they have a lot of minorities represented with successful careers and powerful positions [which is why I liked his character so much]…seems a little bit unfair considering that I think A LOT of people talk about gay men the way he did, they just aren’t quite as public about it. Lesson learned for isaiah, hopefully others will learn from his ignorance. score one for hollywood!

    (yeah, couldn’t think of anything funny)

  17. daguz

    I bet he hates blacks too..

  18. gerard Vandenberg

    Now we’re talking! Those damn faggot’s are just sick people. The one who fired Mr. Washington is a sick person and faggot too, propberbly!

  19. Pokemon_Johnson

    screw faggots. or screw faggot haters i mean.

    fuck it, screw off – everyone!

  20. laura

    You people are all stupid, the guy doesn’t hate gay people. Fag is such an overused word in our society now, and he probably didn’t think it was a big deal. So why don’t people just stop saying he fucking hates gay people. T.R. Knight a nerd.

  21. wedge1

    Kudos to Mr. fish for writing an original bit of humor there.
    I was totally expecting something like “and by fired I mean that they shot him out of a cannon”.

    So with Isiah gone, does this mean that the show has officially jumped the shark?

  22. Hollywood Agent

    Come on, it was just a Joke. Get over it.

    All the Political Correctness is really running the free speech of this country.

    But, in the entertainment industry, no one is singled out. We hate all of them equally:
    WASPs, Blacks, Hispanics, and anyone else that does not talk Yiddish and dress British.

  23. iamsosmrt

    I think his firing has more to do with the fact that he has a volatile personality (as many have said)and is hard to work with. PLUS, TR Knight may not be returning either (the guy he insulted) so maybe ABC is trying to just wash their hands of the whole thing because you know that’s the mature responsible thing to do; sweep it all under the rug and just pretend like nothing ever happened (much like what MANY parents do when their kid tells them they are gay).

    I’ve always found it especially sad to see people who have clearly dealt with prejudice be prejudice themselves.

    Anyshit I hate Grey’s Anatomy, couldn’t watch a second of that whiny bullshit and I’m a girl; a girly girl who likes chick flicks and still I could stand that crap show, it’s just like Desperates Housewhores and Fugly Betty; overated crap.

  24. Sheva

    The elevated class of blacks and black victimhood has taken a fall. Black manhood everywhere is in tears.

    They just got passed by the new Hollywood pastime: buggery. If you like to bugger, you’re in, if you’re black, get in line.

  25. To all homosexual males:

    If you don’t like being called a faggot………..don’t suck dicks. Or allow them to be placed into your butthole. Or put yours into another man’s butthole.

    Thank you.

  26. The Superfish guy is on coke

    Gay leaders? Who was involved in that little round up I wonder. They probably said he had to suck a dick to prove he liked gay people. And HE DID! Just not up to standard.

  27. aprilmax

    Classic textbook case…closet homosexual.

  28. Captain Walleye

    The guy said the wrong thing…he made a joke out of it in an attempt to lighten the situation…he apologized and tried (is trying still) to make ammends. He didn’t have to do all the stuff he’s done to make up for it but I think he’s doing an outstanding job. At least he’s trying to grow as an individual. I don’t think he should have been fired over this.

    I also think that costar: Hegl? should keep her yap shut. She seems like a bitch. Please show more of her body on this site, especially her titties.

  29. cosmetologist

    I’ve worked with a lot of people in the movie business, and they all say stuff like this all the time about each other behind their backs.

    It’s not like he put it on a Flashing Neon Sign on top of the studio or something.

    The PC police need to lighten up. I’m sure all of us have been called something we didn’t like when we were in Elementary school.

    Washington should have been punished by having to stand in the corner, like all children do, for saying a bad word.

  30. iamsosmrt

    *could not stand

  31. I heard he was fired because he was tired of eating Chinese.

  32. Stephen

    hahaha sweet justice

  33. Isaiah Washington

    Man, fuck them fag-loving faggots.

    No, no I didn’t mean it literally! NO!

  34. london

    See people we wouldn’t have this problem today if Hitler was still alive. He would’ve exterminated every single fag alive.

  35. deb

    TR Knight is a whiner. his character is a whiner. they fired the wrong person

  36. The guy’s character was unrealistic. He wore a Tulane shirt. I went to Tulane: there were ZERO black people. Totally preposterous. Glad to see him go.

  37. PrettyBaby

    #25 Star Wars Charactor- Right on.

    TR Knight IS a faggot, who fucking cares.

  38. MrSemprini

    Once upon a time, gay meant happy. Now, it means degenerate. Welcome to progress.

  39. BLAH

    #35 of course he’s a whiner he’s a fag

  40. asslove

    All you fag-haters out there should shut up. If the world didn’t have homos, then we’d have to cornhole each other. And hate it!!!

  41. woodhorse

    I can’t get excited about this. If he had called a woman a Bitch or a Cunt, he would not have been fired. Once again, it is illustrated to the world that women are on the bottom (well, that can be really nice) of the food chain (sucks rocks).

  42. a

    asslove shut up you aids inducing mentally ill human race reject

  43. asslove

    #42 – I always wear protection, so don’t mind me while I get horny in your ass.

  44. x

    If he was white he would have never got fired. I’m white and I know it’s a privilege to be white and we get away with so many things people of other races don’t. It’s sad how ignorant human race still is, however we’ve become more accepting of sickness such as homosexuality.

  45. Jesus Christ

    why do we have to have this problem in our society, why can’t we just burn all the fags and get rid of the problem?

  46. A Yak With a Raging Erection

    @36 Bern, phenomenal massive tits on your site today buddy.

    I would do the old lady with clap.

  47. A Yak With a Raging Erection — good to see you. I have never seen you on this site, but your name is one of my favorites among commenters on my site. Kudos to you, friend.

  48. one step forward :)

  49. Dan

    Verrrrry interesting, but stupid!!! Who cares what he thinks about gay. I dont like them now since they make schtupping other guys political. The irony is that this poor man is a member of race that has members like Jesse Jackthem, and Al Sharpasabowlingballton, who have gone out and made spectacles of themselves to have everyone fired who makes any comment about blacks in a less than positive light.

    To the guy he callled a faggot: Take it like a man and move on. You dont have to go and get someone fired from his livliehood because he made a comment and in truth, he could care less about the fact that you find men’s hairy poop chutes attractive.

  50. Chauncey Gardner

    It doesn’t matter. I’ve never seen ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, but this guy was always gonna be Kenneth from OUT OF SIGHT to me anyway.

    “You a good bitch, Tuffy…”

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