Isaac Hayes dies at 65 (1942 – 2008)

August 10th, 2008 // 62 Comments

In a freakish turn of events, Isaac Hayes, who co-stars with Bernie Mac in the upcoming film Soul Men, was found dead Sunday afternoon. The 65-year-old soul singer was collapsed near a treadmill when he was discovered by a family member, according to the AP:

Hayes was pronounced dead at Baptist East Hospital in Memphis an hour after he was found by a family member, the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office said. The cause of death was not immediately known.
With his muscular build, shiny head and sunglasses, Hayes cut a striking figure at a time when most of his contemporaries were sporting Afros. His music, which came to be known as urban-contemporary, paved the way for disco as well as romantic crooners like Barry White.

Younger readers will remember Isaac Hayes as the voice of Chef on South Park. I always hoped one day he’d write me a kickass theme song. Something where I’m a street-wise detective who has sex with strippers while cleaning up the streets in my tank. But, alas, it wasn’t meant to be. Rest in Peace, Isaac Hayes. You were one bad motha.


  1. Cyrez

    I wish he hadn’t been a Scientologist but it does suck that he died…

  2. kpol

    Oh no, they killed Chef.

    You, Bastards!


  3. RobotRock

    The fuck? Can’t even trust treadmills.

  4. RobotRock

    The fuck? Can’t even trust treadmills.

  5. I’ll miss his chocolate salty balls.

  6. bubba gump

    Wow, what is going on

  7. sierra

    hmmmm… “Soul Men.” creepy…..

  8. LOrd ATOM

    KAbbalistikk SEVEN!!
    ITS called death…

    the generational gap, aint that long anymore, time for the new generations to F kc things now!

  9. LOrd ATOM

    MEH eighth then!!!

  10. friendlyfires

    Isaac was not all that well since the stroke in Jan ’06.

    Since there is no Hell, Adam Corolla and his cohorts should have their sour balls fried in Crisco or Wesson oil while they are still attached. Hayes had aphasia and they treated him like he had got baked before the broadcast. Not funny, Adam, very cruel.

    I don’t believe in Scientology, either.

    When you’re dead, you’re dead.
    We still got the music, the films and memories.

  11. I know Isaac Hayes for the voice of Chef on South Park, I also remember the soundtrack for Shaft. Yesterday Bernie Mac, now Isaac Hayes today. The random deaths are starting to get to close together if you ask me!

    If you want to view my post.

  12. woah

    Michael Jordan is dead?

  13. friendlyfires

    Rock on with Hayes on You Tube

  14. lawrence

    He is such a talent acotor. I learned his death from celebrity guys at That is awful loss! He will be missed very much by many people. My prayers goes out to his family

  15. Bunnie

    Isaac, you will be missed.

  16. worrying

    So Heath Ledger dies and the Joker subsequently becomes the biggest selling movie of all time, with no doubt that the publicity surrounding his death made more people go see the film. So I’m wondering whether the producers of ‘Soul Men’ had a clever idea here and thought up a way of getting double the publicity by killing off the cast members… I mean, they are no longer needed, and it worked before right? Only, Bernie and Isaac aren’t quite as famous anymore so they both had to go. One sensational weekend of publicity. And I bet when ‘Soul Men’ comes out every single one of you will think ‘Oh, that’s the one with both those guys who died. I’ll go see it. Out of respect or whatever.’

    Which makes me hope Cameron Diaz is starring in an upcoming film soon. Maybe a film about four girls who go on a road trip? Four girls who are Diaz, Lohan, Spears and Kardashian. Oh, and that annoying bitch off the Hills. That would be some great publicity.

  17. Avi

    first bernie, now this….

  18. mimi

    Praying for Amy

  19. Scientology

    good riddance

  20. He was good as Chef..but he shouldn’t have joined Cult of Scientology

  21. Cain from Kung fu

    He was the Duke of New York he was A number 1

  22. Aline


  23. Rob

    “You were one bad motha.”

    -Shut yo mouth! R.I.P.

  24. literarycritic


  25. patrix

    well this is a shame. graned he wasn’t on southpark anymore…which honestly is the only way we remember him now except for commercials, but he was an awesome dude me thinks.

    I’d have to agree there is some plot to wipe out artists at their peak/last hurrah performances. Either they are pulling the plug themselves or there is some organization responsible for immortalizing celebrities…seems just too damn weird for stars to eat the devil/god dick right at their most impressive moment.

  26. veggi

    Guy lived his live like a degenerate dog, not a human. Maybe he gave himself an embolism trying to lick his salty balls.

  27. literarycritic

    Shut the fuck up “veggi,” for god’s sake.

  28. Dude had more sunglasses than Elton John.

  29. CJ

    What a jolt this was…RIP Isaac.

  30. Fucking scientologist piece of shit. He quit South Park because was upset at two episodes that simply presented the self-satire that is Scientology, include the one about Tom Cruise being “Trapped in the Closet” (he refused to appear in that episode, even though he had no problem being in all the other episodes that made fun of various religious types, like Mormons). Total brainwashed hypocrite. I really hope he suffered.

  31. Scientology?


  32. Lola

    Mehn this is so weird… What irony they both passed away right after one another? Hollywood getting rid of all the black actors… Ok bad joke. Just kidding. But may God rest his soul in peace… A great talented man… You’ll be greatly missed

  33. Hecubus

    Dave Chappelle must be shitting himself right about now.

  34. netstarman

    Was he under the hospital care or Scientology care when he died since i know that uber cult uses only cooking oil, vitamins and magnesium shots to cure people. It makes you wonder on how that happens; that someone like him dies in a hospital with Scientology all over Issac Hayes checking account.

  35. shar

    #33, You made me laugh out loud. Chappelle is not a stable person to begin with, this will cause him to have a meltdown.
    RIP Issac.

  36. schak

    He was an icon.
    A hallmark.
    A legend in his own time…

    but his muzak sucked…still does…fuk ‘em but RIP.

    See ya on the other side Isaac!


  37. schak

    …can ya dig it!

  38. steve

    He had 12 kids and problems with being completely irresponsible about finances. No wonder the blacks loved him so much.

  39. You’re a funny guy, steve. Likely the product of inbreeding, but funny none the less…

  40. qwerty

    you will be missed chef,
    you will be missed

  41. Damn! I just noticed the picture, and his groid-nose is wider than the microphone!

    I wonder if that shitskin was on the downlow with a gorilla; just the thought of it makes me horny!

  42. Mercutio

    to comment no. 26 –


    Hayes achieved more on one album (as Black Moses) than anything you will ever achieve in your sad pathetic life.

    Piece of shit.

  43. Mercutio

    RichPort –

    Your comment sucks, you’re disrespectful to someone who without a doubt would have beat you down if you had tried that shit with him.

    Don’t think you’re being clever with this racism you’re trying to drop on here. I see you…fuckin’ asshole. You say this shit, and yet you’re saying it about someone who isn’t even alive to respond, even if he cared enough to?

    This site should purge people like you, idiot.

  44. #41 – Your mom never looked better.

  45. Dear Mercutio,

    You lack the literary prestige of your Shakespearean idol, yet seem to match his obliviousness to reality and the trickery moronic jealousy can play on the minds of lesser men. You’re obviously reasonably new here, and likely to the Internet as well. Any nutless eunich can pretend to be someone else on this site. It’s the price of admission here. Hence the deluge of “veggi” comments. So if you think that was me, you’re apparently no more intelligent than the ignorant asshole that succeeded in getting a rise out of you. Kudos.


  46. nick jagger

    I would like to be the first to piss on his grave

  47. veggi is an old skank

    Damn veggi you an old chick trying to act all cool and with it and shit. You must be doing some seriously mind-altering drugs to forget about how close to 40 you are.
    Oh and you’re ugly.

  48. Barely Stearn

    Uhh…Who’s killing off all the powerful black male entertainers…? Is this why our President is pissing away taxpayer $$$ sitting on his ass watching beach volleyball in %^@#&*@ China?! Does he need an alibi?

    I smell nefarious secret government plot….

    I too am praying for Amy…and Tom…

  49. Tom Cruise

    This is a Scientologist killing. Cmon, can’t you see it?

    What was a guy who recently had a stroke doing alone on a treadmill? Really, it makes little sense.

  50. l_AB

    Hmm… this seems fishy. Issac Hayes and Bernie Mac both dead and Morgan Freeman nearly killed. I think someone is trying to eliminate famous black people- Obama may be next.

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