Isaac ‘Chef’ Hayes quits ‘South Park’

March 13th, 2006 // 54 Comments

isaac-hayes-quits.jpgSoul singer Isaac Hayes, voice of the Yoda-esque “Chef” character in Comedy Central’s “South Park”, said he was quitting the show after nine seasons, citing “inappropriate ridicule” of religion as the reason.

“There is a place in this world for satire, but there is a time when satire ends and intolerance and bigotry towards religious beliefs of others begins,” the soul legend said. “Religious beliefs are sacred to people and at all times should be respected and honored. As a civil rights activist of the past 40 years, I cannot support a show that disrespects those beliefs and practices.”

Evidently, the place for satire is when the show’s talking about Christianity. Or Judaism. Or Buddhism. Or Islam. Or Hinduism. Or farting Canadians. Or, really, anything that’s not Scientology, the religion Hayes belongs to that “South Park” recently ridiculed. Being the observant folks they are, Matt Stone and Trey Parker commented on this coincidence:

Past episodes of South Park have skewered Catholics, Jews and Mormons, among others. However, according to Stone, he and Parker “never heard a peep out of Isaac in any way until we did Scientology. “He wants a different standard for religions other than his own, and to me, that is where intolerance and bigotry begin,” Stone told the Associated Press.

So the end has come for baritoned chocolate salty balls recipes and instructional ditties on getting women in the mood. I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of Chef, though. Seeing as how the two parties have parted in bad blood, there’s bound to be a sweet death scene in the upcoming weeks. Most likely involving Tom Cruise and at least one or two references about Scientology being 100% true.



  1. WackyJacki

    Bwa ha ha ha….

  2. maggixial

    scientologists are some ca-razy mofos.

  3. Foxbase Alpha


  4. No1Zero

    Isaac Hayes is so freakin retarded. I can’t wait to see how Trey and Matt take shots of him on the show.

  5. tsacrey

    What a double standard Hayes enjoys. Mock Christ, God, Allah, no problem. Make fun of a freak cult started by science fiction hack homophobe..nothing doing. Screw Hayes and let the roast begin

  6. Evangelia

    he wasn’t funny anyway. fuck ‘im.
    terence and phillip on the other hand..have provided me with much good, clean cartoon fun over the years. just thinking of the song “shut your fucking face unclefucker” brings an innocent, childlike smile to my face.

  7. Evangelia

    he looks like bin ladin (not the reality show one, the other one) in this pic.

  8. Becca

    Even though he is a dick for leaving, I will still miss the classic “Chef”. Good ol’ South Park always leaves a smile on my face.

  9. dodah1

    Honestly, South Park isn’t funny anymore, and should have packed up it a long time ago. I really could care less about his leaving since the whole show needs to call it a day already. Other shows are way better and everything they do now is just lame. Whatever…

  10. gogoboots

    Uhm, this made no sense to me, and it is a double standard that Isaac Hayes as a Scientologist obviously missed. The show is still funny, depends what you’re looking for, it’s the same formula as always. Unless you want the boys to do something different, then people would complain that it’s not South Park. See, no one is EVER pleased, just a bunch of whining wankers you people are! WAHHH!

  11. gogoboots

    Also L. Ron Hubbard created Scientology because he lost a bet with the creator of Dune. Or maybe he won it, because Dune was based on a religion of sorts. And Scientology still exists thanks to Tom Cruise and the celebs (who, I may add, are doing terrible movies now).

  12. Jewbacca


  13. boobtube

    next in line for southpark politically incorrect puns: black cooks.

  14. madonnasponytail

    that’s a shame. i love chef. south park is one of the few good shows on tv (drawn together – uuuugh). i look forward to his untimely death.

  15. The Word

    you’re a brainless buffoon if you think South Park isn’t a good show anymore. Dodah, you obviously haven’t been watching the last few seasons if you truly believe South Park, with their recent brilliant mockery of Scientology, ALF, global warming, and other great episodes aren’t funny. Either that, or you don’t get the jokes. As for Chef, he was a huge element of the show’s comedy back in the earlier seasons. Anyone remember Chefs “chocolate salty balls”? saying that, he indeed is a hypocritical fool in leaving a show for religious beliefs when he’s known the show’s entire existence depends on satirizing social issues and every nationality, religion, and country known to man. Love it or leave it!

  16. It took Isaac Hayes 9 years of doing a vioce on South Park to realize the show was offensive to certian people??

  17. Iouliana

    “we’ve…we’ve discovered what caused the flood…the rumours..they were true…

    it was..
    Global Warming!!!”


    i love quoting south park. and family guy. my family thinks im an idiot for watching these politically incorrect dirty cartoons with improper use of..well everything…i say…

    “taste my salty choclate balls!”

    wtf..who cares if he’s leaving..they’ll find another voice…

    i mean meg on family guy has been voiced by like 3 different girls and nobody noticed. how do i know this? i dont know..but i do.

  18. LickyLicky

    I. Love. SouthPark. I didn’t start watching it until about two years ago, and now I sit and watch all the reruns, which, to me, aren’t, and laugh my ass off.

    Social commentary has been redeemed by SouthPark, and I think the thing that makes them so great is that they don’t draw a line and decide not to cross it. They make fun of EVERYTHING. The Katrina episode was hysterical, even though most of my friends from other areas of the country were horrified that we were being lampooned. If Isaac needs to quit because he decided to draw a line that they couldn’t cross, then it’s right that he go anyway because he’s not upholding the *ahem* standards of the show.

    They way they do tongue-in-cheek for everything, and get away with it because nothing is direct, is the greatest thing ever. I wish I worked on SP, just so I could say I did.

    Scientology sucks. They take all your money for a bunch of bullshit; make you pay to move to a higher level. Even Catholicism doesn’t do that, and they’re a bunch of money-hungry fuckers. And yes, I grew up Catholic and guilty. I converted. I’m much happier now. Long live SouthPark.

  19. bookofsnow

    What’s really f’ing ironic here is that Chef hasn’t been in an episode of South Park much lately at all. Maybe once in the last 2 seasons? Who cares if he leaves? He was one of the characters I hated anyhow.

    And no, it’s not as funny of a show as it used to be but I will still download it as it airs (I’m in Europe) because once in awhile they do an awesome episode!

  20. Cairde

    What Matt and Trey probably don’t realize–given that they have run a mini media empire and don’t have the time I have to look up weird cult shit–is that Hayes really doesn’t have much of a choice here. Why?

    Hubbards writings make it pretty clear to members of the “church” that anyone who even questions Scientology is an enemy of the whole community (i.e. psychologists, psychiatrists, journalists … any person who is supposed to think critically, really). Now, should you be a person or group that actually opposes Scientology through word or deed … then it gets scary.

    This is where the “Fair Game” policy kicks in. Essentially, Hubbard encouraged cult members … er … “congregants” to silence their enemies through any means necessary. Usually, this takes the form of litigation (which is why Matt and Trey fit the Jane and John Smith credit reel in as part of the Scientology episode’s gag). However, doctrinally, they wouldn’t frown on a member murdering or otherwise intimidating a churhc critic through physical force. How does this get back to Chef?

    Members are required to abstain from contact with “Fair Game” targets and other hostiles. In short, they’d probably kick him out of the church and/or sick some crazies on him in a parking lot if he continued to do the show after that episode. Watch out Brooke Shields and Matt Lauer. It’s only a matter of time before a certain stature and sexual identity challeneged poster boy goes to the mattress with you. Given that, double warning for Matt. (If you want to scope out the leaked official documents concerning what members are encouraged to do to critics, go to Operation Clambake’s sit at

  21. cronark

    Issac can’t help it. Scientology is basically brain washing, only you have to pay for it.

    And in responce to what gogoboots said Scientology is the result of a bet between L. Ron Hubbard and Isaac Asimov. Who is not the author of Dune. That was Frank Herbert.

    The bet was to see who could create a new cult first, and Hubbard won.

  22. cronark

    Issac can’t help it. Scientology is basically brain washing, only you have to pay for it.

    And in responce to what gogoboots said Scientology is the result of a bet between L. Ron Hubbard and Isaac Asimov. Who is not the author of Dune. That was Frank Herbert.

    The bet was to see who could create a new cult first, and Hubbard won.

  23. BarbadoSlim

    What a salty chocolate hypocrite.

    F-YOU Hayes, douche!

  24. bafongu

    They need to keep Chef in the story lines, but have his balls pecked off at a cock fight so they can give Chef a woman’s voice since he’s such a pussy. That should square it with Hayes…..Also can breath new life into the character since “she” can make salty chocolate “clams”…..

  25. hafaball

    Damn it, Tom Cruise got to the god of soul! It’s almost like being black listed, except…not…

  26. Remember when Barbara Streisands Lawyer sent them a Cease and Disist Letter and they responded with Two episodes that tore the crap outta her? I can’t wait to see what happens to Chef in the next few episodes. MUwahahahahahahahahaha

  27. amma

    Aaaaah, its too bad. Maybe the Scientologists made him quit?
    I keep thinking of that episode where an elephant and a pig make love…Like Chef trying to explain “You see chilren, God married a spaceman and they made Tom Cruise….”

  28. krisdylee

    This is all fine and well, just as long as Matt and Trey leave Clitology alone. You see, there is only one true path, so don’t be glib folks. I haven’t manually practiced my religion for many years to have a couple of smarty-pants make fun of me….

  29. Grphdesi23

    What a little bitch….

  30. christee

    i have a feeling his demise will involve an unexpected meeting w/ john travolta, and an airplane/spaceship crashing into a local mountain (which, of course, kills kenny-bastards). upon hearing of the crash, tom cruise, kirstie alley, and all the other scientologist whack jobs will make a “pilgramage” to the crash site, convinced xenu is about to come back. something about cartman trying to make a profit from the crash, stan and kyle ask mr. mackey to tell them all “um, scientology is bad, mmmkay??”, mr(s). garrison becomes a scientologist, and alerts his new “family” to the “faggotry” of big gay al and mr. slave. lemmiwinks crawls out of an asscrack, and saves the day by proving tommy cruise is actually gay, by crawling up his ass, and showing all how much he likes a little anal stimulation. scientology is now disbanded, and ashton kutcher becomes the new school cook, and tries to convert the chil’ren to kabbalah…
    i think that’s it.

  31. Celetina

    He might’ve been important in the earlier seasons, but I can’t remember the last time I saw Chef in a new episode. It’s not exactly a major loss.

  32. playahater101

    So why wasn’t he offended by the Michael Jackson episode where he sleeps with the boys and dresses like peter pan and his nose falls off? Or the Paris Hilton episode with her stupid spoiled whore store? Because those were GREAt episodes and incredibly funny. He needs to realize that scientology is a joke. And lighten up a little bit.

  33. #30 Christee,

    Good Idea but Simpsons already did it. ;)

  34. LRonHoover

    Poor Chef… nothing but a Hypocrite…and probably Tommy and Johnny’s Butt Boy

  35. South Park was the only thing keeping Isaac Hayes’ career going. Since Barry White died, maybe he can take over his Arby’s voiceovers. And what a hypocrite! Lampoon everyone and everything, but the second galactic overlord Xenu is mocked, time to abandon ship (pun intended). These Scientologists are scary in how nutty they are. Coming soon, The Passion of Xenu, featuring an all-star, all-Scientologist cast.

  36. christee

    spindoc- i missed that one. dammit! that’s what i get for living in the woods, and not having cable. and now i can’t get the lemmiwinks song out of my head. it’s going to be one of those days…

  37. tweetybird

    Back in December, Isaac Hayes went on the Opie & Anthony show on XM satellite radio. When asked how he felt about the South Park episode that made fun of Scientology, Mr. Hayes replied:

    “Matt and Trey lampoon everybody, and if you take that shit seriously, I’ll sell you the Brooklyn Bridge for $2.”

  38. Sheva

    Make fun of the Christians and Catholics especially all you want but just steer clear of sacred Xenu, gays and the holy sacrament of abortion.

    Then you’re good to go.

  39. ESQ

    I’m glad Issac Hayes had no problem with South Park’s attacks on every freaking thing else imaginable.

    I guess the money is only dirty when you don’t like the dirt on it.

  40. tweetybird

    #7 Evangelia,

    True dat… bin laden as a blow-up doll.

  41. LoneWolf

    “Goodbye, Chirldren.”

    “Bye, Chef!”

  42. gogoboots

    So Trey and Matt MUST make fun of Isaac Hayes, it is totally mandatory, sorry guys!

  43. Xarah

    How long has Isaac been a Alien Worshipper? Did it start only after he made lots of money from South Park? They usually don’t want old, washed up black guys.

  44. Magpie

    Now he’s peddling Lays potato chips…guess the moonbats over at the Scientology helped him land that deal in order to make his departure from SP a little easier on his bank account.

  45. Maeve97

    Scientologists are such morons. Jenna Elfman said that AIDS is a state of mind, not a disease. I really hate all Scientologists. Let’s have them shipped off to an island with only copies of Battlefield Earth to entertain them.

  46. playahater101

    #45 someone should drop Jenna Elfman in AIDS ravished africa or india and see if she still thinks it’s a state of mind. She’s a waste of oxygen.

  47. Jeremy1Esq

    L. Ron hubbard has naked pictures of Tom Cruise and Hayes fucking.

    Hayes had no choice.
    Southpark is still a great show.

    The mormons episode is the best

  48. mamacita

    I went on that website and let me tell you, that is some crazy shit. There’s a story about some woman who had a nervous breakdown and they had ‘auditors’ do all kinds of interrogations on her over a course of several days, prescribed medications for her, kept her from getting psychiatric care, and in the end made her sign legal affidavits that basically stated that the Church of Scientology was in no way responsible for the decline of her mental state. Yikes.

  49. SilverBaked

    …sooooo, he stays the whole time they say sick effin s#*t about everything on the planet. But, stick it to Scienfalsity and he splits?? LAME.

  50. Jahed

    Religious beliefs should at all times be respected and honored. Like when in Leviticus it says you should cut off your wife’s hand if she brushes the genital area of another man. Or like in Islam where all people, even People of the Book, must become Muslim, or die. Yes. These are the things that need to be honored. Congratulations on being an idiot and a hypocrite, Isaac Hayes.

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