Is Courtney Love Pregnant? Is There a God?

courtney_love_thumb1.jpgBack in August, Courtney Love claimed she was pregnant with Steve Coogan’s baby, telling Britain’s News of the World newspaper: “I’m pregnant. I only found out 72 hours go. I’ve only told three people and you’re the fourth. I’ve been really unslutty and really picky, I haven’t been with another man for a year, which is how I know the baby is his.” Both later denied they were having a child together, but Love was recently spotted sporting a baby bump – reviving rumours she is expecting Coogan’s lovechild.

I’m not sure that Courtney Love isn’t some sort of zombie. She doesn’t look entirely human, kinda like she woke up just before they stuck her in the crypt. If that’s the case, I’m less worried about her bearing children than I am about her eating them. Doesn’t she have a daughter? Has anyone seen her lately?