Irina Shayk Doesn’t Shave Her Legs

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover model Irina Shayk apparently doesn’t shave her legs because here she is in LA yesterday looking a tad, I dunno, let’s say “Kardashian-esque.” Now, for a fun little experiment, try and find a single man who would let this deter him from having sex with her, which will, of course, be next to impossible. To put things in perspective, her leg hairs would have to be physically swatting my penis away, and even then I’m pretty sure I’d just find the least rape-ish way to bring a machete to the bed. “So, listen, I’m going to pull out a large, sharp knife now, but don’t worry, baby, it’s not what you think. Or is it? Ha! Kidding! But seriously, you’re gonna want to stay on my good side.”

Photos: Pacific Coast News

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