Irina Shayk: 2011 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Photos

February 16th, 2011 // 30 Comments

Here’s Irina Shayk posing for the 2011 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue which she also happens to grace the cover of. Now, usually this is the part where I attempt some sort of witty commentary, but if you’re even reading this, you’re probably thinking about shoes and/or behind the wheel of a moving vehicle. — You should probably look at the road now.

No, seriously.

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Photos: Sports Illustrated


  1. Eric

    Take notes, Emma Watson.

  2. jake

    No bullshit, I WAS driving when I read this post. Thanks for the safety tip Fish!

  3. Doc Schweinstrudel

    Russian women are beautiful

  4. Carolyn

    Look at the difference between her boobs and Brooklyn Decker’s. Practically the same pose but this woman’s breasts look like two halves of a grapefruit stuck on he chest.

  5. Virgodoll

    Wat’s with her pubic region? there isn’t even a hint of labia down there

  6. Deacon Jones

    I don’t eat the balloon knot, but I think I’d make an exception in this case.

    Nice work airbrushing out her camel toe, S.I.

  7. richie


    • supashan

      HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!! That’s all i gotta say..this these pictures make me wanna become a full blown!!

  8. supashan

    BTW…Brooklyn Decker kind of looks like a tranny,,,just sayin

  9. XYZ

    The magazine cover is either heavily photoshopped, either its a case of head copy/paste, or its a double. Enuff to check out her other pics on the net. She looks completely different. And she’s common looking to really ugly. The wonders of make-up and photoshop…

  10. After looking a pic #5, I would lick that asshole and then commence to pounding it from the back.

  11. In pic 2 her breasts look natural but in pic 1 they look fake..whatever..I like the swimsuits they put her in and she’s pretty..

  12. abe vigoda's eyebrows


    how the fuck did this woman land the cover? Did Cristian Ronaldo buy it for her?

    • Steve Ross

      Uh, you’re kidding, right? If not, you either need your eyes checked, or, you could just commence to killing yourself. Shes fucking stunning and you obviously have shit taste in women…whose your ideal mate, Susan Boyle?

      • abe vigoda's eyebrows

        refer to my Brooklyn Decker post Steve.

        I think this woman looks like the Empress of Lucite – Shauna Sand.

        her lips are atrocious.

  13. Talk Hard

    I wouldn’t mind chewing on her mudflaps.

  14. jojo

    Don’t you mean Saint Irina Shayk? The patron saint of the erection.

  15. gluten

    holy fuck..
    i totally wish i had a cock, oh god the things i’d do
    is there any such thing as a clitorial erection coz i think i have one

  16. matti

    Shayk that ass

  17. cc

    There might be hotter women out there…but you’d have to frickin’ search high and low to find them. Please tell me they are offering life size copies of pic 5 so I can put one on my office wall?

  18. Anna

    One of my favourite models of all time!! So so beautiful!!
    …one thing though how come her boobs look so much smaller in the second one than the first one….??

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