BREAKING: Ireland Baldwin Made Another Vine Video, In A Bikini

Because Kim Basinger’s DNA is apparently the building blocks for everything right and good in the world, Ireland Baldwin shook her ass in another Vine video, only this time in a bikini and without her boyfriend’s dumb stupid face in it. And if you’re worried about looking at it, don’t worry, I’m pretty sure the FBI has its hands full right now. In fact, one might say they’ve been “falsely flagged” to divert their attention elsewhere. “A power grab for our civil liberties.” Ha! My poor, dear Alex Jones, you played right into my hand…



And here’s the other one for strictly scientific purposes:

Hmm, it appears the subject’s posterior seems to somehow be sexier despite the lack of bikini. Very interesting… *tries to jot down notes, gets clipboard punched out of hands by Chris Hansen*