BREAKING: Ireland Baldwin Made Another Vine Video, In A Bikini

April 25th, 2013 // 18 Comments

Because Kim Basinger‘s DNA is apparently the building blocks for everything right and good in the world, Ireland Baldwin shook her ass in another Vine video, only this time in a bikini and without her boyfriend’s dumb stupid face in it. And if you’re worried about looking at it, don’t worry, I’m pretty sure the FBI has its hands full right now. In fact, one might say they’ve been “falsely flagged” to divert their attention elsewhere. “A power grab for our civil liberties.” Ha! My poor, dear Alex Jones, you played right into my hand…



And here’s the other one for strictly scientific purposes:

Hmm, it appears the subject’s posterior seems to somehow be sexier despite the lack of bikini. Very interesting… *tries to jot down notes, gets clipboard punched out of hands by Chris Hansen*



  1. I bet she’s a super annoying attention whore.

    You know what that means?

    More pics and videos going forward…yay!

  2. It turns out “twerking” isn’t as pornographic as I hoped it would be.

  3. Dre

    Desperate for attention much?

  4. Less Vine and more Vivid.

  5. She is starting to get super annoying. The douchebag boyfriend does nothing to help the matter.

  6. Ben Dover

    Jesus its only been a week since she went all model on us and I’m already fuckin tired of seeing her

  7. From Aziz Ansari:
    Reporter: Do you like to have sex with teenage girls?
    R. Kelly: Define teenage.

    I’m going to have to agree with R. Kelly here.

  8. JC

    Who’s the brunette?

  9. How long before she’s legally allowed to get naked?

  10. Want to piss off Daddy and humiliate Mum? Make a proper sex film, no anal but some lesbian sex would be nice, no boyfriend douche. Thanks Little Piglet !

    • The best way to piss of daddy is to make a full on porn tape with a black guy. I’m talking everything. Anal, deepthroat, gagging, squirting, the works. I’m available btw.

      • Gen

        You’re black?!?!

        For some reason I thought reading and commenting prolifically on celebrity blogs was one of those “white things”.

  11. There are years of delicious scandal ahead.

  12. :/

    Twerking, a white girl shaking her tailbone does not make.

  13. anonym

    where’s the ass? I don’t see it

  14. vienna B

    There is no ass. Just a goofy teen, all legs & hair. She looks like her dad.
    Not sure what to say about that.

  15. Ireland Baldwin Bikini Instagram
    Commented on this photo:

    So rich, she has hairstylist for her low esteem “look at me” instagram photos.

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