Invest in a Fallout Shelter: Taylor Swift Is Pissed

**And as the dust settled from the dropping of the final bomb, the first signs of surviving life were heard… Taylor Swift’s Reputation was being played over an emergency broadcast system.**

Perhaps the time has finally come that Taylor Swift has to face consequences for being a venom-spitting ice queen within the music industry. According to an insider with Grammy selection ties, T. Swift’s unabashed off-stage fuckery since her last album has not made her a lot of friends. Whatever conglomerate that Swift Inc. is operating under is trying to buy all the Grammy’s they can for Reputation, an album that was ‘meh’ at best (but will definitely win some stuff because money). Unfortunately for her, sabotaging Katy Perry’s even more ‘meh’ album lost some rich white guys enough money to hold a petty grudge against the Princess of Petty herself.

Her disrespect to fellow artists has infuriated key figures in the industry including members of the Grammys jury, which could ruin her chances at the 2018 awards in January.

An industry insider revealed: “A lot of people on the voting committee are not liking Reputation at all. Taylor wants to win as many awards as possible but has rubbed so many people up the wrong way in the last couple of years. A lot of the jury members have worked with Katy, Calvin and Kanye so when Taylor has tried to humiliate them, it has left a bad taste. Ultimately she may pay for that when it comes to winning awards.” (from PageSix)

Look, I think it’s kind of pointless to speculate about what’s going to happen at the 2019 Grammys right now (Swift’s new album isn’t eligible until then). Not so much because her new album is just not that good, but because the Grammys have zero credibility after snubbing Frank Ocean, Beyoncé, Kendrick, Prince’s Purple Rain… basically anything involving black people. Last time I checked, T. Swift is a super-human WASP with an army of sorority chicks that will happily take a bullet to the puss for her–she’ll be just fine.