Inside Ivanka Trump’s Apartment On “MTV Cribs: Prozac Edition”

Ivanka Trump, who now spends most of her time in Washington with Jar-Jar Kush, has had her Park Ave. apartment on the market for over a year. After multiple five-digit price drops, she’s now hustling the Stepford Wives’ wet dream,  sweatshop jewelry, and monetized feminism on Oprah. The video below is a segment of “what can’t you live without” that’s harks back to the days when rappers would walk into their houses full of rented shit and say, “this is my favorite part of the house,  but I’ve never sat in any of these chairs… oh, shit I got an aquarium full of sharks? That’s new!”

This, of course, was filmed only four years after her father admitted to Billy Bush his affinity for fingerblasting unsuspecting women on busses. So why am I posting this video from 2009? Because when a shallow and superficial T&A gossip blog has to call someone out for exploiting feminism to sell political agendas that can literally kill people, we should probably start getting worried. From Slate:

Some women who worked for Ivanka were surprised to see her present herself as a crusader for women’s work-life integration. In October, Marissa Velez Kraxberger, former creative director at Ivanka Trump’s company, wrote on Facebook about how she and her team had to fight “long and hard” to get Ivanka to agree to grant eight weeks of maternity leave.

The day before Women Who Work was published, Donald Trump appointed an anti-abortion activist who has said “contraception doesn’t work” to oversee the country’s only federal family planning program. If anything proves that Ivanka Trump is her father’s daughter, it is that she has the audacity to present herself as a champion of women’s ambition and equality while serving in his administration. Her refusal to acknowledge any contradiction between her feminism, however superficial it is, and her father’s reactionary politics almost feels like gaslighting.

Ivanka’s book, “Women Who Work,” is basically a self-help book for someone who is addicted to brunch and wants to know how to subversively perpetuate gender norms. It’s only 288 pages, so you could easily finish it by the time you finish two 40’s of rosé.

I really wanted to believe that maybe she was the one that had a little bit of humanity in her, a last bastion of hope for a family that seems like they’re actually trying to be as incompetent as possible, but no… Ivanka is a genetically modified money-baby with dad’s personality and mom’s rockin’ bod.

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*Looks like she’s been spending more time watching Nacho Libre on VHS than playing these board games…*