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July 6th, 2010 // 58 Comments

You can tell it’s a killer by the haunches.

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  1. Expert on Everything
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    Ummmm, she looks ok to me. add the big phatty house, and all the $$$$$ she got and she’s smokin hot! after 8 kids and a douchetard, I’d think she would be like Messica Limpin, but this chick looks like she’s having a blast. I know I’m in heaven when I got the bikini goin, the sun tannin and whatever happiness my $$$$$ can deliver to me right at the pool. why do we hate this chick? at least we see HER jogging! cant fat ass J. Simp crack a sweat ever? Pig. snaps to my girl K. Goss : )

  2. I’d bang it, jus’ sayin’

  3. fuuuuu

    i need about tree fiddy

  4. Can we call this “proof”?

  5. Jones
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    I’d hit it. I’ve definitely done worse, just like most guys have.

  6. ZigZagZoey

    Hahaha ~ I thought this was Brittany!

  7. charmcaster
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    omg.. first !! .. .. .. .. it’s about time..

    who is this anyway?

  8. captain america

    where is the wildfirte going on?
    ………..THE KITCHEN?

    by the kids?

  9. Me!

    Inhumane I say…dressing up animals is just inhumane ;)

  10. Dr. Hugh Jorgen
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    When anthropologists David J. Daegling and Daniel O. Schmitt examined the film, they concluded it was impossible to conclusively determine if the subject in the film is nonhuman, and additionally argued the flaws in the studies by Krantz and others. They noted problems of uncertainties in subject and camera positions, camera movement, poor image quality, and artifacts of subject. They concluded: “Based on our analysis of gait and problems inherent in estimating subject dimensions, it is our opinion that it is not possible to evaluate the identity of the film subject with any confidence.”

  11. Vito
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    Modrately attractive, and yes, fuckable. But I don’t think her feet are that big. And actually I prefer big tits to big feet.

  12. joho777

    I actually wondered if it might be Kate Gosslin with her bikini top stuffed with Kleenex.

    What a shocker to find it WAS Kate running down a victim.

  13. Randal's Rectum

    Lovely Brit Brit going for a little jaunt on her gorgeous estate, I see. Give it up Girlfriend, no matter how much you run, you will never chase away the hot!

    Randal’s Rectum

  14. model82
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    Commented on this photo:


  16. Charlie
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  17. Serpentor

    Godzilla, GODZILLA!!

  18. MikeyMike
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    Even though she is a head case, after all of the surguries, she looks pretty good.

  19. Koz
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    Yeah who?

  20. Deano
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    Call me crazy but I would do it.I not saying I would marry her or anything but she is way more doable than some of the skinny skanks running around out there.

  21. dude!

    Bet she is hotter that Fish’s mom. Just saying . . . .

  22. Commented on this photo:

    Its Kate Gosselin.. For having 8 children and many many surgeries, she looks like she could be entertaining… Although, then she would want to talk..

  23. ipad case

    forget about the haters ! i still would love to love you long time ~~~ – -” yea , i know , pretty lame

  24. Dice

    My apologies to Brooke Hogan. Thought it was her fat ass instead.

  25. weaselmouse
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  26. Nick Manning
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    I’ve seen better, and I’ve seen worst. I would still bang this chick. Get her knocked up again then brag about it.

  27. chuck d

    give it some jack links beef jerky, maybe it will go away

  28. The Matador

    I feel the earth move under my feet, I feel the sky tumbling down.

  29. specialk
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    It’s Kate Gosselyn..

  30. boogeyman King Dong

    Yes that’s Bigfoot in its summer coat folks.

  31. Richport's Ghost

    The poster girl for plastic surgery and self loathing lumbers around like an angry, hungry neanderthal. Classic.

  32. b00b1E5 4|73 FUN!

    Most scientists discount the existence of Bigfoot and consider it to be a combination of folklore, misidentification, and hoax, rather than a legitimate megafaunal animal, in part because of the improbably large numbers necessary to maintain a species specific breeding population, and because climate and food supply issues would make such purported creatures’ survival in reported habitats unlikely.

    Nevertheless, Bigfoot is one of the more famous examples of a cryptid within cryptozoology and an enduring legend. A small number of academics such as D. Jeffrey Meldrum profess the view that evidence collected of alleged Bigfoot encounters warrants further evaluation and testing.

  33. luna

    I’m sorry- but that’s a pretty rockin body for someone who has had EIGHT kids.

  34. Matthew

    are you sure is not debbie rowe?

  35. pooter

    @ b00b1E5 WTF English muthafuka, do you speak it?

  36. captain crunch

    the joke here is that I would …

  37. Jennny

    Yeah. At first I thought it was Britney. Then Brooke. Then seriously laughed out loud when I found out it was Kate.

  38. Commented on this photo:

    Looks like her vet did a better job lifing those titties than navel re-alignment…
    Nice rack!

  39. DogBoy
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    Me too. Completely doable.

  40. james
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    I think she looks damn good. Probably better than the owner of this website.

  41. Rico

    I like reading about celebrities professional projects or wacky things they do. I’m even ok with them being photographed in public. But isn’t it sort of stalking if a photographer just sits outside someones home and photographs them all day? I imagine only the worst kind of human would be ok saying they are a paparazzi.

  42. J. Schmo


  43. oracle
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    Makes me crazy that this moronic be-yotch who never really did anything except have a giant uterus and exploit the fact that the average American is brain dead and finds themselves amused and emotionally attached to her sad shit is actually RICH AND FAMOUS…..WTF?????

  44. Kaz

    What this? I see just breast here,

  45. Kaz
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    I see breast

  46. Hayden
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    She looks like a man in the first ones. I was getting excited for a second.

  47. Fairy Tale

    Fee Fi Fo Fum…..
    “Run Jack run”

  48. dxbravo

    Sasquatch doesn’t have such nice ta-tas. Only difference.

  49. Jesus Christ
    Commented on this photo:

    1915: 1.8 Billion people,
    2010: 6.8 Billion people,
    95 years: 5 Billion people,
    2310: 22 Billion people,
    Solution to problem: Stop Creating Babies,
    Save your generations from suffering a miserable and horrible disaster by not creating them.

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