Insane Clown Posse Affirm Their Christianity, Hate Science

October 11th, 2010 // 144 Comments
Insane Clown Posse

I’m about four months late to this party, but for the record, I consider knowing anything related to Insane Clown Posse to be one step below owning a meth lab on the White Trash Barometer. Case in point: Eminem solved this mystery 15 years ago. Anyway, ICP apparently revealed in June that they’ve secretly been a Christian band all along, and that their overly-explicit songs which have spurred their Juggalo disciples into committing rampant acts of violence, including murders, were really all about finding God. (In their defense, these people did try to kill Tila Tequila.) Flash forward to this weekend where Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope sat down with The Guardian to confirm their faith and discuss their latest single “Miracles” which reveals a strong disdain for science and pretty much all knowledge in general:

“Well,” Violent J says, “science is… we don’t really… that’s like…” He pauses. Then he waves his hands as if to say, “OK, an analogy”: “If you’re trying to fuck a girl, but her mom’s home, fuck her mom! You understand? You want to fuck the girl, but her mom’s home? Fuck the mom. See?”
I look blankly at him. “You mean…”
“Now, you don’t really feel that way,” Violent J says. “You don’t really hate her mom. But for this moment when you’re trying to fuck this girl, fuck her! And that’s what we mean when we say fuck scientists. Sometimes they kill all the cool mysteries away. When I was a kid, they couldn’t tell you how pyramids were made…”
“Like Stonehenge and Easter Island,” says Shaggy. “Nobody knows how that shit got there.”
“But since then, scientists go, ‘I’ve got an explanation for that.’ It’s like, fuck you! I like to believe it was something out of this world.”

So if you truly love something, have intercourse with its mother or else it’ll tell you where pyramids came from. Got it. If that wasn’t deep enough, here’s the hidden religious meaning to “The Riddle Box” which has to make C.S. Lewis realize he went at this game all wrong, son. All wrong:

Hey, what’s up, motherfucker
This is Shaggs 2 Dope
Congratulating you on opening
the Riddlebox
It looks like you received your prize
The cost, what it cost, was your ASS,
(The Riddle Box, 1995)
“If you died today, God forbid, if you were hit by a car and you had to turn the crank to your own riddle box, what would pop out?” Violent J peers at me. “Would it be God, or would it be the devil? Only you truly know the answer to your own riddle box. We’re asking the listener, what is in your own riddle box if you were to die today?”

Okay, that was an easy one. You can practically hear Jesus saying those words himself. Fortunately, Guardian reporter Jon Ronson wasn’t about to stop there:

“So all those unpleasant characters in the songs,” I ask, “like the narrator in I Stuck Her With My Wang, they’re examples of people you shouldn’t be?”
“Huh?” Violent J says.
“Well, it’s very unpleasant,” I say. “‘I stuck her with my wang. She hit me in the balls. I grabbed her by her neck. And I bounced her off the walls. She said it was an accident and then apologised. But I still took my elbow and blackened both her eyes.’ That’s clearly a song about domestic violence. So your Christian message is… don’t be like that man?”
“Huh?” Violent J repeats, mystified.
There’s a silence.
“I Stuck Her With My Wang is funny,” Violent J says. “Jokes. Jokes, man. Jokes. Jokes. Jokes. It’s just a ridiculous scenario. Silly stories, man. Silly stories. What’s she doing kicking him in the balls? We find it funny.”

Ahahaha! Domestic violence.

But, no, seriously. Clearly, the balls represent salvation, while the wang is a metaphor for the Lion of Judah getting ready to “stick” the girl – us, humanity – with its love provided we don’t “kick” it in the balls, a.k.a. nail it to a cross. Which I believe we did, so I can see why it’s not returning our calls like a punk-bitch. (You jotting this down, Joel Osteen? Shit’s gold.)


  1. geez

    wow… how ridiculous

    • Deacon Jones

      So when will they start campaigning with the GOP?

      I mean, we saw Chuck Norris in 2008. It’s only inevitable.

    • me

      fucking rainbows and fucking shooting stars. Pure fucking magic. – Glad this is mainstream. I sleep better at night knowing this kind of stuff makes millions of $$$$$$. Can’t wait until I see another fucking rainbow. I hope it’s a double fucking rainbow. Those are fucking beautiful.

      • Tommy Lee's Cock

        Proof that Christians are retarded

      • BE

        Pots shouldn’t call kettles black, should they?

        Gee, if someonewanted to be controversial so I get free media coverage, then wouldn’t they do exactly this?

        Sigh, they suck in the haters, every time.

        Hey, I’ll go sit in my garage and scream that I’m a car and you’d probably believe it.

  2. i’m really confused…


  3. cloudy

    is this real? or is this a spoof band? i don’t understand the linked video. do they really not know how magnets work?

  4. nisro

    Thats Meth talking. I wish those 2 fuckers would die. They are worthless.

  5. Ash Bones

    What year is it?

  6. kat

    I can’t believe we allow idiots like this to live.

    • Gallo

      They’re not idiots. They’re crass and revel in ignorance, but they are gifted marketers. The people behind ICP have become very wealthy by tapping a previously ignored market: really fucked up, poor kids. Most of us are not supposed to like them.

      As for the Christian angle, I believe it’s calculated and was introduced later. They painted themselves into a corner with the unfolding mythology, and didn’t have anywhere to go with it. Saying “hey, we’re really trying to introduce you to God” is a huge turn that gives them a great expanse of new territory to explore. Conveniently, it also reduces some of the heat they were feeling for violence and criminal acts among their fans that started to make the news regularly. They can protect their brand by saying “Hey, don’t blame us– we’re CHRISTIANS!”

      I’ve been fascinated with them for 10 years, ever since I was walking to work and saw their garishly-painted Killer Clown tour bus parked outside a very expensive hotel with a tasteful late-model Cadillac being towed behind it. I can’t stand their music, but I am intrigued by obvious, cynical marketing that works.

      • ok..

        You are fascinated with uneducated kids and mentally slow teenagers who are easily manipulated? Its not so much marketing as preying on the stupid. This is literally what christianity does so it makes perfect sense. You trying to act like this was thought out is ludicrous. It simply fits perfect because they have the same motive and they have been using manipulation from the beginning. The truth is this. You are intrigued by obvious stupidity or people with very little education. Any one with common sense above the age of 14 should know these things.

      • dude

        the insane what now? who are these losers?

      • L

        Very interesting explanation!

      • Dorkis

        Nice explanation. I know exactly the type of people they are marketing to, and now they are covering the ” what are we and what are we doing here aspect “. Deeeeeeeeep thoughts little jaggaols. ahahaha. that has to be the worst and most expensive video I have ever seem. what was with the giant boner through the clouds? The funny thing about this whole thing is, they we trying to be all deeep and thoughtfull, but they said nothing that made you think. lol im still laffin at that mess.

      • Aaron

        ok no if you know anything about ICP J has been a devote christian since he was a child. They didnt just decide to go with it one day. And they dont try and use it as an excuse to protect their band they dont fuckin care what you guys think. Its people like you why Juggalos exist.
        WHOOP WHOOP MCL Bitches

  7. I can’t believe idiots like this actually have so many followers and so much influence… wait, are we talking about a band or organized religion?

  8. MrsKyree

    “Thy Unveiling” on The Wraith: Shangri-La album was released on November 5, 2002 here are the lyrics which clearly states…
    “Truth is we follow GOD!!!!
    We’ve always been behind Him!
    The Carnival is GOD and may all Juggalos find Him!”

    now before you get all bent on me i am not saying that i agree with them or their antics… but i do like a few of their songs… i do not claim to be a “Juggalette” and i do not walk around with my face painted hurting people, but they came out way before June of this year… try 8 years ago…. where have you people been? now all of a sudden you want to make a big deal out of what their religious beliefs are…. all i can say id get over it and quit whining…. everyone has a right to believe what they will… it is not our place to judge others…. unless you are claiming to be God yourself… or a judge in the court of law…

    The Carnival of Carnage,
    The Ringmaster,
    The Riddle Box,
    The Great Milenko,
    The Amazing Jeckel Brothers,
    and… The Wraith

    Looks like were all out of time brother.
    Everybody’s out of time!
    Fuck It, We gots to tell
    All secrets will now be told
    No more hidden messages.
    This is it yall
    Times up,
    Everything comes out right here
    No need for the reverse talking,
    The truth…

    Now we have been told this Carnival shit has touched on many lives.
    People have fuckin’ sworn to us they too can feel it inside.
    What is it that draws you in, this magic that compels you?
    We’ve been waiting six fuckin’ Joker Cards to finally tell you.
    The messages and hints were there, although most never picked up on them.
    We snuck ‘em in subliminally with that wicked shit around them.
    We mentioned more and more of this on every Joker’s Card.
    The bottom line always the same, you ain’t have to look hard!
    We wickedly kick it, inflict it, you get it,
    Get with it and dig it we don’t preach it flat out,
    ‘Cause some ninjas don’t wanna get with ya,
    They quick to forget ya without the hatchet and gat out.
    So we rose the hatchet, do or die, now Juggalos standing tall,
    After all 6 have risen the end of time will consume us all.
    It aint got nothing to do with us! It aint Psychopathic Records!
    All we’re doing is pointing shit out to you, we in this together!
    They’re saying who’s behind the Dark Carnival, the Gatherings and the Hatchet?
    Who’s beind Dark Lotus, the Circus and everybody at it?
    Who inveted Juggalos and Juggalettes and fuckin Faygo showers?
    What about that feeling you get when bumping our shit,
    Who’s behind the Juggalo powers?
    This ain`t no fuckin fan club, It aint about making a buck!
    Don’t buy our fuckin action figures bitch, I dont give a fuck!!
    It aint About Violent J or Shaggy, the Butterfly or Seventeen.
    When we speak of Shangri-La, what you think we mean?
    Truth is we follow GOD!!!!
    We’ve always been behind Him!
    The Carnival is GOD and may all Juggalos find Him!

    May The Juggalos Find god!
    May The Juggalos Find god!
    May The Juggalos Find god!
    He’s out there, He’s Out there!

    We’re not sorry if we tricked you!
    We don’t care what happens now.
    We’re not sorry if we tricked you!
    We swing our hatchet and we`re proud.
    We’re not sorry if we tricked you!
    Painted faces in the crowd.
    We’re not sorry if we tricked you!
    The Carnival will carry on.

    He’s Out There!
    May The Juggalos Find god!
    He’s Out There!
    May The Juggalos Find god!

    We’re not sorry if we tricked you!
    The Carnival will carry on.
    We’re not sorry if we tricked you!
    The Carnival will carry on.
    We’re not sorry if we tricked you!
    Painted faces in the crowd.
    We’re not sorry if we tricked you!
    Our carnival will carry one.

    Yeah, He’s everywhere!
    Im sayin He’s anywhere!
    Juggalos, Hes out there!
    Yeah, yeah, everywhere!
    He’s Out There

    Come see the show,
    Oh the big top show,
    Walk in and hang with the dead carnival
    Dead dirty carnies, dead Juggalos
    Walk Hand in Hand With the Dead Carnival

    He’s out there!

    Juggla, Juggla, fuck with the Juggla
    Juggla, Juggla, fuck with the Juggla
    Juggla, Juggla, fuck with the Juggla
    ya cant fuck with the Juggla

    May the Juggalos find Him!
    May the Juggalos find Him!
    He’s out there!
    May the Juggalos find Him!
    May the Juggalos find Him!
    He’s out there! He’s out there!

    We all gonna die, but I’m not gonna fry,
    Even though most never try,
    I’m not gonna let this pass me by, no.

    This is our world! This is our world! This is our world!
    This is our world! This is our world! This is our world!

    We’re not sorry if we tricked you!
    We don`t care what happens now.
    We’re not sorry if we tricked you!
    We swing our hatchets and we`re proud.
    We’re not sorry if we tricked you!
    Painted faces in the crowd.
    We’re not sorry if we tricked you!
    The Carnival will carry on.

    Suck My Nuts, Bitch! Fuck You!
    Suck My Nuts, Bitch! Fuck You!

    Inner City Posse got the Dog Beats
    ICP, we got the dog beats!
    Inner City Posse got the Dog Beats
    ICP, we got the dog beats!

    3 rings, a ding-a-ding-ding
    People love to point and stare
    3 rings, a ding-a-ding-ding
    Its the same as everywhere

    Murder Go Round,Murder Go Round
    How ya gonna fuck wit a wicked clown!
    Murder Go Round,Murder Go Round
    How ya gonna fuck wit a wicked clown!

    He’s out there!
    We don’t care what happens now!
    We swing our hatchets and we’re proud!
    Painted Faces in the crowd!
    The Carnival will carry on!
    The Carnival will carry on!
    Painted Faces in the crowd!
    The Carnival will carry on!
    The Carnival will carry on!

    Thank you! ladies and gentlemen.
    Thank you for joining us
    We hope you’ve enjoyed the Wraith’s exhibit of Shangri-La
    As soon as you die, this will be yours!
    Thank you for joining us! Thank you byaaatch!
    Hahahaha, always remember to fuck off!
    Thank you! Fuck Off! Good bye!

  9. Iz

    What the fuck is this shit??? Please DO NOT reproduce! Never read so much crap in my life!

    • BE

      Thank you! Some publicity wonk told these jerks to use “Christianity” because it IS always volatile to the public – and in particular – riles the haters. Don’t worry, this will eventually end with someone dead. Whether they do it themselves or one of their lovely following decides to go postal on them.

  10. Becky

    I hate these kinds of bands with a passion. Just stick with some good ol’ metal and you’ll be all good.

  11. mupps

    Our species is doomed…..and after these cretins, rightly so.

  12. drew

    Dude — were you raped by a pastor or something? You have serious issues with Christianity, and Christians, and Christ, and God.

    • Richard McBeef

      Any one with a functioning logic center in their brain should have serious issues with any kind of religion.

      • Andriiya

        Do you actually think it really take getting raped to make someone realize that there were no Adam and Eve and they did not frolic through the garden of Eden on their dinosaurs?

      • Johnny Cage

        @Richard McBeef

        As they should with militant atheism and it’s hilariously brutal by products such as Stalinism and the Columbine kids.

      • Monica

        @ Johnny Cage: IT’S is a contraction of IT IS. ITS is the word you were looking for. I’m totally not surprised you got that wrong considering your purposefully inflammatory and ridiculous conclusion that atheists and mass murderers are the same thing. You only have to have a basic working knowledge of history to know that religious zealots are responsible for most genocide, not atheists. You really need to go back to school and take some grammar and history classes. Actually, maybe just go ahead and take any class you can. Sarah Palin called. She wants her ignorance back.

    • Dude

      @monica. Typical libtard response. First attack the grammar, as if she never made a typo while spewing lies on the internet. Second, tell a lie about religion. Sorry, toots, but Socialism, Fascism and Communism has killed hundreds of millions in the name of their godless philosophies, all centered on man as the be all end all. In reality, wars in the name of religion, a highly flawed man made concept in and of itself, have led to only a few hundred thousand deaths. This is what you learn in basic history courses. And of course lastly, you have to mention Sarah Palin, a person you really do believe said “I can see Russia from my house” because keith olberman and rachael madcow said so. Three strikes and you are out. And soon you and your liberal friends will be irrelevant, never to be taken seriously again.

      • dumb shark

        “And soon you and your liberal friends will be irrelevant, never to be taken seriously again.”
        at least he has friends.

  13. Lou Dobb's Slave

    Great, another weeks begins with a photo of a FAT person. What’s next, photos of fatties Christina Hendricks, Jessica Simpson, Kate Gosselin, and Kim Lard Ass Kardashian? How about a normal size people week only here? No fatties, no anorexics.

  14. Juggalette

    ICP rule, unlike Satanist Ronnie James Dio who burns in hell.

    • Cementhead

      Haha… youre a dope.

    • kat

      No one will ever remember ICP. Have you read the comments? Most people are unaware they came out 8 years ago. I hope you’re kidding.

      • Juggalette

        No one would remember Dio except for the fact that he helped popularize the Satanic goat horns sign. He lied and said his grandmother taught it to him. He learned it from Satanists. The man was evil and no Christian. ICP use their music to bring fans toward the light, Dio used music to bring fans into darkness and hell.

      • Down Wit Da Clownz

        they made 40 odd albums in their 20 year career, majority of them going gold AT LEAST. they have hundred of thousands, maybe even millions of fans. they STILL haven’t sold out and gone main stream. how many artists do you know these days that can do that? not many pop stars who are as mainstream as you can get, can get further than 3 albums without dissappearing off the charts due to their lack of popularity. rock/metal bands rarely go further than between 5-10 albums before splitting up. clearly ICP are more talented than you know, unless you can do any better? thought not =]

      • wtf

        the reason why they got sold so many albums, isn’t because they’re good or talented, it’s because they have such a good fanbase and that’s just cuz theyre good buisness men. they know how to make money and i give them props for that. but frankly all i find them to be is a bunch of hypocrites. everythaning say contridicts another thing that they say. for example “and all my homies are holding me back so i dont look soft”.. thats saying they nedd their homies with them to look hard, becuz without them, they would look soft. if they need people behind them to look hard, then why do they always talk about how hard they are themselves?

    • mupps

      RGD got closer to God then these muppets ever will……Remember this, God is a metalhead……These clowns will be feeling satans salty ballsack.

    • Beyond the Grave

      Ronnie James shall smite you Jug-head. He who has a place beside God himself shant be mocked. Like a rainbow in the dark your true you will also shine through desperate shell; leaving these goat horns you speak of to be the only gesture from God you see from where you will fall. Long Live The King.

    • faygo sucks

      “ICP use their music to bring fans toward the light,”

      The only “light” ICP brings their fans toward are the burners in their home meth labs.

  15. reffear

    White people shouldn’t be allowed to rap.

  16. Pantz

    Almost sounds like a childrens song with a bunch of f-bombs dropped in. Reminded me a bit of Telletubbies but not as scary.

  17. captain america

    C*CKS TOGETHER WITH V*GINAS give babees.

  18. Jinxx

    It would be awesome if they would just go away already..along with all of their white trash fans. Worthless..I’ve never met one that could put an actual thought together.

  19. trousers

    weirdly, I relized I was an atheist around the same time I realized these two were no talent asshats

  20. ntlj

    “…I fed a fish to a pelican at frico bay, it tried to eat my cell phone – it went away.”


    You know, this song would be great, if it weren’t for the lyrics.

  21. HackSaw

    All aboard the fail boat.

  22. Old Guy

    Calling ICP “ignorant” is a compliment, it implies that they could be educated. Let’s face it, if education continues to decline, “Miracles” may be our new national anthem in 10-years.

  23. juggalo exterminator

    More freakin’ wiggers.

  24. It's Still TAB

    Wow! That is probably the most confusing excerpt I have ever read..

    Any band that wears make-up, mimicking John Wayne Gacy is a few french fries short of a Happy Meal.

    The only decent song they did and I think it was a cover is “Lets Go All the Way,” thos lyrics sort of sound what I guess they are trying to convey here…SMH.

  25. RoboZombie

    These guys are retards. No mystery there.

  26. It's Still TAB

    AND just WHO is buying their CDS?!

  27. Joaker

    Ok, I’m assuming he meant “fuck the mom” meaning fuck the fact that she’s there and just do what you want. But I can’t believe he doesn’t even realize he said that in the dumbest fucking way possible. As if their analogy and music in general wasn’t retarded enough

  28. sasha

    I like to imagine these two at 50. In makeup. Probably at Walmart.

  29. friendlystoner

    are these guys still around? remember hearing about these guys years ago. would have assumed by now that darwinism would have killed them off by some sort of meth induced incident. but i guess there`s still time, so fingers crossed………….

    • austin

      ok look ima juggalo and ima let u know something about darwin for one he said himself that his evolutionary theory was no more than a theory and that he could not support every aspect of it it was merely a suggestion

  30. Omg i couldnt even get thru that shit. Someone needs to lay off the weed. But hey sean we have a christian band even worse than stryper

    • ok..

      Wrong.. Weed in no way damages your brain. That was all a myth do a little bit of research. The reason they are so stupid is because of how little education they have. We have all seen college grads do extremely stupid things because they got the paper work side but not the common sense and real world understanding. They are also heavy admitted meth users which actually does destroy the brain. (proof over myths do the research)

  31. let's get rough before we are lovers...

    hahaha They’re right,eff science. Ill bet they’re responsible for that dreadful condom too. Sarah Palin, Insane Clown posse 2012 baby….

  32. And the biggest shame of it all is, the more a parent tries to keep this drivel away from their kids the more the kids perceive it as exciting, taboo & worth a listen.
    May I suggest to those seeking an antidote to what you’ve just read/watch/heard?
    Judas Priest – Unleashed in the East
    Followed by Van Halen’s first album.
    Or maybe some Beethoven.
    There ya go, all better now.

    • Heffer

      Zao if you’re hurting for christian metal.
      Type o Negative, Strapping Young Lad or Amon Amarth if you’re hurting for good metal.
      Twiztid if you’re looking for ICP type crap but only want to sacrifice 95% of your neurons instead of the 99.999 to 100% you’re guaranteed to kill listening to this crap.

    • Heffer

      @FrankNfrtr Not that I disagree with your selection, just a more modern selection for the kiddies.

  33. Darebear

    Scientists talk like fags, too.

    @ Juggalo, you can’t really be serious about ICP Ruling and Dio not. Dio would evil eye them into the ground.

    I have a friend who works at a service basically taking care of severely mentally handicapped people, and one thing many of the clients have in common is that they enjoy the ICP.

    • Juggalette

      The severely mentally handicapped can feel the message of light and love coming through their music. At least you admit that Dio was evil.

      • NOLA

        yeah…ONLY the severely mentally handicapped can feel the message of light and love coming through their music.

  34. james blonde

    it’s nuts.

    didn’t they just get some face time on ‘the office’?
    is this just some sorta twisted continuation…?

  35. kulit

    Wow, that idiotic “music video” sketch by Ryan Philippe on SNL was actually based on real people? WTF. I thought that was a figment of the SNL writers’ imagination… This is actually “real music”? Guess I’m not much of a music connoisseur.

  36. meatwad

    how do solar eclipses work? LOL

  37. dude

    I have to admit, I barely know who these people are.

    But the super excruciating lyrics, “Shagg’s little boy looks just like shaggy, and my little boy looks just like daddy” was good for a laugh.

  38. Juggalo Ninja


    Fuck all you guys, so what if ICP are christian? as a juggalo i knew this 8 YEARS AGO! not in fucking june, back in 2002 when they released album ‘The Wraith’, their song Thy Unveiling they tell all juggalos they believe in god… and how many other rappers sing and mention god in their songs? how come no one fucking judges them? Is it cause they dont sing about murder and stuff or as this guy put it “domestic violence”, the genre that their music is labeled in is called “Horrorcore”, its what they sing about, their personal lives and performing lives are different, the whole interview isn’t even in the article, they explain the lyrics “Fuckin’ magnets, how do they work?” they know about electromagnetic fields and stuff they are not that dumb… its more a joke then it is a statement, and if people cant see that they are obviously the dumb ones.

    I used to actually enjoy this site, fuck it, obviously has a shit load of misleading information

    • SamiJo

      its not because they’re claiming to be christians that people hate them. How can you listen to such crap? I felt my brain cells dying just reading that interview!

  39. ......

    does anyone really care?

  40. Niki

    So they hate scientists for cock-blocking they’re own stupidity and ignorance. Scientists have also ruined the mystery behind bacterial infections, I’m sure these guys would much rather die from an infected wound and believe demons entered their body than take a 2 week course of anti-biotics.

    • Juggalo Ninja

      Look if you guys say ICP suck so much, they wouldn’t make $11m a year… they are not even mainstream they are underground… They do have decent music…. are you guys by any chance judging by just listening to the song Miracles? (A.K.A. Fuckin’ Magnets) There are much more better songs… i agree that that song sucks, i never said and never will say its good… but ICP, Twiztid, Tech N9ne, ABK, Blaze Ya Dead Homie, KottonMouth Kings, KidCrusher etc all have decent songs and they call them selves juggalos…. just listen to some you might actually find something you like, lots of different Juggalo artists… Listen to KidCrusher if you like metal…. His songs are mostly metal kinda like slipknot with rap

  41. I miss Bill Hicks

    I think they are the First 2 original People of Walmart! I’m glad they hate science, by the inbred looks of them and their shit-throwing fans, science hates them too. Fetal alcohol syndrome is devastating in adulthood…

  42. gack69

    These morons are proof-positive that many religious types are complete idiots whose itty bitty minds can’t grasp any sort of scientific theory, so they fall back on “God” to explain it all away. Truly frightening.

  43. Compound9

    They are pretty fucking retarded. I have listened to their music (all of it, yes all of it. during the years of my ignorant youth I befriended quite a few Juggalo and Jugglette.) Their music lacks talent in a lot of cases which is of course a subjective statement because its art and art is perceptive. (did god make it too? because I can’t see how humans would be able to come up with such crap.)
    The Egyptians built the pyramids. Is it to far fetched to think that they did it with manpower and sheer ingenuity? (both of which they had a ton of) So God must have Built the iphone because im to fucking retarded to spend five minutes thinking of how it was actually made.
    Although I have grown fond of Faygo especially Rock N Rye and Black Raspberry. Other than their gross over-endorsement of Faygo, They suck.
    They have nothing constructive to offer society other than the constant defense of their ignorance by their devout followers. Hitler had followers, Some people actually like Bjork, and some people even think Jay leno is funny. I think i can draw the conclusion that anyone who meets enough people will have a following, you really don’t have to be good at anything to have followers. You just have to give people something/anything to follow and a percentage of them will follow devoutly.

  44. okkkkkkkkkkkk ….go live in a cave then. humans are curious by nature.

  45. I See Pee

    I was introduced to this little subculture about 10 years ago through an ex, and even though there are some very smart people that are into this, and usually they are very “civilized” on their own, but it’s a very tribal, primative experience. Some people grow up, they leave what they become to realize is a limiting peer group and discover a life beyond “Juggalos” & “Juggalettes” and some don’t, they need that connection, that fills a hole in their lives. I really don’t judge them on their music, which I always thought sucked, but their actions- which were usually childish to the extreme. They say you don’t choose your family, but in the case of ICP’s followers, they do, and they choose a bunch of drunken, weed-enhanced idiot clowns.

  46. Toni

    Im a juggalette and proud of it. I am also NOT naive nor am i stupid. im 38 years old, work at a corporate office asnwering questions from Pharmacists. I go to the Tech N9ne concerts and follow ICP. This is NOT because i want to kill things or because im a stupid follower. There is a place for everything. I also like Neil Diamond, Prince, Killswitch Engaged and Disturbed. Not to mention Broadway shows, Opera, and Ballet. Following ICP does not mean your stupid or ignorant ALL the time. I just enjoy alot of things and I don’t take what they say literally. Those that do ARE stupid and would take ANYthing literally – Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie, King Gordy…just like the old trials against Ozzy saying he was making kids do stupid things…NO the kids made themselves to stupid things. Maybe instead we should concentrate on educating kids between real and fantasy. ICP writes some funny stuff (their songs about the wizard of oz are very catchy and hilarious). So does Weird Al. Get over yourselves and realize mostly ICP is an attention grabber, an introduction to NOT main stream. Main stream is cookie cutter.

    • Rayvnskye

      You are such a special snowflake… Do your kind have a bingo card yet?

      • ppl

        hogwash!! you write just fine… and with straight forward articulation… Sheesh here probably only fuck in the missionary position because he’s so uptight.

    • Sheesh!!!

      The scariest part of your whole comment is that you are a 38 year old who can’t write in a complete sentence or use punctuation, but apparently others look to you to “answer questions”. FRIGHTENING.

      P.S. “A lot” is TWO WORDS!!!!!

    • JK

      “Following ICP does not mean your stupid or ignorant”

      Your. Haha, the irony.

      • Van

        These responses are reaching pretty hard to justify how you might be hiding your true, idiot nature… but you are just a normal, educated person with some bad taste in music

  47. Gino Ortiz

    Not being able to understand what scientists say doesn’t make them wrong…

    They taught me how magnets worked in 3rd grade. It was mandatory.

    This isn’t a decent representation of religious thinkers. This isn’t a decent representation of anybody. What it is is an insult to the industry, to most other rappers, to the already deranged and confused fans of icp who claim that they have found some sense of family and understanding in this anti-social phenomenon, whilst simultaneously causing random petty violence and often times ending their lives homeless or incarcerated. Now, I’m pretty sure most religions are against being homeless or incarcerated, and even more against petty violence. At least at their core.

    This is a celebration of general stupidity. I bet neither of those guys have even read a bible. They probably just smoke weed and talk about fucking bitches.

    • Goferlord

      It’s just upsetting that they are too lazy (stupid? stubborn?) to take the time out and say “Hey look, I don’t understand this. Maybe I should ASK somebody how it works or figure it out for myself or anything, ANYTHING other than make the most godawful abortion of a song illustrating my ignorance for the world to see.”

      Everybody is allowed to not know something, but if you can recognize your ignorance please don’t be arrogant enough to wear it around like a merit badge, it’s just pathetic.

  48. Apostate

    LMFAO. You can’t make this shit up. Simply hilarious.

  49. anonymous

    i don’t care as long as they keep throwing shit logs at tila tequila until she bleeds.

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