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February 13th, 2011 // 159 Comments
Rihanna Chris Brown Assault Police Photo

Presented without commentary.

Photo: Courtesy of TMZ


  1. That Guy

    “those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it”

    • Here is truth.

      Well done, Fish.

      • Girth Brooks

        blah blah blah. Who gives a fuck. You stupid ass people act like this is something new.

        This goes on in the black community DAILY and all you can do with ALL of your white guilt is act like crusaders for this stupid bitch? Its bigger than that and this shit happened like 2 yrs ago. GET OVER IT. They are both stupid ass people with no talent…and dont get me started on the stupid styles they try and rock. Fucking ridiculous.

        Too bad he wasnt driving in Malibu when he decided to freak out…then they could have gone off the cliff and these stupid posts wouldnt be up.

        NO ONE GIVES A SHIT about either of these talentless assholes and they are perfect examples of the daily life in Black inner city communities that you people like to ignore. If you give a shit, go work the domestic violence shelters instead of playing Johnny Cochran on here…morons.

    • Team Chris

      Anybody below that signs in to this website to post, “Anyone below that signs in to this website to post “team chris” is a fucking idiot.”, is a fucking idiot.

      And if your name is Geoffrey then you get double idiot points.

      • Andrea


      • Domestic Violence Prosecutor

        Hey Girth Brooks – ignoring a perpetrator and a victim of domestic violence because you believe they aren’t talented? How does that forward the cause of ending violence against women or domestic violence in general?

        Saying this attention is based on white guilt? You don’t think there is a problem with domestic violence in white or hispanic communities? The problem is greater among marginalized communities, but race has nothing to do with it. Ignorance is bliss to you as well as those you criticize.

        Are you suggesting that celebrities (talentless though they may be in your opinion) aren’t worthy of the attention? Rather than pretend this didn’t happen, let’s use the tragedy of this high-profile relationship to draw attention to an issue that knows no racial, economical, or cultural boundaries.

        By the way, Johnny Cochrane is s defence lawyer. He represents the alleged abuser.

  2. DKNY

    He sucked on SNL last night too.

  3. Kristin

    team chris

  4. The Juice

    Leave the guy alone. He’s trying to get his life back together and he publicly said he was sorry.

    If the bitch would just shutup he wouldn’t have been forced to do what he did.


    • Mutt

      I was wrong, I should have reserved that comment for you.

      Are YOU goddam serious??

    • Junon

      I hope someone wrongly beats the shit out of you and tells you to “Shut up and get over it.”
      Karma’s a bitch.

    • He is attempting to be funny by implying he is OJ Simpson. Wow how original. You are a comic genius. Moron.

    • Kaye

      Huh… All men that hate women are the same.

      • Jeremy

        Right. Chris Brown better run to China…and then get clapped anyways. Forever is never for that f*cking IDIOT. Peace….

    • beebee

      no matter what, it definitely means a lot if this woman beater to the press, that he wants to like him, says that hes sorry. totally means the public should support such a massive sexist sociopath on twitter. totally.

    • not right...but saw it commin

      …….she still should of just shut the hell up…..its like running up to a sleeping lion and yanking his wiskers…….all she had to do was shut the hell up……..but when does a broad ever know to shut the f*ck up! never thats when…..go juice!

      • beebee

        so you’re getting mad at the victim allegedly talking. how very american of you.

      • not right...but saw it commin

        not mad…..if your infront of a guy with a gun to your chest you dont egg em on you shut the hell up……not bait em to shoot you….or smack ya in this case……how bout wait till your out the car…then run your mouth….

      • Blech

        No. What she should have done– er, what I wish she’d done– is kick the douchebag in the nuts.

      • GamerDarling

        And all he had to do was dump her, problem solved, without ruining his career.

        What he did was a CHOICE. And he should have to deal with the consequences. There is a major difference between annoying someone with being overly talkative and beating them to a pulp because they annoyed you. Sorry, one did not justify the other.

        There’s no excuse for what he did, and what you’re trying to defend as a “reason” is as pathetic as your IQ.

    • Assbestos

      Flame-bait are really too stupid to survive the Internet.

    • bitingontinfoil

      Don’t feed the trolls – YAWN

    • Andrea

      I could have respected the first 2 sentences….

  5. R.

    i must say this blog’s writer is a crazy person, but sometimes he gets some things right.

  6. Jill

    i thought i was the only one who remembered..

    • Kaye

      I was thinking the same thing…

    • Mortimer Duke

      Does everyone bring up the fact that Charlie Sheen shot a woman everytime he goes somewhere? NO! I think that no one gives Chris Brown the chance to redeem himself has a lot to do with racism. Say no if you want, all you racist bastards know its true.

      Everyone knows it was wrong and awful for him to beat her, no one disputes that. However, will he never be clean again? Im just asking.

      • I never mention the fact Charlie Sheen shot Kelly Preston, huh?

        Don’t bring that shit in here.

      • IttyBittyTittyCommittee

        Fish with the rare appearance.
        Thanx Fish for the entertainment.

        Will you be my Valentine???
        Luv Ya Buddy!

      • IntelligentAsFellasGet

        You’re right it is racism no matter how they try to put it. The fact that a story was posted about the Charlie situation doesn’t compare. I don’t see anyone complaining about this guy making a living. Oh and isn’t he the highest paid person on television? So he’s abusive, a drug addict, and much older than Chris Brown? What’s the difference? Oh that’s right color of skin. So who’s worse? The guy who beats his WIFE and threatens here with a knife? The guy who is almost half a century in age? The guy doing coke with porn stars? Lol, it’s obvious what this is about. Racists enjoy yourselves.

      • “A” story about Charlie Sheen? Try several mentioning almost killing Brooke Mueller and being a violent drug addict:

        I only keep bringing up Chris Brown because he’s black? Try me spending the entire Super Bowl and several posts reminding people the honky white Ben Roethlisberger is a rapist:

        What drives me nuts is I’m probably sitting here feeding a white troll, but fuck it. I’m not going to tolerate being called a racist when it takes a simple click of the mouse to prove you’re a fucking idiot. Chris Brown gets the same treatment as everyone else. End of story.

      • Matt

        100% with you. The idea of any TV show endorsing or publicising a violent misogynist is reprehensible. Colour has absolutely nothing to do with it. If there are racists commenting on this, well…they have their own agenda.

      • j-sin

        I expect to see Charlie mugshots when he goes back to work on Two and A Half Men, Fish!

      • molly

        word. nvm that you’re on whitey LiLo’s case every other day.. FISH U RACIST

      • Marco

        I didn’t realize that Fish would actually roll in the mud with the rest of us.
        I wouldn’t respond to any race-baiting, Fish. Get it! Zing!

      • IntelligentAsFellasGet

        On top of that the story he gave a link to has a Jon Cryer headline. Yea it talks about the gun going off but it’s written in a joking sort of way. Look at the comments to that post, nothing nearly as vulgar as the Chris Brown section, again I have to wonder why?

      • Domestic Violence Prosecutor

        “The fact that Charlie Sheen shot a woman” … to Mortimer and IntelligentAsFellasGet – no charges filed, both reported it was an accident, no finding or admission of guilt.

        You can’t call it a fact when it’s pure speculation. If Sheen did in fact shoot her (two stitches BTW) then he got away with one. Not because he’s white, but because Preston (also white) did not report any criminal offence.

        So I guess the difference is that Brown is a convicted abuser and Sheen is not. Seems pretty straightforward, really.

    • I’m the first guy to point out racial bias on the internet, but this and Charlie Sheen’s sideshow are a different friggen sport.

      C’mon now.

  7. kdog

    But don’t you dare get the lyrics to the National Anthem wrong!!

  8. jojo

    He was weirdly proud of his diploma from the “How not to bite and beat a woman with your fists” Institute. Creepy guy.

  9. Did anyone see in SNL last night the promo photo he did where he was picking his nose? I honestly think that guy has the maturity of a 12 year old. That would explain the graffitti cartoons, and biting a girl like a little bitch on the playground.

  10. Zee Brat


  11. anonymous

    can’t stand Chris Brown but how long can you hold his mistake against him? hell it wasn’t that long after her beat down that Rihanna made a song with Eminem that romanticized abusive relationships.

    • beebee

      its so much more than a mistake. its an enormous insight in to his unchanging character. he should be put down like a gerbil.

      • Andrea

        You lack maturity, beebee. I really hope we aren’t in the same country, because I would be ashamed to be from the same place as someone like you.

    • s'up bitches

      A. That song did not romanticize spousal abuse. I don’t think dying in a fire is romantic at all, and if you think it is, you are an idiot.

      B. If being anonymous involves not procreating, please keep it up.

      • anonymous

        STFU. do you even listen to the song, asshole? and, I’ll stop fucking your mom whenever I’m good and ready. if it wasn’t for me procreating– your dumb ass wouldn’t exist. You don’t have to call me anonymous; you can call me daddy, bitch.

      • Sonia

        are u stupid? That’s all the song did, it romanticized relationship abuse.

  12. AC

    Superficial, you’re my heeero.

  13. maggie

    Do you realize how offended rihanna would be if she saw that someone had posted this pic again?? If she is over it then everyone else should be. I dont see why he doesnt have the right to move on with his life when he has done everything requested of him and so she can move on her with her life too and not deal with the reminder everytime he has to go to court.

    • beebee

      you think she cares more about what she looks like in this picture than the actual issue. even so, she gets loads of fricking press why would she care about this. your a fucking idiot! goddamit everyone look at the bigger picture. i hate americans.

      • not right...but saw it commin

        and that explains that….

      • Crabby Old Guy

        That’s okay, beebee, all us Americans hate you, too. Seriously, we all got together – its’ easy setting the meeting up being that we’re all the same (as you know) and decided that we should just tell you and be done with it. Good, now that’s off of the “to do list”.

      • Andrea

        Grow up and get over yourself, beebee. Hating on an entire country makes you sound like an ass. Besides all the Americans I’ve met are sweet. There are a few bad apples everywhere. Case in point, you are a generalizing hateful twat.

    • akewlazzmom

      Have to agree….this is wrong.
      We are products of our environment. We learn what we live and grow up with. And if no intervention, then cycles are repeated.
      What he did was wrong, absolutely. But some people can change. Definitely not all, but some can. He was very young, hopefully he has learned a great deal from all of this. And he had the right to be excited for completing his anger mgmt class, court offered or not. It is a movement in the direction of change.
      And if I were Ri, I would be fucking *pissed* at anyone who did this. Poor choice fish! Sorry, jmo!

    • maemers

      @beebee Did it occur to you that Maggie isn’t even American at all? Piss off, you stupid birk wanker, and leave nationality out of your poor arguments.

    • Sorry, but you’re wrong. Sure, Chris Brown has the right to move on with his life…no one is stopping him. However, if he continues to attempt to live his life in the public spotlight as a performer, he’s going to have to deal with his public image. That’s just the way it is. Just because he says he’s sorry (and maybe he actually is, I don’t know) doesn’t mean we have to be cool with him. If he didn’t want an angry public deriding him for beating up his girlfriend, he probably shouldn’t have beaten up his girlfriend.

      Sure, he can move on with his life, but just because he wants to be a big star doesn’t mean we have to keep our perceptions of him to ourselves. That’s the thing about freedom of thought, we’re allowed to think what we want about people.

  14. ash

    so sad this photo!

  15. Louis Cyphre

    Anon, that song she did with Eminem doesn’t change anything. According to your reasoning if a woman likes rough sex it’s somehow OK to rape her. No, consent doesn’t work like that.

    • not right...but saw it commin

      course it doesnt…thats what Anon meant…shes being majorly hipocritical glamorizing that kind of life in her song when shes been a victim of domestic abuse herself….still didnt know when to shut up though……….just sayin…

      • Louis Cyphre

        It was about domestic abuse. I don’t see how it was glamorizing it. The song simply described the emotions of characters involved in a love-hate relationship.

    • anonymous

      No sure what point you are trying to make Louis.

      I stated that the song she sang romanticized domestic abuse but she sang about it anyway.

      A more fitting comparison (using your example) would be as if Rihanna was a rape victim but turned around and sang about part of her being turned on by it.

      What you are bringing up is escalating crimes. Where does any of that fit into what I said? You are on your own tangent.

      • GamerDarling

        Speaking as a victim myself…Many rape victims actually do get turned on in the process. It doesn’t change the fact that they said no, nor does it change how violated they feel. Getting turned on is not a process we can entirely control, and actually makes the whole situation worse because it’s like even your body is against you during that.

        The song actually works through what it’s like in an abusive relationship. It’s not as simple as he hit me I’m leaving. The song itself covers escalating crimes, it attempts to illustrate how a jealous boyfriend feels he can easily cross the line from physically abusing his girlfriend to murdering her all the while telling her he loves her. It also shows why she puts up with it, but, from the outside perspective, why she needs to get out, before it’s too late. For those that wonder why not just walk away it it shows the threats and danger of leaving.

        Having been in such a relationship myself I can tell you it’s nowhere near as simple as you’re trying to make it, and this song was very helpful to me, even a few years after I got out of my situation. If you actually try to understand the song you’ll see it’s less a glamorization and more a warning coming from someone that understands what people in that type of relationship are going through and why. It’s one of the few songs by her that I would actually consider to be “art”.

      • dennisdamenace


        So if Chris Brown sang the song, would you still consider it art?

  16. GravyLeg is the new Baba Booey.

    GravyLeg GravyLeg GravyLeg!

    Got nothin.

  17. Jmil

    are you guys serious!!

    why the hell do you guys even care, its bloody hollywood,

    why do we care, why do we waste our lives on such stupid crap?

  18. johnny

    Looks like she got her PHD. Pumpkin Head Delux!!!

  19. crackadon

    are you guys serious wit this shit? get the fuck over it and let the guy do his thing.

  20. Mike

    He did something wrong. Therefore we should all hate him forever and hope he fails at everything. That’s our job as fellow humans.

    • Andrea

      Sarcasm FTW. I don’t like the guy, but I agree with you… People make mistakes. Although I lack respect for anyone who causes physical violence to anyone, we can’t just hate everyone that makes mistakes. If someone takes an initiative to change, then great. If not, it is the people in his life that have to deal with it. Not a bunch of anonymous d-bags on a website. Though, this is just coming from an anonymous d-bag.

      • No, we can’t hate everyone that makes a mistake, nor do I think most of these people hate Chris Brown…true hatred is hard to muster for someone you don’t know that doesn’t directly impact your life. However, just because I don’t hate him doesn’t mean I give him a pass. If Chris Brown wanted to go off and because a restaurateur, or manage an office, or go back to school and because a physicist, or any number of other jobs that are generally outside of the public purview, I wouldn’t have anything to say about it. But Brown wants to be a performer, and a performer on a large scale. This means that he has to deal with his public perception. If that is too much for him to deal with, he shouldn’t be in show-business, period.

      • The Listener

        Matrim, I’m not sure which posts you’re reading, but the ones I’ve been reading express a very, very clear hatred for Chris Brown by the readers. The bloggers here have judged him and written him off as a woman beater who cannot or will not change.
        It doesn’t matter what Chris Brown does in the future. It’s pretty clear from these posts that the public simply will not leave his past in the past which means he will never be able to change his image. Only time can tell what kind of man he will become.
        (Unrelated side note: As Judge Judy Sheindlin stated, he committed battery, not domestic abuse. He and Rihanna were not living together nor were they married or had kids together.)

      • Ok, first, the fact that he committed battery rather than domestic abuse is a purely semantic point, and does nothing to mitigate the issue.

        Second, sure people are full of vitriol and spite in their posts, it’s the internet. But I’m willing to bet that 99.99% of the people who post these comment go on with their day without even thinking about Chris Brown again. That’s not hatred. Sorry.

        And, as I said, his public image is the price he pays. If he steps out of the spot light he won’t have to deal with it anymore, if he stops marketing himself people will forget. Oh, he might get the occasional “Oh, wasn’t he that one guy that hit Rihanna?” every so often, but if he stops being a celebrity, he won’t be universally derided.

  21. Heart Celebs

    Very stand up post Fish. There is no redeeming yourself from what he did and the people who are saying “he’s trying to get his life back together” need a fucking reality check.

    He’s right up there with Vick in my mind. Total scumbag.

    Heart Celebs

    • Justin

      He is worse than Vick! A dog is a lower species around the same level as a pig. I eat a lot of pork, and I know that those porcine beasts live god awful lives. Kill a dog, kill a pig… One is just a lot cuter than the other…

      A woman is a human being. Chris Brown is a piece of shit.

  22. I heard he is racist against blacks, that’s why he beat the black girl. From what I hear. I’m a good source of what’s going on with people. Chris Brown hates black people, he beats them. Did you see that picture? Think about. Get your mind out of the gutter this man is running around killing blacks. Chris Brown should be in jail.

    • Jovy


    • Jeremy

      UM, okie dokie?

    • hellokittylover

      Chris brown is black—His father and mother is black-why the f*ck would he be racist towards his own kind when he spends all day with a bunch of his black friends that he always post twitter pictures of. He also dated plenty of black girls before rihanna and afterwards. So basically you’re theory is bullsh*t.

      • seth rogen's vagina

        Halle Berry’s Mother was white, her husband was white, her baby is 75% white, so why dontcha ask her why she seems to hate whites?

  23. Ghetty Real

    “Rihanna Wants Restraining Order on Chris Brown Eased – PopEater”

    nuff said.

    • Marco

      nuff said what, you idiot?

      • Jeremy

        Chill dunny.

      • Ghetty Real

        what, shooting the messenger now?

        if SHE, wants the negative attention stopped, and wants the judge to lift his restraining order off him to her

        who are we to say anything….we YOU all there?
        maybe she did say something so heinous that someone would blow there lid.
        not like that’s anything new.

        people go to jail for speaking badly now (racials et al)
        and some murders get off free (wheres my glove?)

  24. doomrocket

    Remember when he showed everyone his total lack of contrition when he rode that sweet ass jetski 3 weeks after almost murdering someone he purported to love? Give the guy a break! He’s just straight clownin’, y’all. She shouldn’t have gotten in the way of his fists…

    No, but seriously, he’s done literally only what is required of him in this situation by law. Instead of actually being proactive about his rehabilitation and attempting to sort out the root causes, he’s just whining and schmoozing so people will forget that picture up there. He’s a spoiled narcissist and domestic violence is rarely if ever a one-time thing. You think he won’t hit a woman again? Domestic abuse is caused by a cyclical set of behaviors based on power and control. Picking up garbage in a city-issued orange vest doesn’t fix it. Making a half-assed apology on youtube doesn’t fix it. Riding jet skis and sitting court side at Laker’s games with Lil Wayne…well, you know.

    • It's sad what people find appropriate

      well put doomrocket.
      I never read nor respond to these threads but i find this one particularly pertinent.
      i think it’s truly disappointing that these young, pig headed boys make comments about how we should “let it go”. physical violence against someone should never be forgotten. im proud of her for standing up for herself and making his violent tendencies public knowledge. if you act like a child and use physical force rather than rational words when you’re 22, there are some serious problems with your view of society and how the world works. unfortunately he’s a “star”, so of course a slap on the wrist oughta do the trick.
      for those of you who are indirectly condoning his behavior, i hope that one day you become educated and sympathetic towards people who are victims of heinous crimes like physical abuse.

      • Jeremy

        Seriously. Good night on that note.

      • Justin

        Thank you!

        All those young male soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq need to take this comment response to heart. If you have used physical force rather than rational words then you have some serious problems with society and how the world works.

        The USA can no longer afford the war.

  25. mupps

    You really hate his guts Fish…and I can’t disagree. You raise your hands to a women in that situation you deserve to get ass raped in prison IMHO.

  26. XYZ

    Rihanna was beaten and abused in a occult ritual. Chris Brown was just the scapegoat. Say whatever u want, call me crazy, blame Brown and kiss Rihanna’s ass, but this is the truth.

  27. scustinfemmeberlake

    lemme just flog this here deceased thoroughbred…..

  28. captain america

    ………..please STOP with this “childish” BULLSHIT, folks!!

  29. Zee

    No one could have said it better. I thought this blog was starting to suck, but now you’ll always have my respect. It may be all jokes, but you don’t like or glorify rapists or woman beaters.

  30. rican

    Is that before the beating?

  31. Jimmy262

    Chris Brown hates black people, he beats them.

  32. Bmg

    Live and let live only the two Of them know what really happened so let her deal with him

  33. Yo, Chris. I’m really happy for you and I’ma let you finish, but Bobby was the best woman-beater with the last name “Brown” of all time.

  34. somebody

    Let it go and the grow the hell up. Both of them have moved on and so should you.

  35. Toi

    “Crucify him!!!!” They shouted… Come on ya’ll. Who are we to judge or force them to relive this. They’ve moved on…so should we

    • Duke

      Wow, you actually compared Chris Brown to Jesus. Following your idiotic logic, who are we to judge Hitler, Osama Bin Laden, or the BTK killer? I take the post was directed to the imbeciles who follow Chris Brown like nothing ever happened. I hope something like this doesn’t happen to your sister or anyone in your family, maybe then you’ll show a little empathy.

    • Team domestic violence

      are dey any parrots in yo family tree? I reason I axe is cause you gut sum mad parrot skillz.

  36. suck it

    As a past victim of domestic violence, I can say that it isn’t right to keep bringing up the past. It has been 2 years, and Rihanna herself wants the restraining order to be eased and has said that this picture is an embarrassment to her and didn’t want it published. So even though Fish is trying to make a good point, it isn’t right because she wouldn’t want this photo posted again and again. It shouldn’t even have been leaked in the first place.
    Yes, Chris Brown is an asshole for what he did. He probably should have gotten a tougher punishment, but what is done is done. Let these two individuals move on with their lives.

  37. Nero

    Damn! It does almost look like she got groped by several reputable secret service agencies and beaten up by a hostile audience! But then again she has still got her kidneys. Not that bad after all.

  38. Bill Clinton's zipper

    Another girl with poor self – esteem !
    I’m you huckleberry !

  39. subtle as an elephant’s foot

    • Which is appropriate, seeing as how the intention was to be overt. Subtly is not always the best approach.

      Or, if you prefer: Fuck Subtlety.

  40. Team domestic violence

    Meeeeen it hard 2 type lyke a dumm teen gurl.

  41. F Ceezy

    No, he didnt “suck” on Saturday Night Live! Actually it was a great, if not somewhat modest performance. He’s done better. Some people just choose to stay on the “I hate Chris Brown” bandwagon. Be glad when the wheels fall off! So we can go back to judging his music!

  42. seth rogen's vagina

    referring to the person posting as ‘white troll’, and rapistburger as ‘honky’ while simultaneously expressing shock and outrage over being called a racist? How is it you know someone’s race just by reading something they posted on a blog? all that self loathing, I think it’s clear, fish must be a jew.

  43. bahlder

    It’s fucking horseshit that this mother fucker is getting a free ride when he beat the shit out of a girl. How does he have a career? Don’t support this fucking waste of life.

  44. Marc

    This is why I love the Superficial. Chris Brown beat her up, he was wrong, he’s not even trying to make up for it. Chris Brown’s career is rightfully over, I’m glad the Superficial backs Rihanna on this one.

  45. Bun

    I like when people call battering someone a mistake. “OOPS, accidentally beat the shit out of a woman to the point she was unrecognizable and couldn’t see! Oh well, it’s okay, mistakes happen! I’m sorry!” Glad we can forgive small things like that. Next stop, forgiving pedophiles and murderers!

  46. Court

    Thank you, fish. This entry made my night.

  47. Dolphin hater

    Like she’s the only person to ever get pummeled in the face. No it isn’t OK. But the way this thing is always trying to get attention by being ‘different’, is annoying. She is the type who would get BACK with Chris Brown for publicity. This face punching looks bad..but people always fail to mention that she didn’t look that great beforehand, either.

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