Imogen Thomas swimming topless

July 29th, 2009 // 164 Comments

British model/reality star Imogen Thomas spent yesterday swimming topless at her hotel in Marbella, Spain, and for those of you wondering how the hell this qualifies as news on this site, allow me to suggest some alternative reading.

I’m a helper.

NOTE: Pics link to NSFW versions that prove universal health care does not destroy the fabric of society: fake breasts.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Mole

    And that’s why fake tits are crap.

  2. shokroklove

    i dont care how fake these look, i’d chomp on them any night c;

  3. fwf

    #13 I’m a woman with natural D’s actually and I hate fake tits. Carmen Electra has the only decent looking ones.

  4. Joe

    Her tits look like water balloons.

  5. Slam Hound

    funny how chicks with fake racks love to flaunt them at every opportunity, while girls with legit, awesome racks are comparatively sheepish

  6. Those are awful fake titties! WTF? If you are going to hang around with your top off, at least have the decency to have good looking boobs.

  7. Upinya

    Now I need another shower.It was worth is!!! It’s like a snow globe in here!

  8. Bio

    Besides being sexual objects, boobs are for feeding babies… all this modifications women are making on their bodies could have bad consequences in humans in later generations.

  9. obama is an idiot

    Never heard of her but I wouldn’t mind ejaculating in her anus

  10. Yeah, the pic of her in the glasses is a bit of a fookin turn on. Very solid work superficial. You’d been slacking lately with Goesselin posts and the like, this is the type that will earn you stripes!
    The Rake

  11. Proverb

    As the saying goes “If I can touch ‘em, they’re real.”

  12. Zero Cool

    They’re OK for fakies. I actually like the wee-bit o’ sag and the size. The main turn-off with them is the little tiny “man nips/areolas”. YUCK!!

  13. victpry

    I want to go to there.

  14. kingofbeer

    I would fuck her so hard for 2 minute… 3 if she didn’t move! all I can say is NICE!!!

  15. Kaia

    thats exactly why I don’t want fake boobs, plastic sacks that you can see hanging off her chest

  16. John

    Men who complain about boobs of any sort are queer or actually women. I would LOVE to see the type of gals you all can pull…I’m sure they’re amazing.

  17. tromba

    Boobs are usually a good thing. Who is this person? I could Google her and still probably wouldn’t know.

  18. Kelley

    Fake ! Teardrop-shaped implants that were placed waaaaaay too low … that huge gap is always the dead giveaway … as in Audrina Patridge … still trying to decide if Kim Kardashian’s are real … what’s funny is that they think placing the implants low will make them look real, and instead they look like hell.

  19. Jamie's Uterus

    Bowling Pin Tits.

  20. tarts n' cream

    Kim Kardashian= obviously fake.

  21. LEB

    When fake boobs look this bad, it’s probably a sign that the owner of said boobs should have left well enough alone.

  22. Ted from LA

    They are real if I can touch them.

  23. Ted from LA

    You fucker. I didn’t see your post. Now I feel so cheap. And stupid. I hate fake tits. A fake personality I can handle, but not fake tits.

  24. Rasputins Liver




    Very, VERY, nice to see some nachruhl sweater buddies.

    ……………………..I don’t have clue who she is, but she’s a damn tasty dish indeed!


  25. Rasputins Liver




    Very, VERY, nice to see some nachruhl sweater buddies.

    ……………………..I don’t have clue who she is, but she’s a damn tasty dish indeed!


  26. John Jakes

    I would pump my schlong between those beautiful orbs until it exploded a load of cream over them. I would then work her honey hole!

  27. freddie

    tons of wrinkles around the eyes, but not TOO bad for a 40-year old…too bad she’s only 26. uggh.

  28. Sexytime

    I wanna B my L all over her T’s

  29. kitty_kat

    Those are some of the most obvious implants I have ever seen.

  30. beezy


  31. So What, Who Cares!!!

    Of course they are fake. Anyone with boobs that big would also have giant nipples, the size of teacup saucers. So What, Who Cares!!! Her body looks amazing, but those crows feet have to go. She needs to get some Botox ASAP.

  32. Lawn Gnome Council

    Freakish looking, awkwardly placed, surgically inserted, inorganic foreign objects inside the human body = NOT SEXY

  33. Ohhhh THAT’S right #20!! Only OVERWEIGHT females can have larger natural breasts. *doink!* Idiot.

  34. GAD

    I would bet money all the people that are saying that her tits are ugly have some nasty tits themselves or girlfriends with some nasty old stretch marked floppers…For the possibly one of you that is the exception..I apologize……

  35. vito

    Hey #21. Big Daddy…

    Of course we’d fuck her — tits, ass, pussy, or mouth. Hell — hands or feet, for that matter. We’re not stupid. Or dead. She’s a really beautiful woman. And she’d remain a beautiful woman regardless (or maybe in spite of) the size of her tits.

    But I, like a few other posters, prefer naturals. Yes, I’m old. I’m fat. But that doesn’t mean my appreciation of pretty ladies is in any way warped. I just come from a time when silicone had industrial uses, not medical uses.

    I’d love to see Imogen with a *natural* set of C’s, B’s…or even A’s!

  36. As I’ve always said and I’ll say it again.. Fake Tits or Not, If I can touch them..then they’re real.

  37. Kodos

    Me likey!

  38. Lawn Gnome Council

    @84 Well I have perfectly nice, natural, medium sized, perky boobs with cute nipples, so I shall take that apology, and I shall then wipe my fundament with it.

  39. hateyoufornoreason

    Fat thighs.

  40. RaraAvis

    Gee Fish, slow news day, huh?

  41. KlondikeBar

    Whoa, I clicked on the pics and thems some ugly fake tits. Point more at the floor than granny tits.

  42. Ted from LA

    Will you marry me (I’m down on one knee as I type this)?

  43. JDM

    Those are ugly fake boobs. Yeah, I’d probably be a fake boob hater on principal, but even for fakes those are not impressive.

  44. Darlene

    I think her breasts look great and she looks hot.

  45. Darlene

    I think her breasts look great and she looks hot.

  46. RtSS

    @29: Chaz… A man after my own heart. Well stated!!! And I second the ‘motion’.

    @8: yo — Are you an idiot? That curvature serves two purposes, and both are some of my favorite activities. Titty F’ken and motor-boating.

    These are some fine udders, whether they are constructed by the higher power or man made. My schlong started stirring just looking at them.

    Udderly Fantastic!!! Boobalicious!!! TITantically epic…

  47. maggielindia

    Sexy and wild??!!
    Are you the hot cougar hunter on __Agelover.c om__? the place where all hot Ageless singles meet, mingle and more…?/

  48. Rhialto

    I know a perfect way to keep the Guinness warm.

  49. Shay Loren

    Kinda getting tired of fake boobs, actually. REAL ones are surprisingly pretty nice, I hear!

  50. Blah


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