June 5th, 2009 // 76 Comments

Hey, folks, sorry for the abbreviated posting today. Had to deal with a family emergency involving rides in an ambulance and navigating the clusterfuckage of the American healthcare system. But everything’s copacetic, and The Superficial will resume its normal posting schedule.

You can stop hyperventilating now.

UPDATE: Huge thanks for all the comments and e-mails. You guys are the shit.

- The Superficial


  1. hope everything went well!

    best wishes from all brazilian readers!


  2. anon

    hope everything works out!

  3. Lea

    Come back soon ! hope you’re OK and your family XoXo

  4. Kieran

    I hope everything turns out ok mate!!
    best of luck from your readers in newcastle, england, who i have just nominated myself to represent.

    You are quite possibly the only instance of me finding american comedy funny, and so you deserve a knighthood, or a balloon, or something similarly impressive. dont stop!

  5. Aim

    My thoughts are with you and your family for a quick and speedy recovery.

  6. #1 Fan

    Hope is well, SuperFish, Fishette and FishSticklets =D

  7. #1 Fan

    Hope all is well, SuperFish, Fishette and FishSticklets =D

  8. e

    hope all is well and your loved ones are safe.

  9. dirk

    “fucked up American Healthcare System”? Wait till a guy in D.C. and NOT the attending Doctor makes the decision as to what treatment and care your family member is “entitled to”. Having lived in Canada, I know both systems, and we have it VERY good.

  10. Gaby

    I hope all is ok now!

  11. Wepubliccan't for the last 8 years

    Hope everythings cooler than ice now. Hey, who the hell told all these GD republicans about this site, seriously, stop, we understand you’re sore losers.

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