Kim Kardashian as Disney Princesses: Plastic Surgery Edition

November 2nd, 2009 // 116 Comments

Here are conveniently ass-free shots of Kim Kardashian dressed up as Princess Jasmine and Snow White over the weekend that she posted to her blog today. At this time, I’d like to apologize to young girls reading the site who are just now finding out that men will only pay attention to them if they’re scantily clad and sporting giant cans. But in my defense, who better to bring that message home than the magic of Disney? Take it away, Tink in a thong! (Am I the only one seeing her?)


  1. asdf


  2. biff

    i will eat her ass

  3. The Listener

    Not bad. Pretty girl. Cute outfit. Nice breasts.

  4. richard

    bitch does a good princess jasmine, I’ll give her that

  5. ttyfk

    hellz yah! I’d motorboat it! wbwbwbwbwbwwbwbwb!!!

  6. tessa

    I think she looks good.

  7. Suck It Trebek

    I still think the one that looks like chewbacca is hotter in the face. Lets take that ones face, put it on THIS ones body, and make a perfect woman. Oh also, can we use shakiras ass instead of this ones?

  8. beef

    I was trying to come up with something pithy and plucky, but my brain was far to busy thinking about all the terrible terrible things I’d love to do to Jasmine.

  9. she is beautiful

    she looks great – a lot of people don’t like her – but… she is very very pretty – no resemblance whatsoever to chewbacca. sorry, not see’in it.

  10. sin

    Its her sister that we refer to as Chewbacca or Sasquatch.

    It looks like those tits got bigger. Anything to offset that deformed ass of hers.

  11. Apezilla

    Now here’s a look that Kim can really pull off… second and third wish would involve her dropping by and taking a ride on my magic carpet muncher

  12. Apezilla

    Now here’s a look that Kim can really pull off… second and third wish would involve her dropping by and taking a ride on my magic carpet muncher

  13. Cristobal

    I like her.

  14. Aw

    @9 Khloe is Chewbacca, and you’d be retarded not to see the resemblance. Aside from her ass, I don’t think anyone condemns her looks, it’s the fact that her and her sisters are useless piles of garbage. They’re on the same level of celebrity status as Paris Hilton. There’s something to be proud of.

  15. She does make a good Jasmine. She’s still a tool, though.

  16. Bow Wow

    Princess Jasmine does not have a penis…..

  17. See Alice

    I cant get past the circus freakish humongus deformed ass .

  18. shitting condoms

    she is worthless garbage but my god she is gorgeous…i would say even physically perfect

  19. Jesus.

    Why is the bumblebee girl shoeless? She’s also VERY cute!

  20. Anon

    The Snow White costume is hot. The Jasmine not so much. I agree Kim is hot but she is still a sperm dumpster.

  21. These pics look like a behind the scenes look at porn versions of Disney movies.

  22. I am mildly in favour of these images.

  23. Georgeo

    What a lardass. Nice job of using a push up bra to make those sag bags look decent.

  24. ooooMy

    Call me old fashioned but Jenna Elfman from Accidently on Purpose has been looking stellar these days, without plastic surgery. I’d take her over Kim any day of the week!

  25. oJAEflo

    Man, if SHE turned up at the Halloween show I went to Saturday, I’d have been a few feet from her virtually at all times.

  26. In my pervfessional opinion, KK’s Princess Jasmine is identical to the Princess Jasmine who boffed me — on a flying carpet no less, people! — in my wet dream last night. But why no dorsal view? This is a cardboard cutout, that’s why.

  27. AtomicCoffee


    What a whore.

  28. I just “rejoiced” all over my keyboard

  29. She is gorgeous

    She’s not white enough to be snow white, but she sure as hell looks a lot like Jasmine! It’s almost like the cartoon predicted her coming! Very pretty woman.

  30. Ass

    she is looking hotter than usual!!

  31. The Listener

    #19. The bumblebee girl is one of Kim’s little sisters.

    I agree that Kim does resemble Jasmine alot. It makes sense. Jasmine’s Arabian and Kim’s of Armenian descent. The cartoon character and Kim are from the same region of the world.

  32. ktulu

    what a dumb whore. I can’t believe people like this annoying, putty faced pig.

  33. M Edwards

    If that doesn’t bring boys back to Disnet nothing will

  34. whyyyy

    why won’t she die. act of god, act of homeless shanking, anything

  35. Turd the third

    From the front she looks great. She can suck on the pyramid in my pants. However, its a shame she needs a trailer to hold her ass up. I guess that makes her look a bit more like a tanker truck.

  36. Nina

    The amount of plastic surgery done to her face is gross.

  37. Rod

    she is *so* fucking hot. i’d ride her magic carpet and let her charm my snake any day.

  38. whachyou talkin bout plastic surgery?

  39. Elk

    This is a dream come true for me and I think I speak for every man looking at these pictures.

  40. Jamie Lynn's Uterus

    I wonder if she dresses up like that for Reggie, then he pisses all over her and yells racial Armenian slurs?

  41. Amaranth

    I would juice her all night long

  42. Iujuu

    come on, are you blind? she’s gorgeus!! i’m not a lesbian but i really like this girl

  43. jim eh

    What a surprise, a middle eastern looking chick dressed as a middle eastern chick, wow, original.

  44. say good night to the Rough guy!

    This is ridiculous! im not looking, my head hurts….

  45. She's a mud pig

    I’m sure this is exactly what Disney was going for. Absolutely. I guess it never occurred to the disgusting leg spread slutty whore that taking a family friendly character like Jasmine & turning her into one of the “hookers at the point” would have a bad effect on young girls. No, this attention whoring slut is all about herself. I wonder if, like human toilet FATASSian here, Jasmine liked to fuck only black guys, liked getting fucked in the ass & liked dudes pissing in her face…

  46. Disney princess that like taking it up the by fellow semi popular african americans.

  47. AmericanWhiteTrash

    Shit society will worship shit..

  48. dvd

    Her face isn’t much to look at but her body is nice..her sisters are like what 15 and they look like tramps wow very classy way to raise your daughters….

  49. Elaine

    Did anyone else notice the line that goes across her stomach, about 2 inches below her belly button? It kind of looks like a tummy tuck scar. Probably just a mark from pants, but hey, why not point out flaws. This site is called The Superficial for a reason.

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