Iggy Azalea Has To Be Nice To Azealia Banks Or Her Sex Tape Will Leak

Iggy Azalea and Azealia Banks (Who are surprisingly not the same person. God, I’m old.) have been having some sort of online shit-to-cuffs over Iggy’s appropriation of hip-hop culture without paying respect to the black community which is apparently a legitimate criticism because Q-Tip wrote a giant Twitter essay telling Iggy about herself. On top of that, Anonymous threatened to leak Iggy’s sex tape if she doesn’t apologize to Azealia even though the perverts who read and write this site recognize at this point that that shit is kind of rapey. So now you know that information, and way more importantly, I got to hotlink the words Iggy Azalea and sex tape. We ride! *mounts reindeer, gallops off*

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Photo: Getty