Iggy Azalea Got Implants

In a new interview with Vogue, Iggy Azaela revealed she got implants four months ago and decided to tell everybody because she’s “not into keeping secrets.” What she is apparently into is performing next to Jennifer Lopez not even four days later with an IV bruise still on her arm (below). Us Weekly reports:

Insiders tell Us Weekly that Azalea underwent the procedure on Nov. 19 in Los Angeles, turning to Beverly Hills-based plastic surgeon Dr. Ashkan Ghavami. The highly rated medical professional specializes in Flash Recovery, a treatment that allows patients to be back on their feet in just days.
The quick recovery period was essential for Azalea, as she was scheduled to perform at the 2014 American Music Awards just days later. The Grammy-nominated performer took the stage at L.A.’s Nokia Theatre on Sunday, Nov. 23, four days after she went under the knife.
A source tells Us, however, that the surgery did require the Aussie to do less strenuous dance moves. It also impacted her wardrobe for the evening, as she was still sporting bruises from the procedure. A second source tells Us there was “no way” that the artist could wear a cleavage-baring number and instead wore bandages under an outfit that covered her entire chest.

And that, young ladies, is the story of why you always pick a surgeon who will surgically implant foreign objects the fastest because waiting for your body to heal isn’t hot. Go forth and tell others what you’ve read here this day. Except your parents because then they’ll probably take away your phone or something. In fact, do you know how to clear your browser? Because you should probably clear your browser. I can’t take another hit on visits. I’ll be your boyfriend!

Iggy Azalea IV Bruise Implants Jennifer Lopez

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