Iggy Azalea: ‘Becky’ Is Racist Against White Girls Who Give Head

Until today, the stupidest thing I’d heard about Beyonce’s “Lemonade” was Alex Jones claiming the CIA funded it to start a race war. And it’s still up there, but coming in at a close second is Iggy Azalea with some bullshit about how “Becky” is really a racial slur for white girls who give head? It’s honestly so stupid that I’m kicking it over to The Frisky who know way more about Beyonce, and more importantly, the actual racist shit that Iggy Azalea has pulled. Or you can click on these pics of her fake boobs and give them oppressive names like “Karen” or “Judith Light.” It’s your dime.

13 Tweets About Iggy Azalea’s Comments That Beyoncé’s Reference To “Becky” Is A Racist “Stereotype” About White Women – The Frisky

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