If You Make Lorde A Smoothie, She’ll Give You Free Tickets

Lorde is like the new Bjork, right? Have we established that yet? I know she hasn’t fully embraced that she is a creature from Nebulon X-3587 like Bjork has, but her vibe is pretty much the same schtick and things seem to be pointing in that direction.

Anyway, Lorde is making headlines today because she’s *gasp* a decent lady who did something nice for one of her fans. This time it was for a NYC juice bar employee who presumably duffed-up her change (she was a newly hired cashier) and Lorde felt bad.

Lorde later hit her up in a DM (sadly not to send her nudes) to hook the juice barista up with tickets to The Governor’s Ball. Will they remain friends? Will the barista get her own reality show? Only time will tell…