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October 11th, 2013 // 77 Comments
Alex Ross Batman

“What if I wrote about politics on a pair of tits? No…” – Me, at the office

So Todd over at IDLYITW asked me to take part in his new 10 Questions series which I reluctantly agreed to despite my demands to be the participant with the hottest ass. (Goddamn you, Anastasia Ashley.) Fortunately, the questions were a smooth, blogger-to-blogger handjob which worked out because I am a whore. Enjoy!

10 Questions With The Superficial Writer – IDLYITW 10.11.3

Photo: Alex Ross/DC Comics


  1. wait what? real name?

  2. cocoa


  3. He’s Charlie Sheen! I KNEW it!

  4. Visible Ink

    Wait, the Superficial is written by someone?! I thought it was just a naturally occuring cyber residue of all the pain and desperation caused by life’s existential isolation.

  5. j-money


  6. I think we should all post our real names and then be friends on Facebook and Twitter……if you’re into tweets and what not

  7. teddy

    Nice job Fish (Mr. Redmond)… your writing has had myself and friends in stitches since the beginning.

  8. BREAKING NEWS! *pretends not to care* *also breaking google*

  9. MIKE REDMOND AND JEN NORRIS 4-EVA. (In the style of Marky Mark in that one shitty movie where he feels Reese Witherspoon up on a roller coaster. As in, I carved this in my chest. Lock your doors.)

  10. I want to read the angry email about Virginia.

  11. It’s nice to see you do an interview. Keep the funny coming, Mr. Redmond. You do a great job here.

  12. @nerdslashgeek just tweeted “Uh yeah. My name is Mike Redmond too.”

  13. “I didn’t know Don Draper was a blogger in the sixties,” said Britney Spears, somewhere.

  14. Middle name Hunt?

    • Mike Hunt…. Juvenile but always the classic. If he kept the The Superficial name I’m surprised he didn’t keep the “Wang” name as well. Dovetails nicely with his dick jokes.

  15. Hey Fella, Are You George Zimmerman?

    Since 2007, eh? That really explains the decline.

  16. “Mike Redmond”?? Since we’re outing our real identities. My name is Ken Griffey, Jr. And also when are we gonna see a picture of ol’ Mike. I’d like to attach a face to the stuff I”m perusing, like when I read Hot Chicks With Douchebags.

  17. Mel Gibson's Shrink

    Retail job, huh? I knew it.

  18. cc

    How often have you been sued?
    Have you ever received nasty email from a celebrity or their agent?

    • Frank Burns

      Can I borrow that Batman outfit? No need to wash.

    • I’ve never been fully sued, but I’ve had a few nasty letters from lawyers – coughjenniferanistoncough – and one legal skirmish that almost made it to the courtroom and was a goddamn clusterfuck. Though, there was one time when we basically told a celebrity’s lawyer to go fuck themselves, so that was nice.

      • Please say it was Ted Nugent’s people you told to fuck off. Unless it was someone better. Or lie and say it was Ted. I’m baked and off to try playing Infamous for the first time. I won’t remember this anyway.

  19. The day Fish revealed his true identity… I’ll remember this date forever. Yep, November 16th, 2014. It was just a regular day, and I had driven my flying car to work…

  20. Fumus

    So the writer before was Brendon from WWTDD?

    Who was later fired for some unknown reason…

    • Brendon only wrote the site for 3 months in early 2005.

      As for the “unknown” reasons he was fired from WWTDD, they were pretty evident if you followed that site even casually for the past 2-3 years.

  21. I wanna see pics, I can sense the hotness.

  22. Am I the only one who sees the significance of this happening on “National Coming Out” day?

  23. so… its batman?

  24. I love how you revealed your real name in a very nonchalant/cavalier type of way. Also, I have absolutely no idea why I care what your real name is, but for some reason I thought it was great that you finally revealed it.

    I mean, it’s not like I’m going to be at a party somewhere and be like, “Wait a minute! Mike? Superficial Mike?! Hey, it’s me! Fatty McGee from the boards!”
    “Sweet! You wanna get churros, hang out and talk about comic books and tits all day?!”

    I mean, nothing like that would ever happen, right? Right?!

  25. EnglishTeacherAnni

    Mike? Carmen? Finally, I have names to complete my fantasies!!

  26. Bobby

    This has been my favorite celeb site for years simply because of the funny writing! Every time you say BERTNEY I giggle like crazy!

  27. Fish, You and I have something in common. I use the same batman photo for my JDate profile.

  28. Loved the interview, love the site! it is always entertaining. Even when the views are different from my own It still entertains.

  29. Mike Redmond = Merkined Mod. It only took a Saturday night of obsessive letter rearranging to discover our fearless leader enjoys a well wigged funzone. You’re welcome.

  30. JungleRed

    You just had to pull back the curtain, huh?

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