Ice-T & Coco seem like a nice couple

November 2nd, 2008 // 65 Comments

I pretty much pulled the plug on celebrity Halloween pics yesterday but couldn’t resist this set of Ice-T and his wife Coco at Club Plumm Friday night. Mostly because they’re recreating the timeless love scene where Black Punisher bangs Slutty Catwoman from behind – while yanking her tail in public. God, I love Shakespeare.


  1. Cutler



  2. Some random guy

    Get a room you two. Gosh.

  3. Hot Bitch

    Coco is hot. People need to quit hatin’. She has a killer body.

  4. im a sex addict myself

    satyriasis & nymphomania.

  5. zip

    Her JAW is bigger than his.

  6. Natalia


  7. timmy the dying boy

    Pretty nice bit of pussy there. . .

  8. Jean

    A perfectly disgusting couple. Who the fuck wants to see this shit?

  9. Xero

    Washed up celebs who only get attention when they do something ridiculous as this.

  10. Lloyd

    Soulja Boy >>> Ice-T

    “You a…………. old ass nigga.”

    Ha ha ha

  11. Hugh Macpherson

    one of the nice things about your currently fucked RSS feed is that I can’t see horrible images of these assholes – or anyone one else – FIX IT!

  12. ChuckleHead

    Seem like a nice couple of what?

  13. LaKwanzaaa Jones


  14. convergexxx

    lot of um..stains on the cushions of that couch

  15. Wow, she actually looks attractive here for once. Surreal.

  16. Ted from LA

    I agree she has a killer body… it looks just like John Wayne Gacy’s.

  17. Screaming Meat Nugget

    There is no part of Coco that is any way natural.

  18. m

    yeah i agree she looks good for once. she usually looks so plastic…

    but she’s still a skanky nasty whore…

  19. Yes, it’s totally racist to refer to them as monkeys. The mud people are evolved, sophisticated members of society. It’d be a huge loss if somebody invented a way to exterminate them. So…just out of curiosity, has anybody made progress on that type of thing?

  20. huhe

    She even uploaded her sexy videos on a fitness & celebrity dating club ^^^^^^FitnessKiss. C O M^^ ^^^^…Does she want to hook up with strong guys?

  21. TheJoker07

    Damn I’ll do her.

  22. Sasha

    You can put Louboutin’s on a hoodrat, but it’s still a hoodrat.

  23. Angela

    Is the superfish going to put ANY kind of moderation on the comments ANY time soon?

    It is getting REALLY dull reading the comments lately.

    Blah, racism, blah, she’s fat, blah, whore, blah, blah… Spam, more spam, argument about the election, black people are monkeys, blah blah blah!

    BE FUCKING ORIGINAL OR FUNNY or don’t bother!!!! It gets so PREDICTABLE!!!

  24. kevin

    thanks angela

  25. Leroy

    Who gots fried chicken?

  26. Jimmy D

    #24, yeah and turn this site into TMZ or Perez HIlton. Fuck off and go to those sites instead.

  27. I agree Angela – and who’s the story editor ?
    Numerous stories about Hudson’s dead relatives ?
    And skipping the Palin show?
    This site completely blows lately.

  28. she’s hot. nice shoes.

  29. vassssss

    WOW, now that is all kinds of classy. These pictures would be so much better if they were of Barack and Palin.

  30. Can you imagine her cleaning the RESTROOM?
    ……….thought so, me either, folks!!

  31. m

    i don’t understand this “marriage” business… i mean, do they speak to eachother? have conversations? i hate to judge a book by its cover, but they both just seem so superficial and only care about fame, money, rims and ass… how can a “marriage” be based on that… ?

  32. @20 (Ok I’ll bite & make your day) Sorry, we’re currently too busy inventing boner pills, hating/blaming darkies for everything, fucking our relatives, making meth, enjoying nascar right now, and… aw hell, you get the idea we’re just too busy right now! Move out of your mom’s trailer, get your GED, and do it yourself if you want!

  33. She is indeed very attractive. I would say out of his league!

  34. Coco doesn’t do it for me i’m afraid.

  35. JB

    RSS fail. I’m removing from my reader.

  36. Kim

    Eeewwwww! She has cottage cheese butt! Look at the last pic, if you dare!

  37. Shit

    I bet her asshole is hairy and prolapsed.

  38. Bill Clinton

    How did this no talent piece of shit get famous anyway.
    Fucking usless gang banger wannabe, should be in prison for his ‘acting’
    if you can call it acting.

  39. That Bastard Tony

    Keep in mind people that he left his girlfriend of around 15 or 16 years for her… and he married her in a fraction of the time that he was with his ex. Sometimes it is about being happy, and considering the “ahem” photos above I would imagine someone is definitely happy… and least until the rug burn becomes too much to handle.

  40. Max Planck

    Where do they find fish nets to cover that ass? A Russian trawler?

  41. supersex

    damn i would fuck her

  42. Katey


  43. Brian

    I have been married for three years. My wife is pregnant with Worm #2. I haven’t had sex in six months. When I look at Coco I get an erection. I make no apologies for this. I am a thirsty man and she looks like a bottle of water. If someone would bankroll one weekend in Vegas with her, I promise to do the right thing and kill myself afterwards.

  44. x6xgigglesx9x

    lol I love this shit……. you know that line between classy and trashy? well……. those 2 i dont think were ever even close to classy. but im pretty sure this puts then light years beyong the trashy mark

  45. DaddyzGirl

    She’s a lady, whoa, whoa, whoa, she’s a lady…

  46. Boonie

    You don’t supposed there is ever a conversation at the “T” house like this…

    Ice: Hey honey, you know what would be nice?
    Coco: Mmmm, no, what dear?
    Ice: Why don’t you put your hair up in curlers, put on a housedress and we’ll just stay in tonight.
    Coco: But I just got a new outfit that makes me look *exactly* like a street-walker.
    Ice: Hmmmm, that’s tempting (*yawn*), but I’m a little tired…

  47. Stanky

    More like:

    Ice: Ooooh oooh ah ah ah
    Coco: There’s a rainbow.
    Ice: Eeeeeeeeeeeh! Eeeeeeeeeeeh! Ooooh ooh ah
    Coco: Do me on it!

  48. mamadough

    yeah yeah Ice-T we get it: your a black man that is sticking it to “the man” by fucking your white woman wife with a big ass and thighs like the black man likes ‘em. every time i see a picture of these two, it’s him pointing to her ass or acting like he’s fucking it. no shame.

  49. Raj

    Hey #49, what else do you want him to do with that body? Coco was built for fucking, and that’s pretty much the long and short of it. If I was Ice-T I would pose with my tongue in her ass. She is the very definition of a brick shithouse. I bet he never gets tired of fucking her. I wouldn’t. Man, you bitches just don’t understand men, you know that? 90% of all living males would gladly slide their worthless cocks inside of Coco’s magic pussy. Don’t you know that? The question is: WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?

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