Ice-T’s wife definitely has breasts

September 14th, 2007 // 147 Comments

A lot of celebrity news is going to transpire today, but nothing is more important than this story, right here: Ice-T’s wife has breasts the size of a Guatemalan village. I don’t even know what kind of cyborg back-implants she has to carry those things, but bless her heart. Women everywhere can learn something here today. You should be able to comfortably seat a party of ten on your chest, otherwise you better be awesome in the kitchen. Real awesome. Like you make the best roast beef on the planet – and then your chest quadruples in size. I think I saw Martha Stewart do that once.

Photo: TMZ / FAME

  1. Semi-Colon

    @ ‘Chauncey Gardner’

    Ice Cube is married to a black woman and no one gives a crap about IceT.
    Don’t be mad because you only make minimum wage.

  2. 25 is a moron

    The only reason Coco is “hot” is because Ice-T paid to have her body surgically enhanced to resemble a black woman’s. Fake tits, fake ass, fake hair and fake looking rawhide skin. Yeah, that’s real sexy. He needs to dump these mummified stripper and get a white girl of quality. Kim K might be in the market. (Though he may not be black enough for her.)

    And I don’t think many black women are mourning the loss of Ice-T’s over-processed, fake pimp, played out behind. Ice-T was hot back during the Mesozoic era but what has he done recently?

  3. um

    damn, that’s nasty.

  4. Pikachelsea

    They are both disgusting. Blech.

  5. Arizona Tranny

    I hope that’s how I look like after my sex-change operation. I will truly satisfy my sexy boyfriend. Who doesn’t know I was born a man. Well in about a month I will have new pussy. And he will never know,

    She is what I will look like.

  6. she looks like a retarded hourglass! not hawt AT ALL!

  7. yowillie

    and a camel toe

  8. kristin


  9. spoofy mcgillicutty

    Body Counts next hit..Cock Killer. sheeesh, what a mess.

  10. rob zoomby

    The tough West Side Rollin 30s Crip Gangsta from South Central made it big and got hisself a blonde white woman with big tits. I wonder if he still lives in the Crenshaw district or if he moved to the Valley.

  11. Dantewolfe

    I love it when white guys with no formal education postulate theories on black guys. Like #25 Bugman4045 – Who claims when black guys make it big they go for blonds… so black guys making it big would include Will Smith, Denzel, and Usher, correct? All married to black women – so their goes your silly theory. Some guys just like large breasted blonds, ask Kid Rock, Tommy Lee and Ice T.

  12. hi. my husband Brandon posts on the superficial forums as “apotheosis”. I have a new blog about his online romantic and sexual relationships with female posters.

  13. nra

    eeeeeewwwwww she looks soooooo old. she looks like one of those 65 yr old women who wear the huge sun glasses and mini skirts because they r “hot” and “in”.wtf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????

  14. Taylor

    She needed to have those midgets implanted in her chest to off set the child bearing hips!

  15. Trixie

    Man, they’re both homelier than a bucket full of assholes.

  16. FromOutOfNoWhere

    Wow, Damn, Coco is totally hot.

  17. ew

    wow. She is wearing the most ugly excersize outfit i’ve ever seen.

  18. s0fa

    wasn’t she a porn star or dancer or something?

  19. KUDOS 113! You have the biggest balls of all! Hail the chief!

  20. Shannon

    And camel toe.

  21. Ben

    LOL Im guatemalan

  22. Leave the Loser


    Instead of spending your time doing what you are doing, do the following:
    1) Start talking to a good divorce lawyer and see what is the best way to “punish” your husband, hopefully for the rest of your life
    2) Work out or whatever else to make yourself look good and then start hanging out with other men but don’t sleep with them because it can make you lose your ability to punish him
    3) Stop wasting your time and energy on the “whores”. It takes two to tango, but they never promised you not to steal your husband. Your husband made the promise
    4) And of course, LEAVE him. That is the only way for him to respect you and not to ever take you for granted again. As with the kids go, when they grow up learning you accept your cheating husband, the boys will grow up thinking it is acceptable for married men to cheat.
    5) You do not deserve a cheating husband. Man’s cheating is just like cockroaches, if you find one, there are and will be many more.

    Dump him, sweetie, for your sake and your children’s. Please spend your time constructively with a lawyer. Following is your emotion is just going to drive you crazier and unhappier. So please keep yourself busy by using your head to think of what is best for you.

  23. Leave the Loser


    Sorry, correction:
    1) … for the rest of HIS life
    3) Your husband made the promise to be faithful to you
    4) … the CHILDREN (not just boys) would grow up thinking it is acceptable for married men to cheat.

  24. de Cosmos

    That’s not a camel toe.

    It’s a bottle opener.

  25. sharpeidude

    Hey whatever floats his canoe, right? She obviously likes to live on the dark side too.

  26. Racism is a bitch! Just put it this way! I know that you racism bastards right now..want to die, baby..he is pimping this white nasty bitch! NOTICE: that she can’t never go out, or be seen without her ass out! BREAST look nasty. like they stink, but I know one thing, that bitch better have them breast out, or she can’t suck his dick..that night! PIMP THAT BITCH! BLACK BROTHER!


    Sorry, I just had to say something that was in response to the inbreded racist! i thought that would really make them keel over..since it seemed like they were on their deathbed..because of this picture! SCADODDLES!

  27. de Cosmos

    Ahem, Coco in a string bikini — front and rear views:

  28. de Cosmos

    Finally, we are delighted at this time to present the piece de resistance (pardon the expression), the whole effin camel:

  29. :o

    That thing is a charicature of all that is feminine.

  30. Mama Pinkus


  31. gerard Vandenberg

    When I see this woman, pictured right her. I’m just getting extremely HORNY and having all kind of PHANTASIES about LESBIAN LOVERS, HALLELUJA!!

  32. pretence of normalcy

    I hate when someone asks “Are those real?” about a huge set of tits like Coco’s. The answer to that question is always “no.” How can you not tell that these are fake? Just look at those things!

    Anyway, there is nothing attractive about her – fake tits (that seem to get bigger by the month), fake ass, fake tan, fake hair, fake nails…plus a gigantic man-jaw. That jaw could just be the most disturbing thing after the objects of silicone implanted inside her. Not to mention she does not look 29 by far.

  33. OMG she´s the cheesiest woman I´ve ever see. Look at those clothes, she looks horrible…

  34. skyhydragonfly

    Nice toe lady……….ewww

  35. TaylorFan

    Yeah, #37, ’cause with your little dick you’d probably fall the hell in..
    God, you boys are a total joke…

  36. Sweet Petite

    A lot of women with a huge butt get implants to match ha!

  37. Lola

    “I love it when the black guys make it big, they ALWAYS go for the hot blonde chicks. It is like the ultimate status symbol. I love the thought of the black girls just simmering with resentments, knowing that in the marketplace of attraction they will always be second tier. When your man has the chance to upgrade, you are “out the door!”

    Bull. Many go out with darkskinned ladies.

  38. Lola

    “is she white? because i don’t know any white girls with hips and thighs like that.”

    No, she’s really from Ghana and got her skin treated with that condition Mr Jackson has.

  39. We all need to stop lying to ourselves and admit that Coco look damn good in this particular picture.. Her body looks great, so unless you’re a woman or gay you need to stop lying about what you see…White, Black, Coco, Tea, whatever.. Just man up….

  40. j in TC

    reminds me of the long john silvers commercial with the girl saying “They’re HUUGE!”

    BTW Someone gotta put up a bobs barricade around around that sink hole between her legs before someone falls in.

    ooh were all just mad cause he got himself some of that white poody tang!

  41. betch

    mmmm love them rolls and thunda thighs

  42. sickboy

    Geeze. Ryme don’t pay. What a mess.

  43. carsten5577

    She looks very…smart. Just being married to a man-ape hybrid lowers a White woman’s I.Q. by 10 points…being married to a man-ape hybrid who’s also a rap “artist” (i.e., records annoying monkey noises for a living) lowers a White woman’s I.Q. by 20 points.

  44. mtnbiker

    You got to give “it” time to heal and the Camel toe will go away…….lol

  45. black chick

    What … to the poster wrote they love it when black guys get rich, they get the hottest blonde. they upgrade on us black chicks…………
    so coco is hotter than every black chick in the world.
    I dont think so.
    You need to make some black female friends and realise none of us care about black men and interracial dating,
    I have a black man, he would’nt date a white girl PERIOD.
    But if MY MAN (NOT ANYBODY ELSES MAN) was to upgrade me as you call it, Im going to be pissed no matter what race.
    If he was gonna upgrade me It would’nt be for any chick apart from a black one FACT.
    Also whether a black man has money or not, a lot of white girls would go for him anyway.
    Co Co is sexy, but I think if we take off the tan, take out the pumped up lips, the ton of make uo, the hair extensions, the breast, the ass implants, and whatever else, fat injections in the thighs or hips, what are we left with. Not much. dont speak for all black girls please. Black girls still have their Black men, just as the white girls have some black men..

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