Ice-T’s wife definitely has breasts

September 14th, 2007 // 147 Comments

A lot of celebrity news is going to transpire today, but nothing is more important than this story, right here: Ice-T’s wife has breasts the size of a Guatemalan village. I don’t even know what kind of cyborg back-implants she has to carry those things, but bless her heart. Women everywhere can learn something here today. You should be able to comfortably seat a party of ten on your chest, otherwise you better be awesome in the kitchen. Real awesome. Like you make the best roast beef on the planet – and then your chest quadruples in size. I think I saw Martha Stewart do that once.

Photo: TMZ / FAME

  1. hush lil crackers

    She’s always got camel toe because as a black man, Ice-T has stretched her out to the point where clothing can’t help but fall in. He’ll trade her in for a new model soon. You gotta turn over the white models quickly, they just can’t handle a real (black) cock for very long.

  2. wts

    42, everyone noticed the camel toe. did you read the comments at all?

  3. ipa

    TT, don’t get worked up, sounds like that old troll that lives in a cabin…

    btw, I saw your pic and I’d say the lace panty hose are a bit too much ;-) you should also go for less pale make up .. other than that.. pretty dress. although I’d like to see you completely w/out MU? is it possible?

  4. phil

    No, no, I’m not homophobic. Absolutely not. Never. Nope. And I only touched myself briefly while looking at your picture, TT.

  5. bob

    i feel bad for her if she really is only 29 & looks like that.

  6. wts

    she’s going to be in playboy this year. i hope they can afford all the airbrushing that will be required to make her look somewhat attractive.

  7. ssdd

    only 29?!?!?!….

  8. emm

    What’s hilarious about this female is that she paid to have implants for her chest and her ass…. (yah, that ass is fake)

    and ended up with camel toe and an old black dude.

  9. jbird

    I noticed a couple of ignorant people made the expected comment about Ice-T being a Black man with a white woman. Something ODD I’ve always noticed about America: Even though the majority of Black celebs tend to date Black women, whenever one is with a white woman everyone [WHITE] states ‘All Black celebs date white women’. But I’ve noticed that female Asian celebs date/marry white men EXCLUSIVELY yet nothing is ever said about it. If you can think of a single female Asian celeb, past or present, that was ever even SEEN with an Asian man, good for you…I can’t think of a one.

  10. ipa,
    Thank you for the constructive criticism.
    And yes, I have lots of pictures, just send me your email addy to my myspace page.

  11. jbird

    Hmmm…are you sure this Ice-T chap is even Black? You can’t prove it with THIS picture.

  12. emm

    59 Said:
    ‘if you can EXCLUSIVELY see black asians with female white male asian ONLY black white ASIAN black asian white female MEN ASIANS! Celebs asians male black CELEBS!’

    LOL dude. relax

  13. jrzmommy

    There are plenty of single female Asian celebs with Asian men. It’s just that when you see them, you think it’s two women.

  14. ipa

    TT, i’m totally new to this myspace but if it doesn’t bother you too much, you can ask jimbo for my email-addy, he has it. he can also tell you that i’m a normal girl-person, so u don’t need to worry.

  15. betenoir

    @25 Are you kidding? Who wants that gross thing known as Ice T? Most black women wouldn’t let him fuck them with Denzel Washington’s dick.


    And he can’t act. He comes from the John Wayne school of 1 expression. His face is bunched up worse than broccoli.

    But if she’s 29, I can’t wait til he dumps her for a fresh model. When her skin gets all leathery and white girl wrinkled. Wouldn’t trade my smooth melanin caramel skin for nothing, especially not Ice T.

  16. Hey JIMBO where are you?
    Do you see post # 65?

    And ipa, What me worry?


  17. Tatiana

    Whoa… Are those real?

  18. ipa

    hey, TT just sayin … i know u’re a brave guy and not afraid of anything/one :) i think i saw jimbo over on the new xtina-post.

  19. Langston

    Everything about this woman — the huge, ugly fake boobs, the talon-length faux nails, the carefully flat-ironed bleached blonde hair, the wrong shoes with the wrong outfit, the spray on orange tan, the gloopy lip gloss whose overuse is obvious even at a distance — threatens to send me reeling into existential despair.

    Why would a woman want to look like a caricature of “sexy”? She reminds me of Hulk Hogan’s wife and daughter, both of whom are held up for ridicule, but continue to bleach, spray, paint and augment themselves in a way that seems both sad and desperate.

  20. Damn JIMBO is never around when you need him.
    Not that I ever needed him………………until now. LOL

  21. not asian

    #59- nobody dates Asian men because they have small dicks.
    And I would NOT say the majority of black men in Hollywood date black women.
    And Phil? methinks you doth protest too much.

  22. meee

    dude that’s just gross.

  23. wedgeone

    #72 – methinks thou doth kneel and suck. frequently.

  24. whatevs

    She’s wearing bebe SPORT ;]

  25. BunnyButt

    TT, the comments in 24 didn’t seem like your style, but I thought maybe you were just feeling really randy today. Glad to know you didn’t stoop to such crudeness. I was a bit worried about what was going on with you (brain anuerysm, too much caffeine, possession by demons).

  26. BunnyButt

    And 72, I dated a Japanese guy for awhile … and (ouch) you’re SO wrong!

  27. Hecubus

    Wow, I didn’t know Ice T was dating Natalie Portman. Oh wait, that’s not Natalie Portman, could have sworn it was her. This girl is just the epitomy of grace and elegance, she’s a perfect delicate rose. What a lucky guy Ice T is to have connected on such a deep meaningful level with such a truly beautiful elegant creature. If they ever remake Breakfast at Tiffany’s I think we’e found our star.

  28. BunntButt,
    Thank you.
    The trolls are some sick motherfuckers.

  29. jbird

    @62 -Sorry if my writing is a bit too complex for you, luv. NOTE TO SELF: Must dumb-down writing. Must dumb-down writing.




  31. #1 wedge

    #10 & 74 -troll alert!
    troll alert!
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    troll alert!
    Schack is an heirheaded twatwaffle!
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    Schack is an heirheaded twatwaffle!
    Schack is an heirheaded twatwaffle!

  32. #1 wedge

    Anyway…my mom used to get camel toe like that when she wore her conservative one-piece to the beach. We never said anything but it was hard to look away. Of course, in her case it looked like the camel had a fu manchu.

  33. rusty

    Wow … those things have their own gravitational fields.

  34. coco is the fucking shit and you know it

  35. wedgeone (not the troll)

    So the best thing I can say about his old lady is that she looks like she’s retired from American Gladiators. Without the huge biceps of course.

  36. wedgeone (not the troll)

    I really need those huge biceps to get turned on. So, close but no cigar, so to speak (well, ok, cigarette).

  37. wedge1

    #84 – How many different tabs do you have Superficial loaded on right now Schack? Seventeen? Eighteen?

    Must be difficult to be constantly refreshing to see the latest post so you know who you can troll.

    Gotta have a naturally limp wrist to click that must without getting carpal tunnel.

  38. wedge1

    Me, I get carpal tunnel flareups from something as innocuous as spending 2 or 3 hours in a public bathroom.

  39. ipa

    oh my, i made post #69. hot.

  40. yukadoozer

    I declare those a medical necessity on account of those hamhocks she has for legs.

  41. Zoey Lund

    She looks typical California bimboid from the navel up.

    And jenny from da block from the navel down.


    Can you imagine how much fun it would be to fuck her?


    how goddamned annoying she would be about 10 seconds after you bust?

  42. Big Luv

    I was going to make a roast beef, but I tripped on my barefeet and hit my rotund,pregnant belly on the counter!

  43. Hemlock Queen

    “Ice T’s Wife Definitely Has Breasts” and a gigantic camel toe to boot.

  44. Chauncey Gardner

    I love how completely Ice-T and Ice Cube have totally liquidated any kind of street cred they ever had. When I saw them at the first and second Lollapaloozas, there were fucking cops on the scene with police and news helicopters flying overhead during their respective performances, worried that shit was gonna get out of hand. Now they sell their asses to any Hollywood project that comes along, and fuck white women who look like they’ve gone down on every hairmetal band that ever existed. And the black people who should be screaming “sellout!” at these guys don’t even give a shit. They all pour out in droves to see whatever family movie Cube has on tap, and ignore that T is on the cuddliest legal show in TV history – playing a fucking cop.

  45. Exyank

    Ah, camel toe and fake tits that are big enough to influence the tides. She’s pure class, she is!

  46. damn, chauncey gardner, your so right it hurts!

  47. betenoir


    That shouldn’t be too hard. But I’m a little concerned about you having to write notes to yourself. Sounds like you got CRS. CAN’T REMEMBER SHIT!

    And to think you’re stupid, too!

  48. Pimps Up, Hoes Down

    Ice-T ain’t no pimp. Any good pimp knows you don’t love them hoes! Purse first, ass last. I like how it always looks like he’s getting ready to put her on the block, though. Make that paper, snowflake.

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