Ice-T’s wife definitely has breasts

September 14th, 2007 // 147 Comments

A lot of celebrity news is going to transpire today, but nothing is more important than this story, right here: Ice-T’s wife has breasts the size of a Guatemalan village. I don’t even know what kind of cyborg back-implants she has to carry those things, but bless her heart. Women everywhere can learn something here today. You should be able to comfortably seat a party of ten on your chest, otherwise you better be awesome in the kitchen. Real awesome. Like you make the best roast beef on the planet – and then your chest quadruples in size. I think I saw Martha Stewart do that once.

Photo: TMZ / FAME

  1. bern2


  2. jrzmommy

    Baby got front AND back……good lord!

  3. Lio

    Hey, if anyone sees Italian Stallion… show him this

    I came across her while watching some videos and I wonder if they are related to one another. hehe

  4. kitty_kat

    She loves his per$sonality

  5. kitty_kat

    Whoops! Per$onality! LOL!

  6. Small woodland creatures could lost in her tit-crack.

  7. UglyPeopleSafaris

    She does have breasts and also some major hips and camel toe………… gwoss

  8. is that....??

    Do I see camel toe?!?

  9. bob

    and a massive camel toe.

  10. wedgeone

    You just know he stole them for her.

  11. lambman

    this is the most clothing I’ve ever seen her wear.

    why are you posting on this now…as opposed to when she was in a bikinni or wearing something much much more revealing on the red carpet?

  12. wts

    i love her look – let me try and look athletic, but i’ll iron my hair & put on more make up than christina. omg i almost forgot my diamond necklace & stripper shoes!

  13. cheese

    What’s camel toe?

  14. shaggle baggle

    oh, i love the combo of clear CFM heels and athletic-wear. Coco is classy. Classy like a seven course meal at Old Country Buffet

  15. Umberto's coming bitches

    Someone link the pics of her in a bikini. Thanks.

  16. is that....??

    haha …seriously #12….what is she thinking…especially the heels…I can see her straightening her hair and wearing jewelry…but the heels are pushing it.

  17. is that....??

    check out her crotch #13……..camel toe.

  18. LL

    She’s gross, but hey, if it works for him, who am I to complain? Some dudes like their chicks to look like old strippers. Old strippers need love, too. Or so I’ve heard.

  19. itspat

    Good for Ice-T. He’s finally cracked her icy reserve.

  20. Ice-T

    So anyway, man, you interested in these Rolexes or what?

  21. Damn, those are some big ole titties.
    Huge camel-toe.

  22. MexicanLust

    I love this bitch’s look. LOVE. I know it’s supposed to be all wrong, but c’mon people. She’s fun, she doesn’t take herself seriously, and her ass would be a thrill to fuck and get lost in, and I’m a chick. Love love love the titties, camel toes, bubble butt. Well played, Coco!

  23. Jumpin_J

    She puts Pam Anderson to shame! One question: Why is a white girl name Coco? I had a cup of hot white Coco once. It was yummy.

  24. Hey 22, I want some of your hot taco.
    Have you ever fucked a tranny in the ass with a strap-on dildo?

  25. Bugman4045

    I love it when the black guys make it big, they ALWAYS go for the hot blonde chicks. It is like the ultimate status symbol. I love the thought of the black girls just simmering with resentments, knowing that in the marketplace of attraction they will always be second tier. When your man has the chance to upgrade, you are “out the door!”

    Oh, and go listen to Ice-T POWER LP, it is his best album.

  26. ste

    hey bern up at #1…thanks for telling us what grade you’re in.

  27. Lexoka

    She’s got breasts… and lips!

  28. phil

    cricky. you are so gross TT. seriously. and your picture is just WRONG! that can’t really be you.

  29. 10pound

    it looks like her vagina is eating her sweatpants

  30. veggi

    @29- hahahaha!!

  31. FACE

    Coco is the hottest white broad in Hollywood – hands down.
    And Ice T is the goddamn MACK!

  32. And why can’t that pic be me?

  33. bob

    31, what has she done (besides ice t) that allows her to even be in “hollywood”?

    25, is she really a hot blonde chick? maybe 20 years ago… she’s just foul looking now.

  34. OZ

    I’ve got a job for ice-t it’s holding a lamp on my front lawn.
    He looks perfect for the job

  35. BunnyButt

    TT, your hormones are raging today, aren’t they?

  36. phil

    because a man dressed like little bo peep is strange. I’m not hating on gay people, just you. You are demented….with bad taste.

  37. Rooo

    Never fuk a white girl after she was fuked by a n gger. My Motto

  38. annabanana

    Old stripper, do you know how old she is??? She is 29!!! She allready looks like she is 39! When she is 39, she will look 59, because her skin will be all leathery and those tits will drop to the tire around her waist she allready has. What happened to his old wife Darlene? Now that was a hot one! Plus, she was naturally tan and looked her age. Whatever….it jsut seems like the more bleach women use for their hair, the dumber they get and then sugar coat it with the “I’m hot” mentality. By the way, blonde hair makes you look older…but nobody will tell you that until they get you in the sack.

  39. P

    I wonder how the conversation went when Ice T and Coco established that she will always have a camel toe??? For the record I met the two of them back in Scottsdale, Arizona in 2001 and she was NOT shaped that obscenely!

  40. El-Coyote

    Baby got back too… and Camel Toe…

  41. BunnyButt,
    Between the fucking troll and this dickhead phil. I’m about to go postal here.

    Hey Philly,
    That’s not Little Bo Peep, it’s a maid’s uniform, women pay good money for maid service.

  42. rerun

    Nice cameltoe! I can’t believe nobody noticed that. Is she walking next to that store manager?

  43. WentShopping

    IceT brought his girl and his very best blow up sex toy girl to the best plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills. IceT said to the Surgeon: “My man you made Demi Moore for 450k. How much to make my girl look like this sex toy?” The surgeon said “$29.95″ and IceT said done.

  44. phil

    a maid outfit? seriously, you are not right.

  45. Can you say homophobic?

  46. redsonja1313

    How come she never leaves the house with out a camel toe….. Is this her fashion statement ???

  47. FagHag

    Only fags use the word “cricky”
    You really should “cum” out of the closet and admit you like little boys.

  48. TheRage

    is she white? because i don’t know any white girls with hips and thighs like that.

  49. phil

    no. i’m not homophobic. really, your statements here are just a little disturbing and then seeing your picture just solidified my opinion of you. You are a bit scary looking. I’m not homophobic. That seems to always be your excuse when anyone tells you how it really is, which is: you are kind of a freak.

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