I Watch Stuff! live blogs The Golden Globes

January 16th, 2006 // 52 Comments

I was going to live blog The Golden Globes myself, but I Watch Stuff! is doing it and I figure there’s no way I’m going to top them. So if you’re watching The Golden Globes and want an Anticlown companion, check out I Watch Stuff’s live blogging. And before you start hating on me for being lazy, I’ll leave you with this lovely image of Scarlett Johansson presenting her breasts as an apology.

Live Blogging: The Golden Globes [I Watch Stuff!]


  1. I thought of this picture when i first saw the woman in red.


    “I can see her lyin

  2. Apology accepted and then some!

  3. I think they gave up on live blogging very quickly, but with a pic like that you’re still forgiven.

  4. boymoto

    She is an interesting girl.

    But the push up bras are tired.

    False advertising is really a waste of everyone’s time.

    How about Clooney trying to make some political jab,
    thanking a corrupt lobby boy named ‘Abramoff’?


  5. overcast

    Scarlett, you are my density.

  6. hafaball

    you guys might have to pick up the slack, the i watch stuff! people stopped reporting pretty early. I guess they got bored of the golden globes and watched porn or something.

  7. boymoto

    Here is Michelle Williams as a purple puffy wuffy…


    Looks aas if the Paparazzi just shouted ‘bend over and show your cleavage…’

    But is this another push up?

    Time to buy some stock in ‘Wonder Bra INC.’

  8. Binky

    That blog was about as live as the ‘surprise’ that was moving at the back of my fridge – AFTER I poured the Javex on it. ( ie they left at the first commercial)

  9. boymoto

    And didn’t Ms. Paltrow suggest she would never return to the USA?


    Celebrating Capitalist Film Making?

    Tisk, tisk, tisk…

  10. HollyJ

    THOSE ARE THE FAKEST TITTIES THAT HAVE EVER BEEN PLASTERED TO A RIBCAGE! Pam Anderson is probably at home bitch-slapping herself because her tits don’t look as fake as Scarlett’s. “Dammit! I thought mine were the fakEST! Now Scarlett’s in on my title!” :::pouty lip:::

  11. boymoto

    This is one of the most overrated in Film History in my jaded opinion…


    Ms. Reese is making big bucks, and I have yet to see why…

  12. boymoto

    This is a side view of the Scarlett breast-dress…


    Gravity has no power over this actress…

  13. boymoto

    YOU said Holly J…

    I remember when girls used socks…

  14. boymoto

    Here is Ms. Zellweger alone again…


    Lonely, oh so lonely…

  15. Binky

    I understand her real name was not Scarlett but Jo-Jo. Woody Allen advised her to change it – or else to move into more ‘slap-stick’ films. She picked a classic film for a handle – but who gives a damn

  16. boymoto

    Okay, Geena Davis won for a show, I believe no one watches, with an overt political message…


    Did ABC pay for this award?

  17. Binky

    MC is getting so scarey – she reminds me of women I’ve dated….

  18. Binky

    Hint – I think she has a hand in her pocket

  19. boymoto

    LOL Binky!

    Why was she at this event?

    She is getting wide…


  20. Binky

    Boymoto – this site is going a bit Brokeback – I’m outta here !!

  21. boymoto


    Later Binky…

    This looks like another paid for by the networks award.



  22. boymoto

    Okay, the hottest Woman in Hollywood in my opinion…

    Even if this photo doesn’t due her justice…


  23. boymoto


    or is it a trap?


    but not low enough for some…

  24. boymoto

    Something tells me, Pam is not going to age well.

    There is something scary developing here…


  25. mags

    She’s always had a big set, though, right?

    And it’s not like she’s Lindsay-Lohan-skinny-with-giant-breasts, either.

    *chubby girl with big hooters knows how it works*

  26. Meh Toole

    Scarlett Johansson has hair of spun gold and lips that look very wet, as if caked with spittle. Her face speaks of much pampering, like a fancy lad’s. I think her breasts are enormous, and they really are worthy of presenting to readers of The Superficial as an apology or for any reason, actually. She must have lots of talent to look so weathy and well-maintained. Lots and lots of talent.

  27. SuperG

    In response to post #22 by boymoto: Though not a fan of hers, I recognized the face of “Yikes” as Alanis Morissette. The caption beside her photo confirms it.

  28. HollyJ

    She had a FULL set, but not a horizontal-bubble-twice-the-size-of-her-ass set. She was attractive before, with good boobs, but then she had to go and stuff two pumpkins under her pectorals. WTF?

    I don’t get these girls at all… So pretty already, but it’s just not enough…

    I guess L.A. does this to them. Sad, really.

  29. godalmighty

    um, so i love this site, but why do they keep kissing the ass of i watch stuff? that site’s not funny. is it the same writer? just wondering if anyone knows..

  30. Well, another Hollywood awards show that I didn’t watch. Is it any wonder that Geena won for a show that is doomed to be cancelled and that Brokeback Mountain garnered 4 awards. More proof that the Hollywood establishment is drifting farther and farther from reality.

    The shots of SJ are definely HOT but why does Renee Zellwiger always look like she is sucking a lemon?

  31. princesspeanut

    Is it just me or is everyone pregnant? Gwyneth Paltrow, Rachel Weisz, Debbie Mazur, Mira Sorvino, Debra Messing and Mariah Carey . . . oh, wait, the last two are just fat. Oh, and what happened to Penelope Cruz’s hair . . . it’s like a helmet. And doesn’t Johnny Depp’s wife look like Kate Moss ala ten years ago when she was waify and sickly looking? And was Gwyneth talking with a foreign accent or does she always sound like that?

  32. Drew

    Did Scarlett get a new pair of breasts or has she invested a lot of money in push ups?

  33. slinkhard

    Scarlett looks pleased with herself. If I were a guy, I guess I’d hit it, but she probably calls out her own name in bed.

  34. popcornsuite

    This has to be one of the worst GGs in terms of fashion. The most frightful of the red carpet images:

    -Froofy dresses
    -Nearly-neon green gowns (a-la Ziyi Zhang)
    -Reese in a getup that made her look like a frumpy 50s housewife
    -Debra Messing’s draperies
    -Alanis Morissette and her blond hair (doesn’t work whatsoever unless it’s for a movie role, then I’d forgive her)
    -Michelle Williams and her grape cotton candy -Mimi O’Donnell’s maternity dress (not even pregnant as far as I know)
    -Gwyneth, who looked terrible all around
    -Pamela Anderson’s 80s cocktail frock

    Ugh. I’ll stop there.

  35. HughJorganthethird

    I’m all about riffing on celebs but I find it hard to believe that this many people watched the Golden Globes. Aren’t these the awards voted on by people in prison? Anyways guys thanks for brightening my day, it makes me feel good knowing even with my fucked up life I still wasn’t fucked up enough to watch this shit.

    Allthough I was hopping Scarlett would tit-box Paltrow to unconciousness…

  36. diddleysquat

    Frankly Scarlett, you give me a huge ham.

  37. Captain Awesome

    I loved George Clooney thanking Jack Abramoff in his speech, “Thanks for getting things rolling!”


  38. ferret1

    Golden Globes, meet Ivory Globes…

  39. derekd

    Yes Holly J perhaps they are fake but I have since overcome my dislike for phony boobies. The main reason? Because they won’t be knockin’ her knees at 40. Her boobies would look much better with my pearl necklace adorned right above them. And they are perfect for producing that pearl necklace.

  40. derekd

    I heard Mira Sorvino had some serious old yella kickin’ on her teeth.

  41. little_miss_perfect

    Seriously, Shaun (#1), Gordon Lightfoot?

  42. derekd

    How could I forget?!?! God she looks really hot there. I need to see an ass shot for a thorough rating but from that angle she’s pulling a 9 outta 10. WTG Scarlett! I’m sure you will be ecstatic when you hear the news!

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